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Our family has been and is now involved with CPS. my grandson was taaken when he was two months old and will be 3 years old this month. Our family has gone through a lot of emotional turmoil and by daughter has been denied seeing her son progress in his infancy and early childhood
I am really up at arms with the whole "CPS" system. They've left me utterly dumbfounded. I was reported on & 2 weeks later they closed the investigation with "No Findings of abuse or Neglect". Yayy me!! (is what I was thinking) But Wrong! Week later CPS shows up with a Cop! Stating that I didn't do what they told me I had to. Now their bringing a jeopardy case against me?!? HOW! I Never signed a Saftey plan or anything like that during the 1st involvement with them. How can they say more or less I "Broke th agreement" When we only talked on the phone 2-3 times? I've never signed anything! An since they showed up to tell me all this it's been over 4 weeks & haven't heard from anybody
well cps came into my home and took my kids away for no reason .. they didn't even have no proof from the court house or judge and my kids have been gone since 24 days ago now and still i haven't been to court and no case is even on me so how can they do this to my family? and another thing the social worker made my lil babys doc apt herself and me telling her he already had a apt its not time yet. she still did it and told me i had to take him to get his shots and still no papers to prove from the judge or nothing..
My family has been destroyed, while cps continues to try to find a reason for taking my children, 15 months ago. They have lied in court, the judge has lied to my attorney, they destroyed my relationship with my now 18yr old daughter, and for 6 months they denied us any contact with our children, telling the CW who was overseeing our visits in the county my children were in that there was a TPR in effect, 6 mo in to our case, lied to my brother that judge had ordered "no contact". we just got our visits back in April, 2xs/mo. for 1 hour, 500 miles away, but only bc my brother told me what was said, after he got 3 of our children in Jan. It took him asking the other sets of foster parents, the worker overseeing our childrens placement, and the CW (repeatedly) to see the order so he could enforce it, since I was denying its existence, and after months, our cw finally told him all contact had to be approved by her first. I asked her and her supervisor for an explanation for the 6 months we were not allowed any contact, they suggested I provide another hair sample for a drug test, making my 2nd passed hair follicle drug test, along with 10 or more urine tests. I have only passed drug tests, provided medication for counts that are always accurate, yet they put on service plan "suspected drug abuse"..I have a 2600 sqft home that my children were taken from, "very clean, cooked food available for children, all have own beds and adequate clothing, children are clean, family is very close-knit" ..and I havent mentioned their actions that have been truly criminal and painful to my entire family. These things are the least despicable of what we have endured for the past 15 months.
I am currently going through a nightmare with cps and the father of one of my children he the investagative social worker threaten if I did not place my children where she wanted she would take them by force so out of fear of my babies being hurt or emotionally scared I did as she wanted and it's been 55 days still not any court dates still never had a warrant never produced a warrant she does what she wants I reported that she was rude disrespectful and only seeing things through one side of what is actually going on and not concern about my children through her supervisor anytime I have spoken with her she has been very disrespectful and not trying to help being my children home I went to the protection plan meeting where her and one of her Co. Workers treated me worse then a actual monster I have never one time physically or mentally hurt either of my children nither of my children had any marks on them I don't whip my kids I don't do anything to put my kids in the realms of harm I have been both mother and father to them I provide home food and clothing my home is clean and loving she placed them with their father's one who don't even know that man and he just got out of prison for burning our home down the other who has hit around in me as well as my son he is mentally abusive and nither of the father's has help do anything to care for the boys both who I left for abusive reasons how is this legal how can she force me to place my babies in the way of danger how can she go by hear say all these questions I have through research I learned a whole lot that is not lawful and is valations but still no one well help me get the justice for my babies
My sister-in-law lost her kids wrongfully and something has got to change all these good moms and dad's losing there babies for no reason don't they know it don't only mess with the parents it also messes with the children this is become crazy we as the people need to step up and do something fast.
My sister lost her kids wrongfully
My sister lost her kids wrongfully
My daughter got her kids wrongfully taken
My niece got her kids wrongfully taken from her
My girlfriend got her kids wrongfully taken from her
My girlfriend got her kids wrongfully taken from her
They ate inhumane, unethical, unjust, thieves, and kidnappers.
All acts by a governmental agency are ruled at the core by the 46th amendment.
Please, stop CPC abuse! It is legalized child trafficking.
cps just mad because I gotten my son back and they won't never getting him they can lie all they want he good with out them all they doing is him hurting him cps are bullys
my children got taken to my so callled "mother" whom is dried up and have been trying to take all my kids since I birthed them. Cps took them where I did not want them to go. I wanted them to go to my sister in laws. He twisted up stories and made lies upon me. I drug tested and he said 2 things showed up. The only medication I recently were taking was suboxene and vicodin for a broken hand which were both prescribed. He said the suboxene and opiates didnt show up in my drug screen and that I must of been selling my medication. I also take wellubutrin and have an inhaler. Which both can be false positive for amepthemine and mdma. STOP CPSSS!!! CROOKED LOW LIVES ARE JEALOUS OF WHAT MY CHILDREN HAVE ...I AM So HEATEDDD Its making me more and more upset they get away with this shit.
My 3 beautiful babies were stolen by the child protective service due to having no electricity. We been threatend and blackmailed into not being able to see our children. Its been 10 months for my husband Peter. I been put on deadly thumb choke on my windpipe. My son Brandon was slammed against the wall. And been cut and bruised by 3 HCSO dupties. Its on youtube channels rotbake. My husband Peter and I was arrested for calling 911 and FBI for help. They brutally attack my husband and threw him in a holding cell without any water for 3 whole days. Type up false fraudulent charges. Put us both on $51,000.00. Now their trying to take away our parental right. Saying our daughter Abbygail 7 doesn't love her older brothers. Saying our son Brandon is crazy and a criminal. Telling our 14 year old son Alex we don't love him. My husband Peter hasn't done anything wrong except to love and protect our children. They been coming after him. He would lay his own life for his children and yours. Please help my family.
Cps kidnapped my kids. They took them without a warrant or judges permission . There are parents that are in no position to care and beat there lids but yet they still have them. Makes no since but cps will take kids from good parents and not give them back because the social worker gets a bonus for each child plus the state gets money for taking our kids
I am in the middle of my THIRD cps investigation, once again a false report with malicious intent. BOTH of my previous cases were ruled unsubstantiated and were dropped. the first two times I bent over backwards and cooperated 110% with no arguments in fear of losing my kids. not this time. I am employing an attorney and have refused any and all further investigation without PROBABLE CAUSE. and an anonymous caller, my friends, is NOT probable cause. it is against your FOURTH AND FOURTEENTH AMENDMENTS!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ALLOW CPS ABUSE THEIR POWER AND MAKE YOU BELIEVE THEY HAVE THE AUTHORITY THEY WANT YOU TO THINK THEY HAVE!!
Forced adoption in pasco county florida alot of my wonderful friends good abiding citizen have lost their grandchildren. The parents signed their rights to the grandparents spent the life saving fighting and the law is family first. If you have an appeal your waiting on they adopt the child, children out before it gets back so you know their in it together. Its a scam to make that corrupted money and lose your children to adoption they forced it corrupted all the way. It took me four years to fight these monster now i fight for all. They need to return every child back to the hole family sorry about you adoptive families take some children that need a family and i say it because some know the family is fighting for them and they don't care who they hurt
I am a victim and I want my twins home. They were taken at birth I was 19 years old now I'm 21 years old they still haven't been returned and they are almost 2 years old I want JUSTICE
DCF doesn't protect children or families, it's legal child trafficking and it disgusts me that our government is letting them do whatever they want. They are trained to break our constitutional rights on a daily basis. Do what we say or we will take your kids and that's exactly what they do, guilty until proven innocent and in the months inbetween it's our children that suffer....CPS REFORM IS A MUST!!!!
This is happening in several families besides my own in the Nacogdoches Texas area.I live in a small town with around 2,000 people, and since my family's incident with CPS, a member being falsely accused of child neglect, I've met two others withing my church who have had similar experiences, 2 others besides them who have had CPS invade their home without explanation ( but without taking the children). With us it resulted in losing our beautiful 2 and 3 year old boys when their grandparents from both sides, and aunts and uncles and cousins with children of their own were all willing and financially/otherwise able to care for them. The boys will not remember who their mother and family are, if we even won visitation rights they wouldn't know who were. Where my family has pitched in to help with court dealings and things I imagine how much more difficult it must be for the single moms and others in my area who are helplessly watching their children being stolen from them. Case workers have only helped the foster families, and ignore the children's real family, and city court is doubly turning blind eyes toward our case and the cases that I know of in our area. But it isn't just a few individual stories that are so concerning, it's a systematic epidemic everywhere. Somewhere it has to change, laws need to change in order to delay these devious schedules in our courtrooms.
I believe that when allegations of abuse/neglect are made by persons against a family- state & local law enforcement officials need to work together alongside CPS investigators in order to conduct a proper investigation. In addition, I also believe all persons involved (in the allegations of abuse/neglect) need to be investigated- including each person(s) reporting the alleged abuse/neglect.
I believe that when allegations of abuse/neglect are made by persons against a family- state & local law enforcement officials need to work together alongside CPS investigators in order to conduct a proper investigation. In addition, I also believe all persons involved (in the allegations of abuse/neglect) need to be investigated- including each person(s) reporting the alleged abuse/neglect.
I've been dealing with cps for 18mo. I can't tell you how many times I have caught and called out my worker either in court or the 4 times she's decided to meet with me in the last 18mo and nobody's done anything about it.
At 4mo my first worker decided I'd had long enough nd requested in court that cps had exhausted all reunification efforts. The judge granted her request. The judge ignored that I was to be given 6mo, just how bad I was struggling and was very aware that I truly was a good mother.
Not to mention that when cps finished there investigation, I was sent a letter stating cps could not substantiate any abuse or neglect but did state they felt I needed services.
Another thing I forgot to mention; I also worked as a cps social worker for this county and was denied that my assessment be transferred to a different county. My lawyer and cps ignored that it was a conflict of interest and stated it was not a conflict if the worker doing my assessment did not work there at the time I worked there. Cps ignored that there were still many other workers who knew me still working and could color the new workers thoughts of me.
What made it worse was that the county that I worked for actually illegally fired me after three years of working for them. After I was illegally fired back in 2010, I lost everything due to the director lying about me to the judge when I requested unemployment. Ever since the county illegally fired me And lost everything I worked so hard for , I've suffered great mental and emotional problems along with chemical dependacy.

That brings me back to where I was. As I mentioned at 4mo cps got the judge to order my case be moved to permanency.
Their father is native and our girls of at the time 3 and 4 are enrolled. So we were allowed to finally move our case to tribal court when cps tried to take our rights
This happened last April and our case went to tribal court but before the tribe took our case over, cps sent our girls out of state , thousand and thousands of miles away with out their dads or my knowledge promising my sister she could adopt them. Cps also knew before they did it that our case was approved to be transferred to tribal court. I had just graduated treatment and made the decision to go into a halfway house.
I was told by my new tribal worker, now that it had been transferred to tribal court we would be given more time to work the case plan, said she would work on getting my girls placed with me in the halfway house after I produced some clean drug screens.
I thought I'd finally gotten a good worker who really wanted to see me succeed and wanted to reunify my family.
Once again I found this worker to be even worse then the worker before her . What made it worse was that because the county was still financially responsible for my girls the county worker remained on the case and proceeded to turn my tribal worker against me.
Between the tribal and county cps workers my kids father and I have had our
Cps is evil, abusive, and completely unconstitutional.
My grandmother had my nieces while my sis was in prison. One night they left with they're dad nd his girlfriend. Later on my grandmother was called by police and cps to go pick up the girls, because the dad nd girlfriend were unfit. So along with them my grandmother also took "Their" newborn child home. To make a long story short she had the girls and took very good care of them they had everything they needed and wanted ,then when my sister got out of prison CPS said she couldn't be around the girls either. One day when my grandmother got sick and needed someone to take the girls to school so my sister took them when CPS find out they took them away from my grandmother and said she can never get them back. The system is so corrupt in Texas especially in the smaller towns.... My grandmother was great for them girls.. But I guess instead of rescuing abused kids they mess with innocent people just so they can get a check when they make bogus excuses to why they're taking the kids out of the home
Went through my kids being taken by cps 2 times because of my ex husband. Now they are in grandma's custody because of all of his lies he told cps. Elizabeth benadetto (betsy) lied in court and it's bull something needs done. Even my boyfriend agrees you shouldn't be allowed to be a cps worker unless you have children and wasn't abused.
Went through my kids being taken by cps 2 times because of my ex husband. Now they are in grandma's custody because of all of his lies he told cps. Elizabeth benadetto (betsy) lied in court and it's bull something needs done. Even my boyfriend agrees you shouldn't be allowed to be a cps worker unless you have children and wasn't abused.
This is happening in Schenectady, NY withmy own children.
Cps is a joke and needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up with people who are qualified to actually correctly to assess if a child if being abused or not. I have done my fair share of research into the background of cps history and its disgusting enough to give even the most heartless or the toughest nightmare.
My family is going through it too. My sister in law and brother had there son taken away because the damn hospital in Texas can't get there story straight and they think my sister in law abused him and he's only 4 months old. I have gone through it too with my son. He has special needs and most of the calls regarding him have been made by his dad or his paternal grandmother just to disrupt my household and try to have him taking away from me.
I am currently dealing with Texas CPS. They wrongfully ripped my grandson away from his parents during a CPS raid at a hospital in Texas. We are going for temporary custody so we can get him out of Texas and he'll be with family
I am willing to rally and attend ANY movement you are able to create to get an overhaul of CPS. I have absolutely no issues with even going and attending a hearing with congress, any state level employee anything you can get. I fully support action against this disgusting government agency. My email is attached, I live in north Carolina, if you wish to contact me I will be for as much assistance as humanly possible and I find it extremely important to band together as many people as possible to call for this reform, IMMEDIATELY before a single child is further damaged
I have to many. Yesterday in a Mattapan. Playground. They found a child at 6pm. Barefoot,on a trycickle. . T hey guessed he was 2 or 3 . He spent the night with DCF and still all night no one reported him missing. I guess this morning someone from finally did. He was brought back to his family. I'm glad DCF doesn't have him
I have had an Investigator.and to assessment workers,in my home, because ny grandson
Snuck out the back yard.with us close behind. I live on a tiny street ,and he went three houses down. I only have six houses VC on my street. I have a video I took of my niece driving My granddaughter Jeep down the street. It shows u s ,and not it o ne car went by,and he stayed on the same side of the street. My neighbor if 29 years. Came up the two Single family homes with him. Saying I had one of him. She said don't worry a different neighbor brought mine home everyday. I know I was one of them. . It was the talk of the neighborhood. Do you think one of my kids would have gotten their 2 year old back. After he was out .in s neighborhood where there are shootings every night. God give me my grandchildren. How far they take two beautiful infant's.
This******is happining to me as we speak, they stole my two boys ga-nesha Hamilton and the other agents name is jree

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