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CPS is completely twisted! They are taking and adopting out children that have loving families they could stay with or go back home to. The system had NO clue what the best interest of the children is. If they did, there would be thousands of kids back home, like my granddaughter. She was taken in Sept of 2014. NO neglect, NO abuse. It was a Dependency case. Now they are trying to adopt her out. This is ridiculous! Someone please help us get our babies back!
I want my grandchildren I was approved in every way the county asked. They NEVER intended to let us have them they had adoptive parents in mind for them from the very beginning as my grandchildren are mixed race. They only took the girl because they wanted the boy they HAVE to be STOPPED
On October 21 2015 our president Barack Obama was in my state of West Virginia talking about the epidemic on drug use and abuse, I have been fighting a CPS case since November 16 2012 trying to get my children home after they was taken over 2 failed drug tests that they said I had failed for Meth, to this preset day November 23, 2015 I've taken 302 clean tests, Im still taking 1 test a week to be able to see my 16 yr old daughter that is in a girls group home in Huntington Wv Golden Girls, a pharmacologist, which we thought was qualified enough as an expert was brought into court to testify that the OTC vicks vapor inhaler was what skewed my drug tests due to the main ingredient being "levomehtanohetimine", since he wasn't a toxicologists his testimony wasn't erelavant enough in the courts of Clay co West Virginia, I did everything they threw at me to do, they did a meth test on my home on September 11,2014, said it came back with small numbered traces of residue, I myself DID NOT trust that test, because of who was involved in this court issue,so I myself paid $600.00 with a totally different company to come in and test again on October 4,2014, results came back a few weeks later, there was NOTHING DETECTED !!!! I have those results as well, I do believe I was set up ! with all this that I done, they still proceeded to terminate my parental rights last year, the guardian litem Barbra Schamburger has been against me for several years how she got on this case is a mystery to me, I have all that proof as well, I have audio tapes of conversation of Mary Angela Nichols telling her son everything that was going on in my case due to the GAL Barbra Schamburger, and her side kick Jeanne Nottingham, discussing my case with her and others and then gets this Mary Angela Nichols to testify against me saying she seen me out in the day time in the middle of clay with my x husband which I was not to have no contact with, I was not around my x husband let a lone in the middle of Clay anywhere around him.... He got killed November 22,2014, and none of that could be put into the court proceeding because it was after they terminated me, he'll never be a problem to my children or I again, but all this was already after the fact of my rights being taken and I couldn't submit any other evidence to prove this. I filed an appeal through the Supreme Court, they didn't over turn it, which they didn't know that because they couldn't add it in or any of the other information that could've gotten my babies home to me, ??, I need help!! Even through this process the prosecutor Jim Samples told me if I divorced my husband I'd get my kids back and asked both of my lawyers, if I'd give my rights up to my 2 babies I could have the older ones and all this would be dismissed, I've never been an addict, and it also makes me sick that I myself am a working U S citizen, and my tax dollars are paying for these needle drop services that they r providing all these drug addicted junkie
I am a mother who by the state of Texas, was forced into signing my right over, because of my workers lack of information that could have helped me, I want my daughter back with me, I have not been able to speak with her or have any contact with her since May off this year. Had I had the necessary information, I would have my daughter right now, I believe that I was set up for failure, three cps workers never intended for me to get my daughter back no matter what hoops I jumped through for them. I need help with my case, I will never stop fighting for my daughter any help or information on who can help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm a foster mother and there needs to be change. I see things that are so lax in this system.
PLEASE HELP BRING HOME OUR GRANDBABIES WHO THE STATE ILLEGALLY KIDNAPPED AND ARE GOING TO BE ADOPTED AND NAMES CHANGED!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!! We have been forced to not see, talk, or give any gifts to them :( :( It has been going on since April 29, 2014!! It is KILLING us to be without the ones we have loved and raised as our own!!!
I am a grandmother of 4 who were taken by Catawba County DSS/CPS (NC) in August 2013. I have an APPROVED HOME STUDY but DO NOT HAVE MY GRANDCHILDREN because those who kidnapped my grandchildren don't like me. I have been fighting since August 2013 for my grandchildren. They are in foster care simply because of the MONEY the foster parents and County gets each month. I HATE living without my grandchildren and have not seen them since 2013.
A Maternal Grandmother whom fought to protect her grandson before birth his mother and father homeless on the streets I called cps and police for help no one would help as they said he was not born yet, then born addicted they deny me placement ............ I never abused him no criminal record nothing they didn't do a background check or a home check per their own policy they simply got a beautiful baby boy to place with a family the man 62 Women 47 this is RICO FOLKS FEDERAL RACKETEERING NO DUE PROCESS THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN TIME THIS STOPS FBI SHOULD BE INVESTIGATING THESE NATIONWIDE HOW can a Judge make a ruling without evidence again I never abused him ever social worker said I wasn't level headed that was all it took. Also I wrote Rep Sam Farr I received a form letter saying it was not his issue as he is Federal I explained in my complaint to him that it is his issue as it involves Federal Funding, yet he is there to help with all the illegals, I have to say I am glad he is retiring. Thank you
A Maternal Grandmother whom fought to protect her grandson before birth his mother and father homeless on the streets I called cps and police for help noone would help as they said he was not born yet, then born addicted they deny me placement ............ I never abused him no criminal record nothing they didn't do a background check or a home check per their own policy they simply got a beautiful baby boy to place with a family the man 62 Women 47 this is RICO FOLKS FEDERAL RACKETEERING NO DUE PROCESS THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN TIME THIS STOPS FBI SHOULD BE INVESTIGATING THESE NATIONWIDE HOW can a Judge make a ruling without evidence again I never abused him ever social worker said I wasn't level headed that was all it took. Thank you
reform is not the word for this corrupt neglectful careless an heart service know as cps.corrut poor service its conspiracy an it worst this are the criminals they neglect to treat single black mother fair. they lie still an trying to kill us slowly.things people do for money the president dont give a dam about us or our children cause if he did he would not allow this demons to come in our home an take our children.mANY CASES LIKE MINE FOR NO REASON AT ALL THEY HAVE MY CHILD an my 9yr. says he feels kipnapped they wont me to do a mental health assessment an drug assessment when I'VE BN DRUG TESTING FOR A YR. Its set up to get money from my medicaid for cousleing a bunch of bs. you low lifed case workers need to get a life a find a real case there are plenty im sure. all these dui's this conutry has mental health im not prode to be an american anymore its sick corrupt an just dont care about nothing but money you baby stealers I have GOD on my side he know what you guy did to me an my family I CAN PROVE MY INNOCCENTS leave me an family alone we dont need a worker we need our rights upheld an justice to be served Obama thanks for letting this corrupt government steal my children from me for a hold yr. now.Mental health having*****case workers give me my children back what do they wont from us. look at there school records from when there home an when they were in cps care they are ruining us an this country...THANK GOD HE IS ALMIGHTYan you people are destroying his good children..reform refirm an chains of command wont help these people are just ****ed up an wont a buck..MOMMY LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER AN EVER HOPE YOUR HOME SOON IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
Something must be done ! Destroy families and you destroy America !
I have been fighting to bring my babies who are 3 yrs, 5yrs & 7yrs old home where they want to be and shasta county california is doing everything they can to try to adopt my children out. They even moved them to southern california now with the people who want to adopt my children. From day one they planned on adopting my children out I am sure because they had me visiting at a foster family center. They have falsified reports which I have proof of, ignored abuse that occured in the foster home claiming that my children were making it up to upset me and so much more. My children want to come home and I want them home where I know they are safe. They were taken because I didnt leave their father who was extremely abusive to me when they said to. They retaliated against me for not doing as they say right when they say to. I did leave their father and have no wish to reconnect with him and they know that yet they still will not allow my children to come home where they belong. Something needs to be done about the corruption within the "Child Protective Services" because as of today they are ripping children from homes that they shouldn't and placing them in abusive foster care homes where the foster parents don't care about them at all, they care about the large paycheck they get for having them in their home, or leaving children in abusive homes where they are abused and sometimes even die. They return children to severely abusive homes in record time but the homes where the parents have done everything they ask of them and continue to improve themselves as a parent they try to adopt their children out. Injustice is abundant in the system and it needs to be addressed and fixed so that no more children have to suffer.
My angels were wrongfully taken Feb.17 2006 and are to both be with their grandmother who for all these yrs has had nothing to do with my son only my daughter and I have have made many reports of this and the state of Missouri has never done anything about it.they live with diff. People and go to diff. Schools and we fought and paid for everything out of our own pocket, for over four yrs and I'm so proud of all of you who are like me and still haven't gave up its a struggle to wake up everyday and will soon be suing the state of missouri. They do this kind of thing all the time and truly do not care of the welfare of children. We did everything we were suppose too
Cps took my kids away for nothing they are not in a good hand with the mother
I had my grandson kidnapped from me by DCF AFTER 5 police officers REFUSED to remove him from my care. At the removal hearing DCF knowingly committed perjury about me. This is an OUTRAGE what is happening to kids nationwide!! To remove an innocent child from loving families based on lies and deception is evil!! My grandson had no voice for 7 months. Thank God we had the resources to hire an excellent attorney who was able to expose all of DCF's lies!! If we had not hired a lawyer, I don't believe my grandson would have been returned. I have read the 'Disclosure' and it is filled with vicious lies!! Corruption!!
CPS has evolved into a horribly destructive entity. It was not intended to be this manipulative and rotten, but the money has caused a massive cancer in the US.
I am signing because CPS puts profit before the best interests of the children, because they abuse their power breaking numerous laws including the Constitution. They can take children from mandated reporters who work with the public's children, trained, qualified, good parents, over imaginary speculated future potential harm with zero real evidence based solely on perjury by a single worker. Title 4 funding has created child trafficking, called CPS, and babies are being places in real harm and danger over false speculation by corrupt workers in an attempt to meet quotas and gain federal funds unscrupulously. This is evil, unamerican, unjust and wrong and it needs stopped.
Stop the corruption
Please contact William F. Lynch at (202) 305-2008 or William.Lynch@usdoj.gov of the U.S. Department of Justice and Susan M. Pezzullo Rhodes at (617) 565-1347 or Susan.Rhodes@hhs.gov of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by February 2, 2015 if you are willing to resolve this matter voluntarily in a manner that will bring DCF into compliance with Title II and Section 504. We are obligated to advise you that, in the event that we are unable to reach a resolution regarding our concerns, the Attorney General may initiate litigation pursuant to the ADA and Section 504 once we have determined that we cannot secure compliance voluntarily to correct the deficiencies identified in this letter.


42 U.S.C. § 12131-34; 29 U.S.C. § 794; 42 U.S.C. § 2000d-1. We would prefer, however, to resolve this matter by working cooperatively with you.
I am praying that this agency is STOPPED and my babies are returned to my home. every day just to stay alive is a struggle when you just want to die.
Its disturbing that we have to tread lightly when reporting experiences with an agency. The system has no feelings. It serves to perform a function. If its broken to the point of causing more damages than the intended result, it requires an elimination of these practices. Especially urgent when failure will compromise the safety for children. CPS has subject jurisdiction to exert full custodial control over every American child.

First, last, and only line of defense against abuse. Kids depend on capable adults to speak for them in adult issues, or they suffer abuse.

In regards to protecting the vulnerable - there is no margin for error.

I cannot accept that this broken, destructive system is "the best we can do"

Its an embarassment and a shame.

When agencies and Corporations fail, It is not only our right, but our duty as American citizens to respond to the cries of the American family.
Adrian Celia andRaul-Ricky aka now Austin Rios Cps stole u from me I never gave you up and one day we will be together and everyone that kept us apart will have to the man upstair I love you and it is my mission to find my soul they murdered the day they took you from me I love you and i will be waiting for you til the day I die and there after.
Almost 80% of children are removed due to false allegations. When those allegations are proven false, they find something else... like "failure to thrive" or "failure to bond" and the list goes on and on. People are fighting for their families, they need help. The system is corrupt and reform needs to happen sooner than later. Remove Title IV funding and support the family instead of tearing it up.
With the way this corrupted world is running I have nothing to say except for the fact that they need to stop and I mean stop stealing peoples ****ing children from them you want our kids to make up every excuse mental health smoking pot so why not take your kids away now for ****ing smoking cigarettes it's actually getting quite pathetic I hate those bastards more than anything in the world DCF does not stand for department corruption of families my DCF stands for Department corruption of families that's a very hard topic because investors so my son 4 years ago and I know he's been adopted already who know where is I cry every night for him I think God for Facebook because I know he will find me someday and he will know the exact truth things I did right things I did wrong
Stop Destroying America's Families for Profit thru Fraud!
well said!
Dr. Phil McGraw called the Family Law Industry "A National Crisis!"

Knowing first hand how corrupt, greedy, selective of facts, protractive, non-child-focused and wrongdoing most in the FAMILY LAW /CPS/DCSS/Foster "Care" services are, this is an important movement to right terrible wrongs committed under the color of law.

I was gone in the military when my kids were taken into custody, because of my ex-wife. I was forced to give my rights up and DCF made no attempt to put them with me or family.
I am in a battle with cps in Bellingham Washington and THEY ARE VERY CORRUPT - the cps workers, the ass. att. gen., the judges, the commissioners, guardian ad listens, court appointed attorneys ALL ARE CORRUPT and You can see it any day of the week!!!!!
Yes things need to change. Dcf took my 5 kids in 2009 while I was gone with the military. Bc of their mother.
My grandson was removed from his home and throughout the course of this nightmare I have lost my rights to see him. My sweet little boy is now in Colorado with his maternal grandmother who essentially abandoned her two kids as infants. She has been married numerous times, and will not allow anyone here in Arizona from my side of the family contact. I feel that Cps discriminated against my entire family with no reason.
it is shocking and deplorable that tax payers are supporting this criminal behavior and the court systems allow it! It is all for the money they recieve per child. Someone needs to stop this!
They unlawfully kidnapped my daughter and are covering up sexual and child abuse on her , I was forced by pd to give my baby to dcf over false call made by worker and false statements which I have facts and evidence on . Also the worker lied under oath and then contradicted herself etc . I want my stolen daughter back this I'd unjustly unconstitutional unlawful ! My due process has been denied and deprived of me as well as my constitutional rights are violated and my human rights as well as my daughters. Connecticut is seriously Corrupt I'm tried of this bs ! These judges are not following law neither are these workers they are running a child trafficking business for profit !

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