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Alabama cps is corrupt they have put my children in abuseive foster homes its been almost a year they still have my 2 sons ages 12 & 15 yr old. My kids want to come home. Our rights been violated we need help!!!
Alabama cps is corrupt they have put my children in abuseive foster homes its been almost a year they still have my 2 sons ages 12 & 15 yr old. My kids want to come home. Our rights been violated we need help!!!
I was falsely accused and cps now has my daughter and grandson. I had to sit and listen to them lie under oath
My nephew died because of CPS. These babies need protection from them! From Seth Ireland to Ronnie Tiner you can see the negligence of this agency. Reform is desperately needed!
My son was killed in cps.
Our children are dying plus suffering needlessly. We must stop the abuse of families.
Selmer Tn
The light of my life Samantha was removed from my care and given to her father who made allegations of alcohol dependence and mental illness against me. The same father who had physically abused me for the 1st year of her life and went to jail for domestic violence. Im made to feel victimized all over again. It's not fair
Please stop this torture on families! It is exactly as everyone state's, completely corrupt and the parents are just shoved out of the way and treated like garbage. There is no hope and no matter what evidence you present the judge knows they will not give your child back. Its all fixed. God help us and the children please!
CPS and Law enforcement kidnapped our 3 kids. We want justice for what they did to us.
So far i have put together a Class-Action Lawsuit for 13 Families that have been damaged by CPS unlawful tactics of "legal Kidnapping" for profit...this R.I.C.O. activity has too stop now...CPS with the assistance of crooked Judges and over zealous armed Police are destroying our biological families at an alarming rate!...and yes; It is time we removed CPS from the profitable business of tearing loving non-offending families apart
CPS with the help of the police have taken all 3 of children with no evidence and with us providing 100s of pages of facts proving our innocents meant nothing to the judge. he even asked the prosecuting attorney where they were going to eat lunch when we went to recess and when they got back the judged seemed anoyed that he had to sit through our hearing and did not even deliberate on any of the evidence presented. He adjudacted all three to states custody within a second. Guilty until proven innocent and oh yeah the dont want to be bothered with facts. That only gets in the way of there money from selling off the children. Shame on all of them and even though they have money and power on this earth it only last 80 or 90 years but when they check off this planet hell is an eternity....
Yeah took my stepdaughter the the judge ask what evidence they had it was none .stepdaughter still in foster care
My kids were taken. Have not been able to see them. no one has taken my side of the story and it's been 6 weeks were is my justice. How can this system be so wrong but no one willing to see or fix this injustice system? How can a poor family fight for justice with no money and public defenders are working in the same system eating donuts laughing with the DA? I thought this was America?how will people want to fight for this country that's crooked with dirty politicians where are the real Americans who will stand up for what is right. Smh I will change my carrier to learn law to fight this unjustified system.
Children are being taken under false pretense or false allegations of abuse or neglect yet parents never receive any forms stating if the abuse is substantiated or unsubstantiated, which is misuse of a government investigation unit , basically workers imply a report has been made but the report is never filed and no records and children are being used to Misappropriated funds to service providers and relatives of case worker through placement of children.
I'm so sorry for the horrifying pain and fear you are having to endure.I had to move out of Chandler AZ as police & husband kept filing false allegations harassing i still endure. You gave me hope. Don''t give up..you are an admirable woman. Contact me if you need help or just to have someone to talk to.
I'm so sorry for the horrifying pain and fear you are having to endure.I had to move out of Chandler AZ as police & husband kept filing false allegations harassing i still endure. You gave me hope. Don''t give up..you are an admirable woman. Contact me if you need help or just to have someone to talk to.
Cps destroys happy families.
There needs to be closer attention and regulations applied to DCF workers.
These people are a disgraceful insult to the children they are sworn to protect.
Children are human beings. They are not a commodity to be bought, sold, traded, bartered, or handed to the highest bidder.
Fix the broken, biased, and corrupt system.
Instead of protecting kids, DPS profits from destroying them. This has got to stop.
They should have the same if someone called.on them
Families of america unite for our future our heritage. No one is perfect but that in no way gives the state the right to steal our children.
CPS is still abusive even if its official goal is not to remove all children from homes that come into its cross hairs. From the very beginning they cause trauma and pain to families, create turmoil and upset the balance of families weather or not the parents are together. My direct experience with these people is they are a court supported criminal enterprise.
My daughter was taken away from me for someone making a false report against me.I was found not guilty but is still fighting for custody of my child...Where is the Justice?
Demetria Herman and Jim Hire in Saunders County, NE should be arrested and locked up for life.
Our family are VICTIM'S OF CPS ABUSE OF POWER, INJUSTICE & CORRUPTION. Although, we have insurmountable factual evidence that WILL support & prove WITHOUT A DOUBT our serious accusation's against CPS & DHS Agencies we continue to struggle with having our story be heard & we don't have an unending bank account like these Government Agencies. Despite spending thousands of dollar's thus far there has been zero progress in our favor. Although, we have run out of money, we have not given up our fight to be heard with hopes of bringing Our 3 Precious Innocent Little Girl's Home while Exposing CPS at same time to help other Children & families also. PLEASE HELP US!! IT IS REAL!! DOES HAPPEN!! Will you be a Hero in this battle or will you pretend it is not going on??
I will fight these baby killers all the way! For they are the abusers!
We demand the return of our children!
Pott co.cps took my son 5 yrs.ago said be was under weight but he was Under. The care of 2 doctors and childrens hospital i. OKlahoma city .none of them ever said a word about his weight being a problem. ..my son has a 15 million dollar trust fund .and cps found out and took him.plse if there's. Any groups fighting against. Cps in oklahoma plse contACT. ME I Want to join and fight...405-765-9640
The system is so flawed and many CPS staff enjoy tearing up families and find ways to keep children from kinship care as well. The children taken develop anxiety and PTSD which the agency then says happened in the home and they make up trauma to substantiate the mental anguish these children experience when separated from their family. They create mental illness issues that can last a lifetime.
The system is so flawed and many CPS staff enjoy tearing up families and find ways to keep children from kinship care as well.
Cps is the most corrupt organization in America and it's process is done all in the name of money and is destroying families lives with no real regard for the CHILDREN.
I agree something must be done to save our children
Cps of Snohomish county placed my child with a habitual offender who mentally and physically abused him. I was made to complete several classes, psy eval, and was separated from my child unnessarly. This system caused pain and grief while paying social workers salaries at our expense. I am against CPS in Washington state!
I was told by a Broomfield Colorado CPS Suporvisor that the Police Report that stated my minor child fear for his safety because his father was drunk and going to drive with him, was really just bad parenting. And the bottle of water with Vodka in it was not a threat to his safety. ADAMS County had already determined that it warranted investigation but it was in the wrong county. Broomfield was condesending and told me I just need to take it to court.
I guess I will just have to wait for one of my children to get into a wreak for them to take me serious. Utter Disgust!!!
CPS and Washington state have done more damage than good to my family, they took my aunt's exaggerated version of the truth and ran with it trying to destroy my career and housing that my other children depend on, my son attacked me, I defended myself; I'm facing a felony assault charge.... even though my son has a documented history of attacking me...
Petition for involuntary termination of parental rights of the mother, nathalie dibenedetto
( I will only write the most atrocious parts)

Grounds for termination: 3- the children have NOT been adjudicated dependent. Children were sheltered from the parents on 2/19/16

The mother has engaged in conduct toward the children that demonstrates the continuing involvement of the parent in the parent-child relationship threatens the life, safety, well-being, or physical, mental, or emotional health of the children irrespective of the provision of services, pursuant to 39.806(1)(c), Florida Statutes, in that:
A. The mother has orchestrated the removal of the children a third time and shows a complete an cutter disregard for the emotional well-being and safety of the children.

B. The mother has an extensive history with the department ... St. John's county case DP14-14 on March 6, 2014 the children were removed from the mother and placed with the father due to her "attempted suicide" (*personal note, hospital records state I consistently denied attempted suicide and took too many of my anxiety meds) ongoing mental health concerns (*i have 6-7 evaluations from THEIR mental health professionals with NO DIAGNOSIS) a failed diversion case (*this document was informally signed outside of court at a library and sent via email, I did not violate the signed document. Another document has surfaced, with non matching signatures and even partial images of a line under some signatures, where they had been cut from a piece of lined paper, and attached to this document which happened to be unlined, however even the forged document was never violated). On April 17, 2014 the department voluntarily dismissed the case without prejudiced due to [the parents divorce]

In St. John's. County case DP14-55 on September 13 (*12th, these people are idiots) 2014 the children were again removed from both parents and placed with a non relative DUE TO THE PARENTS LIVING TOGETHER (there was NOTHING THAT SAID WE COULD NOT!). .... [more nonsense not of significance]. Mother did not substantially comply with tasks in her case plan. (*they claim I never provided them with a lease agreement, which I did, and is nonsense anyway bc I have lived in a property owned by my dad for 12 years now.). [more nonsense]. Mother continues to exhibit erratic and disturbing behavior in the presence of the children. (*fails to specify or give 1 example...

5. The mother has on 3 or more occasions had these children placed in out of home care, and the conditions that led to the children's out of home placement were CAUSED BY THE MOTHER (*ex husband moves back into my home with children! my fault? Third removal I had a black eye and busted lip which they are claiming I did to myself even thought his knuckles were cut and scratched)

6. Adoption is the least restrictive means to achieve permanency for the children based on the following: The children WOULD NOT BE ADOPTED DUE TO THE FAT
My two children were wrongfully taken by Iowa DHS when I turned my ex husband in for abusing them. Our so called pathetic government needs to be shut down before they destroy any more families.
Lawless genocidal government needs to be put down ASAP
I lost my four children. I had two girls and two boys and they separated them. It was okay to them because they lived in the same town and would see each other. However, families moved and they hardly know each other now. I never dropped a dirty UA. Did everything they asked. They wanted me to do another inpatient treatment and I couldn't understand for what already did an intensive prison 120 shock treatment and a year of after care plus classes. I'm now in college. Still drug free, got a promising career. See my boys on occasion and my girls got abused in their adopted home but they kept them there. My family was torn and shouldn't have been.
Because CPS (DHS) in Iowa took my two grandchildren away from me, but let me, adopt their half-sister who is no blood relative to me. False allegations and so much corruption and then they put these two little girls in a completely different culture and their sister and I cannot see them. They destroyed three little girls’ lives. Before they were involved these three girls were like three peas in a pod.
Our Children are NOT For Sale!!!
Under any name they are ruthless destroyers of families and should all burn in hell
They took my baby, after using a service plan designed for failure against us, it had so many daily classes we both lost our jobs then we not financially 'fit'. They adopted him to the fosters who wanted him from day one, they changed his name. The case worker was rewarded with a $6000 bonus for seeing that he was adopted to non relatives, STOP TITLE lV FUNDING FOR TEARING FAMALIES APART, fund family prservation equally, or greater if you use statistics which show repeatedly and conclusively that kids are better off in troubled homes than foster homes where they are 6 times more likely to be beaten to death, 5 times more likely to be raped, etc.
They stole my white newborn son, not becuase the hospital called, because they did not, a ex called to get back at me, and they ran with it, lied in court, then failed to inform me when the court hearings were. They adopted him out even with all grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins begging to be his permanent home, and all being wonderful family homes.
Cops has clearly violated people's civil rights including myself and something needs to be done on a local state and federal level and be addressed these people clearly will violate people's civil liberties till something is done

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