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These people must be stopped! They totally destroyed my family!
Wrongfully took my 19 month old daughter from me based on my exes lies and no investigation was made in the state of NC. Back in 2012 and they were supposed to investigate within 72 hours of the allegations being made and still has failed to do so and my daughter is suffering PTSD and is a victim of Parental Alienation Syndrome. Nothing worse that suffering a loss of a child that isn't dead.
My kids were removed 2 yrs ago by 2 cps workers who said they received a complaint on me.Well I found out they did 9 months prior.They invited themselves in my home and informed us if we called the police it would make it harder for us to get our kids back.We had out 2 youngest taken from our home and they were told they were being taken to McDonalds for lunch and then coming back home.My 2 oldest were removed from school,and all of this The paperwork was got at 2:59 and 3:01pm and my kids were taken at 1:30pm.Now they say I act like I don't want my kids coz I don't check on their well being.The actual truth the worker is not telling is that I was stopped from attending all dr's,dental, and therapist appointments.I asked to speak to their teachers and was informed my lawyer had their grades.I call the foster home to speak to the kids and get no answer or get hung up on.Something needs to be done especially since the judge has stood up in court and called me a sorry*****mother,and told my boyfriend he hitched his buggy to the wrong horse.The judge listens to all cps has to say but will not let me open my mouth.
Our grand daughters were taken from our home last night after being with us for a year and was going to be put in a shelter, then foster care untill we finally found another family member that would take them temporarily....because it was decided for us that we needed a break. We never asked for any such thing. We had some issues, concerns, disagreements with Casa, the CPS caseworker, and the childrens attorney. We were not being heard regarding concerns of our grand daughters. We were labeled by them as disrepectful, rude, and words twisted. They said we were informed when we weren't . Judge Clark said her team and the grandparents are not getting along so she decided we all need a break and was going to send them to a shelter in a different school system... REALLY ?? and they claim they are react in the best interest of the children. We are seeking legal counsel now, We should have had an attorney all along.
CPS needs to be scrapped completely. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Let only law enfor enforcement to follow due process of alleged child abuse. Mandated reporting procedures need to be fine tuned, it has swung too far back on the pendulum.
Cps needs to leave happy families a lone
I have a friend who lost her little girl to them (unjustly) and was mortified to see so many injuries on her while she was in foster care.
Cps violated my rights and tried to take my child shortly after birth due to me being physically handicapped today my children are 23 years old and 19 years old they are grown healthy and smart children, I am against CPS violating parental rights and it needs to come to an end I stand with all the good parents
CPS needs reform OR removed!!!
utah dcfs isevil church and government do not mix any young single nonmormon mother is not safe quit stealing our babies now
cps have take my grandchildren and adopted them off far away to some family. the lied on me in court said I wasn't able to take care of my grandchildren and the doctor letter was given to them and they lies falsify lies on me in court just to adopt them off for money for their these children cries because the thought they were coming home to live with their grandmother. they also made my daughter sign some paper saying the next baby she have they will take from her and make you pay child support if you did not sign these documents these are mentally ;abusers these is not you'll blood children these belong to their bloodline. we need to make a change. my daughter is mentally abruse she have got help, went to classes they hearing here say. they said I never, never, ever get my grandchildren.
CPS truly is incompetent in their actions and sends people to your home to investigate and accuse good parents of bad things. They take kids from good parents and leave children that are in bad positions. Stop them before they destroy our future generations....enough is enough!!!!!!!!!
CPS is a freaking Joke!!! It's taxpayers money keeping these thieves employed!!!
stop letting families being torn apart. and adopted by drug addicts and abusers.
From a grieving Mother who's children was took because of dcs lies they tour My family apart for what the money
I have a friend who recently had her 2 sons take. Away, a toddler and an infant. She took the infant to the er because of a rash that progressively got worse after she tried everything to get the rash to go down. They claimed he had fractures all over his body (at the time he was 2 weeks old). They took bk other of the kids and the father of the children is currently in prison. My friend d and her fiance are not the abusive type and she loves her children dearly. Drake-the father- is gentle with the kids. And not very strict. I've never even seen him yell at the children let alone be able to hit them. In my opinion it was a false acusation.
STOP giving CPS incentives if they remove and adopt children out! They lie, make up stories, make up allegations, and threaten people to get innocent children from loving and INNOCENT homes and families! THOUSANDS of children a month are getting adopted or taken away from loving homes. The U.S. has become a child abduction country! Sickens me--we are suppose to be the land of the free!
A Miracle for Two Sisters
Justice for the Sisters

What if the reporting accuser is the recently fired doctor who still over sees the case? This is our problem. He removed the feeding nutrition from the feeding tubes in both our daughters and is starving them to death!
My son was taken by cps because of my ex husband and I hope this help stop cps and get my son home sooner
My son was taken by cost because of my ex husband and I hope this help stop cps and get my son home sooner
CPS made an allegation proven false within hours; DSS took custody and our son has had no treatment for his illness
I know first hand about the ex husband using dcs to get back at the ex wife
we are fighting to get my grandson.he has rickets and metabolic bone disease and they claim abuse. and has charged my daughter with this. and its medical condition not abuse at all.
I am fighting to get my son back yet threw an unfair case made up by false accusations really would like something done
The Federal funding that incentivizes the destruction of families needs to quit
My Grand daugther was adopted out of the family. This was a MO case. When I was a party to the case as an intervenor I was told I was hindering "Their" permanency plan of Adoption and the judge dismissed me from the case. This is after I did 3 drug test clean... and passed the court own psychology test in which the Dr. wrote there was no reason I could not properly parent my granddaughter. I was also registered with the Family Care Safety Register. (this name might not be accurate I forget). All background checks cleared. In addition while a party to the case the Judge did not put on the docket my Guardianship case. This was sitting for 2 years..They had my home study and Payment for this type of case. One last thing, My granddaughter was with me and safe when they asked me to bring her to a hearing and they took her and put her in foster care. She went kicking and crying. During this case I was even given an honorable award for volunteer work with an Organization that keeps foster siblings together when they come into the system. Angels Arms. Both parents were forced to sign voluntary term. of parental rights or threatened they would come after the other children.
DCF is sick and corrupt. Mass doesntcare. Duval passes the buck. nationwide protest Boston site is 600 washington st Nov 4th at noon. All east coast is noon. What happened to me..A nurse asked me if i felt safe.. I said no..the DCF scab gave my son to the abuser after hitting on him..no proof. met me twice ..would not be recorded.accused me of drugs....i took 53 tests. (never took a drug in my life) Judge didnt care. DCF lied..I mean OUTRIGHT LIED a to protect a man that worker found attractive. thats sick. And i havent seen my son in nearly a year. Why? Am I a felon? no...in fact i work kids as a living. I can pass a background check and my ex cant. i went to the governor, to my reps to the AG...no one CARES....
For the Sake of the millions of Children, that a up rooted from their homes, and Families, and made to start a New Life, with Strangers, WITHOUT their right to DUE PROCESS, being being considered, a many more Constitutional and Civil Rights being Violated, I sign this Petition, on Their Behalf, and I encourage, Others in Power to do the Same...May Freedom Ring.
I'm 5+ yrs w/my fight. Won 2 appeals. Now the courts ate refusing to give me a hearing.....never give up!
Both my boys were taken on false evidence!! both times! stop these monsters
my son (Dominic) was 2 days old when cps kidnapped him from the hospital

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