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I am in a battle with cps now i have been lied to lied about name forged to get medical reports and even accused of child molesting by cps from the mothers word even after cps found out the case was dropped she still used it against me to take the children .I totall agree something has to be done and i only wish that somehow people should be made more awear of the law some how.THANK YOU FOR CARRING
I cant go one more day knowing my children are suffering like this. I did see Tatum (one and only time he has let me) and i could see so
much sadness in her eyes. Its hurting them both terribly on the inside, it shows on the outside. But, as their mother .. I see so much more.

The folder that the Department of Health and Human Services has is crammed with untrue allegations that i feel disresepect me, but most
importantly, my children. As far as the drug testing is concerned, I have passed and i have failed. However, my children have never seen me intoxicaited,
or not able to take care of them. My children have never layed eyes on any drug in my presence. They are better than that! But test my
parenting skills, my heart, body and soul.. Only then can you give an accurate test. Your results would say, Trevor. Tatum. Heidi.
Please see how yall are making a huge mistake! After a year of being harrassed and 5 caseworkers later, who wouldnt need a drink or medication?
I went from a top notch Mother, to a Mom walking on egg-shells fearful of my every move. You can prove what was in my system by a urinalysis, or another cutting of my hair,
but what you are failing to see that in their fathers... is a lack of heart and love that only i can give and show them. My main goal since i became a mother(especially by these two men)
has been to teach them morals and all that is good, kind, and honorable. By them being in their fathers care, they are shown the exact opposite.. I promise you that.
My children didnt even know what drugs were until about a year ago when Harley Garouttes' child support was raised to a much higher
dollar amount. It was then I knew what me and my children were about to face. That is why i begged the lady at the Child Support
Office in Beaumont to please lower the amount. She said she couldnt, and thats how i met Child Protective Services. When me and my
ex-husband (Stewart Fowler) divorced in 2015, i was threatened by them both that they would team up and do everything in their power
to take my babies, to take what is my life away from me. Out of nothing but spite greed and the fact that Stewart knew we could never
be together again.

I have had caseworkers from every county surrounding me. Mrs. White, Janis Jones out of Hardin County, Heather Barefield out of Jasper County and
Mrs. Nichole Spiller out of Tyler County, who was working my case from July 2015-
October 2015. (Round-about) My son sat down with her in October, and revealed things that had took place while at his fathers. And for the life of me, im still trying to
understand how yall can come into my home, be in my childrens presence asking questions but i have no right to know what was said....
So when i asked Mrs. Nichole if everything was okay?..
She was very concerned about him and Tatum being around Harley.
Her words were, "I cannot tell you everything that we talked about but HE DOES NOT feel safe there and i wouldnt send either of
@SenTedCruz CPS reform
Dear Mr.Cruz,
I had my Granddaughter removed from private Christian School on September 3, 2010. I am a devout Christian, had been working on my Masters degree in Art Education ( Deans list). I had passed FBI background check, and Psychiatric evaluation to adopt Haley Rose. I brought her home from the hospital and provided sole support for her for 5 years and 10 months.
I became Haley's Foster mom in 2009, when her 1/2 sister died at the hands of abusive parents . I was a NON-OFFENDER, so I could not get a Public Defender. I was told if I "Ever wanted to see Haley again" I would "Find $10,000 for attorney fees. " I knew this was wrong. I wrote to over 50 congressmen, political figures , etc. The only one who tried to help at the time was Governor Perry-- but CPS is not in his Jurisdiction..long story short , the FBI has had my case for over 4 YEARS!! I had researched zz FEDERAL POLICY AND PROCEDURE FOR CPS and found the new 4th AMENDMENT SEARCH AND SEIZURE LAW; first enacted April 10, 2010. Haley was taken September 3, 2010.
I have written to DOJ/FOIA , and the FBI to no avail . I provided FBI with 100s of pages of documents.
I was not assigned an agent, and Haley and I have been "swept under the rug"..
Everyday is guy wrenching, not knowing where she is or if I will ever see her again. I saw your name on the Rally for Congress Petition, so I thought I'd reach out .. I've already written to Michael Burgess, and spoke with him on the phone, and in person, but he was "clues".. Didn't even know why I was speaking to him about it . John Cornyn ignored me.. You seem like a man Passionate about his Visions-- you seem to be a man of his word. I hope you can help Haley Rose and I .

Thanks. Respectfully,
Katie Caldwell
this is happening right now to our family
Especially price utah
I had my kids taken away over cps. lying and accusing me of doing street drugs even tho my drug test came out negative. And cps has no proof or evidence of me being on Meth! I don't do illegal drugs but they lied and set me up to loose my children. Its wrong for parents like me to go through this plus cps are the child abusers they remove kids from loving parents with good homes and families. the children are mentally and emotionally being abused this needs to STOP!!! NOW!!! somebody in the higher rights of law needs to speak up and stop this from happening to all of us! CPS IS PURE EVIL!!!
There's so many things wrong with the current system and it DOES need an independent review with recommended changes to bring it in line with a FAIR system of evaluation, judgment and prosecution when appropriate. All of this needs to be irrelevant and independent of funding triggers that can be misused by CPS personnel. As for having the police do the investigations, I'm not sure this is realistic as they are under-funded already. I do agree the investigations NEED to be by PROPERLY trained investigators. Funding for all of this is going to need to be high on the list of any review of the system with realistic recommendations on how to pay for what will be needed in the way of improvements.
I had my children removed from my custody may 2015, my cps case worker in El darodo county, placerville ca. Is known not to like me I didn't kick my daughters father out when she wanted me to
My 3yr old twin daughters were taking from me and their father on allegations with no investigation on June 5th 2015 and we have been to court 3 times since then and haven't seen the judge the appointed attorney I was given and the dhr and their lawyer and my kids state lawyer are the only ones who are in the court room and we haven't been able to defend our innocents and its breaking us down some much more each day that keeps passing and we went from taking care of our kids and working job to us both quitting BC we are to depressed and we both started having panic attacks when one of us get so upset about not having our daughters back at home with us and they have given me only 4hrs supervised visitation and their father hasn't seen them since August 2015 and it was only for 10mins and we had a AOP signed at birth because we aren't married yet and we got the DNA results in September 2015 and when we went to court back in Oct. 2015 and Jan 11tb 2016 and they haven't given him even a chance to hold them and give them a kiss and tell them how much he loves and misses him. He cries for them and they ask for him and his mother n father their grandparents because we are all very close and its awful and sick to all of our stomachs because my girls have asked me a few times in different ways either "do you not like me anymore or why don't you love me anymore" and I can do nothing but cry my eyes out and hold them with all the love i can give them and repeat that I love them and daddy loves them and for them to keep praying they will be home with us once again. I have done my homework waiting on us to go to trial for custody because we were wrongfully accused and no dhr or any authorities have done a investigation to prove we are guilty or innocent since the dhr in Shelby co. Alabama snatched them from us.
We need more people to stand up! Don't wait till CPS is on your front porch, then seek help.
my son was illegally taken violating 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th and 14th amendment right, as well as very numerous violations of federal and alabama code. Justice in this state appears only to be for the wealthy, and D.H.R. seems to have no interest in wealthy persons children, only in targeting those they see as easy victims. I will not rest till I get my son back. I will name names of every contact who told me there is nothing I can do. I hold the elected officials responsible for their failure to oversee a government agency that is out of control. I was told D.H.R. has more power than God.. In Autauga county, law means nothing, rights mean nothing, the constitutuon of the United States appears to mean nothing. This needs investigation, immediately.
Those of us living this could really use an outline of exactly where to start our fight against these monsters from a political angle. who do I need to talk to to get someones job taken away.The supervisors boss? and there boss ect.ect.ect...
My friends granddaughter was wrongly taken from her parents and siblings. They are having fight a system that was designed to help children and their families but often we are hearing stories quite the contrary. This needs to be investigated and fixed.
My granddaughter was kidnapped in June 2015 by CPS when she was 4 weeks old for "Failure to thrive". Because she was not gaining weight appropriately (in CPS's eyes), they stripped her from her home. She has 3 older siblings who have been in the home all this time, and now, after 9 months CPS called the hotline themselves to make an allegation on the other three kids and kidnapped them this past monday (January 18, 2016). Now we're fighting to get them all back. They had no warrant, no court order and did not even tell my son and his wife what the allegations were. This is FRAUD and it needs to be dealt with immediately.
They bullied me into signing my rights.
CPS has broken my family up and emotionally broken my children. The caseworker conducted a biased "investigation" based off what officers, that later admitted to asking leading questions to my children, had to say. My children have never once said anything cps reported. The caseworker and day care worker that testified as a witness lied under oath. The caseworker told me different information than what she later went on to say. Cps has compromised mine and my children's safety by sending my home address to two parties that, by court order, are not allowed to know where I reside. They tore mine and my children's lives apart and have been grasping at straws to point the finger at someone with nothing concrete to go on. Cps is the worst agency ever developed, they do not protect children; they tear good families apart and keep abusive families together that's why so much blood is on their hands!
they are trying to legally kidnap my children from their fathers custody by using his criminal background against him when he has been rehabilited and out of prison for 5 years. they really want my kids by making false police reports about my kids father threatening a acs worker with a gun when he never said such a thing and since the police report has been made my kids father has to turn himself in to the police so then acs could snatch up my children i don't know what to do
My 2 daughter's where medically kidnapped by cps because they where born with feeding problem's.
DCPP in New Jersey destroys families and has no interest in the truth but are quick to label someone a drug abuser and alcoholic with no evidence as well as make up lies of abuse to destroy families,
They took my child illegally. I want her back!!!!
CPS of Knoxville, TN is trying to keep my nephew in their system instead of allowing the case to transfer to MI where all of his family is. They are more worried about controlling and keeping the money in TN then what is best for the child. This legalized kidnapping MUST STOP!!
Family court in West palm beach Florida is a disgrace to this Country and to justice. There is a lot of corruption here. Please, Please help start investigating the court system here specially judges in the 15 th district. I know of 2 in particular that should be in jail for corruption and abuse of power. Sincerely,
Julie gonzalez
DFPS in TX is despicable. They really have no oversight or accountability. If you have a complaint about DFPS it's investigated by the Dept of Consumer Affairs. Both agencies are under the same umbrella. How unbiased can you be if you are essentially investigating yourself? I just received my case file from the department and it's all nothing more than a subjective narrative. Additionally in the actual docs filed with the juvenile court there is mention of a "written communication" from a LMSW with an ancillary agency expressing concern over my ability to provide safety for my children as well as my continued denial. There is no actual written communication contained within the DFPS case file. My best guess is investigator needed a licensed opinion about my capacity to provide safety to my children before her supervisor would approve placing my home under surveillance. I never met with this LMSW only spoke with her by phone about general services agency provides. There is no mention within the department file of even reviewing or verifying any of my childrens' diagnoses or history. CPS investigator then plays nice to my extended family for their insight, which is all damning due to the subject matter. Their job is to elicit information that supports their action in the most adversarial manner as possible. They are legalized bullies sanctioned to protect children. Once a call to CPS is made about potential abuse the money starts flowing to all involved. It's set up so that you have to comply otherwise, they can potentially take your children away. If you don't comply they retaliate. It's all done on the premise that an innocent person would have nothing to worry about. Power that is unchecked is an absolute guarantee that abuse of that power will occur.
Oregon cps took my kids saying I failed to protect them from witnessing domestic violence. disregardibg all the restraining orders I obtained including pressing charges for him violating the RO. only sentenced to 60 days in jail. were victims of DV & became victims of oregons cps forcing my kids & myself to pay for the crines of our abuser the system failed to protect us I did everything in the limits of my control to protect my childten & myself .cps wkr that took my kids apologized for taking them admittng she took them cause I told her she'd. never get my kids & she'd Drink everynight after work into a black out drunkn state & had a 7 yr old daughter it was her first year on the job. one in all the. cps wkrs admitted wrongful. actions to a family. nothing can ever fix or undo the emotional damage my kids suffered then Iraq now as adults. they have permanent irreversable emotiln mental trauma from what cps . did ......GENA KELLER. Portland Oregon.
I was parental safety placement and they only checked on the babies once in two months. They are quick to take them, and make you wait 22 days to go before a judge who removed them based on lies. Reform needs to happen and this article is spot on. Team up an evil caseworker and ex, and your family is destroyed. Not in children's best interest.
FBIneed to ivestigate chatsworth ga 30705

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