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Please share and Donate !! trying to bring my babies back home!!!
my name's zanpaule polk and I live in Rochester NY I have lost a lot off work I cant even pay for a lawyer be cuss of this cps miss it is quite a bit so am a try to keep it short but I am looking to sue for pin in suffering in right's abuse's if any one gate this pleas help as I said it is a long story so get in contact with me at zp4405@yahoo.com cps has gone to far in I wont me in my kids mother to have our kids back wee have don every thing thy ask in there not even trying to return them back pleas get in touch with me thank you
All for one and one for all against TX/DFPS. Something has to be done, otherwise you'll wake up one day to find the world you loved and cherished GONE! My children stolen, from me by a ruthless women named Stephanie Hartman who remains employed by DFPS. Anyone from this county know your constitutional rights before letting that knock on the door destroy your world, or worse. Knowing what I know today, as I knew nothing of CPS then. But, because I was naive, Hispanic, a low income family, illiterate in the matters of legal procedures, legal documents which I couldn't understand. I'm innocent still to this day, she told me I would never be with my kids again. What kind of monster who mind you is a mother herself, be so cruel and carry such a vendetta to the max? Injustices are everywhere within this county alone, I can only imagine what others go through today. CPS...what a joke! Our voices need to be heard, write letters and emails to your government or whoever you know who can get the word out to take down these child-stealing officials and reform these unruly, non-compliant, under-certified, law breaking *****es. So, that the future families of America can fight these ****ers head on.
i want my angel back
I am fighting to get my son back. They refuse to send him back home and this is happening in the state of CT
Everyone, please also sign and share and promote this petition:

Law-abiding citizens should not have to fear their government, and children of law-abiding citizens should not be in danger of government "protection".
my niece in Kentucky lost her children in 2011 to their abusive grandpa and step grand father because of hear say and she has done what the cps and the judge has told her to do but she still does not have them. but yet they can place them with abuseive person that her children was abused by them then when they hurt another child the step gma was arrested because there was abuse all she got was 2 years probation and my niece was put through hell getting her 3 children taken from her because of hear say, but the one that loves her children and is not giving up on them. these children and their mother still are being punished because the cps has believed them instead of the children and the mother and her family
niece went to court the other day and they took her visits away, because of the children behavor in foster care .
Stop these Cps MONSTERS from destroying families /homes
Please, help fight the nation wide corruption that is DCS
Most of you know my story, but some of you may not... In 2006 CPS got involved in our lives for very good reasons. When they knocked on my door it was almost a relief and I thought thank God this nightmare can be over. My thought was is that they would help us... our lives were absolutely out of control and I openly and honestly disclosed all the information to them. I cooperated fully and from the beginning they told me that 75% of Denton County CPS cases are over drugs and 95% of those people never get their kids back. You can not tell me that many people choose not to comply.They also told me that Jon and I needed to split up instead of requiring marriage counseling to keep the family together. My daughter was bouncing between family and friends and my son stuck in a foster home when there was safe family members that would have gladly cared for them until we were able, but Denton County would not release them. The system is flawed and done more harm than good. I can not even begain to tell you the complete nightmare. Did we need someone to intervene?YES absolutely but Denton County Texas CPS is all about the money not about protecting the children. Two case workers quit over our case because 9 months in we had everything done that was required and 18 months later they still not let Chyler come home. Please sign this
I can not say enough. People generally just want to turn their backs and act oblivious. It hurts way more too KNOW the truth than to Not know the truth. I have been dealing with grief and lose for over a decade. I have spiritually died and beg that my precios babies who believe now that I have abandoned them, will find the MERE truth and therefore lead a productive life. I am ashamed and demeaned and lost. I can no longer speak about the horrific injustice my family has been dealt. Iv'e forgotten how to speak truth proudly and affirmatively. that has happened to my children and I. I truly hope people start to help fighting for humanity and do the right thing. There is NO religion in my opinion, that will save you for destroying inoccent families while allowing helpless babies and children continue to be abused or die. Reality does not Lie!!! Garenteed. I will forever be ashamed that I opened my door for CPS because I was being abused while my child witnessed it.!! God PLEASE HELP ALL CHILDREN AND THE PARENTS WHO ARE KEPT OUT OF COMMUNICATION .
This is sad and true, findings. Please wake up and sign the petition.
My twin babies were medically kidnapped. The medical professionals really NEED to be educated on infantile rickets which is totally different from regular rickets, it is an epidemic. Dr. Ayoub did the foot work and discovered it. He needs to be awarded for his time and effort he has put into his findings.
Of course it's always the little stuff that they come knocking at your door but my kids are safe and healthy also happy
Its funny they say they protect kids when thier the ones ruining lives. They need to be stopped
with no signs or evidence of neglect or abuse of any kinds these monsters still tried to take my 5 year old daughter.
My son was taken from me in our nice home and placed with his mother who admits she wants nothing to do with him in her treatment facility where she has only been for 2 months and it's her 3rd time living at a place for wemon with addiction.
Cps is a joke theyve ripped my family apart in 2009 and are now trying to do it agian because someone i work with husband is mental unstabble and called cps on me but doesnt even know me and made false accusations, when i researched this persons name i found out that HE is a registered sex offender for life who rapped a 13 year old little girl and there allowing this crap. they need to be stopped they are not actually doing there jobs if they were that poor little girl in dallas would have been protected, but she wasnt and now its too late, may she rest in peace....i hope this petition works yours truly
This Corruption must stop. Children and Families lives are being destroyed. How can Our Government allow this to continue when they know it is happening and breaking all the Laws and Constitutional Rights!!!
CPS in Florida NEVER follows up on obviously false claims.
Its so true they removed my child because me and my boyfriend were fighting and then because I relapsed after being 5 yrs clean they removed my son from our home and put a no contact order between me and the dad and we been together 6 yrs +. My son every time I see him flops around and yells and screams and crys to go home and they say oh he just gotta get used to it. Now she found bs charges in orange co saying they are mine but they arent I never been there in 2015. and that just cuz they dont have to reunification us they wanna take my services but im fighting it. They will give him to dad though. The whole time noone care about what the child wants he says he want to go home its scary. smh
It is very true, very wrong, and happening to my family right now. I had no clue that you could take loved and loving children from a non abusive home and have so many lies and assumptions with no actual evidence or even an investigation. CPS spent 15 minutes with me 2 months ago. Since then they have had no contact with me except a letter in the mail to appear in court as they feel our children are neglected and I am a danger to the children in which besides a hug goodnight, I have never laid a hand on. I have raised my voice 3 times in 4 years though when their actions were extreme. Now the kids have been taken and their mother and I, who love each other very much are being forced apart if we want to ever see the children again. Imagine how the children are feeling. It is disgusting to think these so called child protectors are doing the right thing at all. They are like Satan's little helpers on earth. Can you comprehend watching the Cps woman smiling as she looks at the woman you love and very loving mother balling her eyes out after hearing the children are being removed from the home. That I'm afraid to say is a sick and twisted individual that I am supposed to think the kids will be ok in their hands.
I need help getting my niece and nephew back
I was in an abusive relationship trying to get help, and got closed door after closed door. There was an accident with my * month old in the tub and they took both my children without even a warning, straight from the hospital. THe story gets even worse. I lost my home, lost everything. I know something is not right and I am fighting back for my babies to be with me.
Cps all over the usa needs to be looked at and here in oregon it's extremely bad. They don't even investigate the so called abuse.
An accident happened in our home and although no criminal charges took place, cps is trying to terminate my rights. Never had cps involved in my whole life. Because one cps quit and another took over, I had to do my services twice. Completed them all by the way.
Just read the report cps is giving for the hearing and bold face lies about some of the issues. We are able to call her out of some. Shouldn't she go to jail for falsifying docs? How can a 22 year old with 5 dogs and no kids, decide whats best for my son? DENTON COUNTY IS ROBBING STATE FUNDS. THE NEWS NEEDS TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS. I AM SURE LOTS OF CORRUPTION WITH THIS COUNTY. MAKES ME WANDER IF THE JUDGE IS IN ON IT. WHAT DOES HE GET UNDER THE TABLE?
My family is going through this at this moment and it is tragic that our lives are being put under a microscope by strangers because a false report was made by someone who is mad. Not to mention the damage this is doing to our repuatations in and around our small town. Mrs. Nichole Spiller out of Tyler County is the caseworker she assured me after talking to our kids that I have nothing to worry about but at this moment I trust no one. Our kids are our life and everyone who knows us knows this. This will be the third time someone has got mad and called in on me it will also be the third time that our kids are happy and healthy and free from abuse there should be more laws to protect families and keep them together instead of tearing them apart. I wholeheartedly believe people make false claims to dfps and use them as a tool of destruction when they are angry because they know there will be no punishment for it. Good luck to all out there past and present who have been falsely accused of child abuse and had your lives turned upside down. I pray for a change one day and I'm praying now that this may be the start of one.
This is for my niece and my sister cps needs to look into people's back ground before sending a child to someone that may hurt them and do them dirty stop hurting these instant children
I know first hand. After a long battle with dcs they finally terminated my rights.
This is for my grand daughters please help my Daughter get her children back and quit letting people that don't know what they have been through I will love all my grandchildren always. Please stop hurting these children.
I battled CPS for 4 long years over my 4 daughters. They took away my rights of my 2 youngest daughters and adopted them to their paternal aunt living out of state. CPS placed my 2nd daughter with her biological father against all of my warnings. I had kept her from him for 12 years after discovering child porn and learning of previous sexual abuse charges had been filed against him. Cps gave her to him anyway. Two weeks ago my daughter who is now 16 yrs old made a report with the police on her father for sexual abuse that started in 2013. She was able to provide the police with pics and texts providing proof of the abuse. At thus moment he is sitting at home once again plotting on how to once again manipulate the system that has time and time again let him get away with it just to do it again and my daughter is sitting in a group home wondering why she is being punished.Yesrday I recieved documents from CPS suing me for termination of my rights so my daughter can be adopted. And my oldest adult daughter is more than willing and able to care for her sister. I need help!!! Im desperate!!! CPS should be accountable for what they have done to my daughter after repeated warning of potential danger!!! I want to sue CPS for what they have done!!! Im just not sure where to start!!! Texas CPS are monsters!!! This is a desperate cry for help for my children...please....
I received my grandchildren 10 days after they went into custody for unfounded reasons. My 3 yr old granddaughter had been violated whil my 7 year old grandson witnessed it. After 5 months of unnecessary expenses to meet demands of the court 200 miles away, I became financially exhausted. Because I didn't finish the home study approval to be a foster home within 120 days, my grandkids were removed and placed into another foster home. CPS didn't explain all this. In fact just the opposite. This system tears children to pieces. It destroys their lives, not to mention the heartache and mental anguish that debilitates grandparents like myself. I'm totally lost and have no idea where to turn. We need this system fixed.
CPS policies are damaging families.
their are no attorneys who help a person put in this situation. Needs to stop now!!

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