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It is absolutely abhorent how CPS Workers are slaying US Families! FBI and Homeland Security needs to work together and put an immediate "Stop" to this. Investigating any Caseworker whom has a high rate involvement in placement issues.

How can a State Legislative be so "consciously subordinate" to such evil doing. The children do not thank you for this ignorance, not to mention the mothers and fathers.

If CPS feels a child is being neglected, abused or assaulted then it should be "required" to maintain a Homestudy visit twice a week for at least 3 mo. for no less than 1 hour each visit before making any whatsoever claims against a family. In cases of possible assault the Caseworker should remain cordial and professional and request of the parents to accompany the Caseworker and child for medical evaluation at the nearest Hospital. Otherwise he/she are UNQUALIFIED to pass even half an assessment onto a DA. It takes a 20 year in practise qualified Mental Therapist longer than 10-20 mins to assess a human-being, but a former Retail Maanger "now acting" out as a CPS Worker can supposedly assess a "whole Family" within 10-20 mins. Which doesn't speak much for the intelligence of District Attorneys either whom swiftly jump the "patty wagon" believing what CPS lays infront of them to prosecute, let alone the Judges whom "don't seem to look at the Defendant and ask them calmly if they would like to tell their side of the story"!

CPS interrogative 10 -20 min synopsis Interviews are worth less than the paper they are quickly jotted down on.

Furthermore a Juvenile Case Worker should at minimum have mandated psychological Basictraining having worked together in/with a Family Psychologist/Therapist for at least 1/2 year before being let loose like a "Bounty Hunter with Custody Bullets" on American Families. But instead these so-called "Experts" have little or no understanding of the concept of Family.

News for all CPS and Legislatives who are reading this: Europe pulled this stunt you are pulling on your fella Citizens between 1910-1949 and learned from its mistakes. Now they have CPS Workers who know what their job is, ergo "keeping a family together" brings a County more money than the 4000.- headhunting Dollars you've placed on children's heads!

Understand that if you are truely in the job to make a difference for children, then you won't have a problem with what I am stating here. Thousands of children in the USA are being harmed by you in CPS.

If you would get the men and women whom are incarserated out of jail and help them create "jobs, which make jobs for others too" then your country will have more spending money in the household and you would have to stoop so low as to "steal and sell your citizens children".

The President of the US and Congress should get involved. This is purely insane!
my wife was abused by her step father nothing was done. Now our niece and nephew are being hurt. we reported but her brother who is a jr high teacher and was involved in the abuse made a report on us for environmental and medical neglect. This is the case dhs pursued not the real abuse we moved and my wife made a facebook post saying how messed up this is and her aunt told her if she didnt take the post down and stop telling family secretes or she would take legal action .this was calling dhs again in our new state saying we sold drugs the worker did not bring police and said early on that she didnt think we sold pot but we had a little clutter as we talked open to this lady and she made a case saying our kids are not being cared for properly long story short she ran with the case from the previous state and now we are in the midst of a drown out court case in witch we have no rites and our lawyer is saying they will find something no use fighting ....im so glad to see people are fighting and we are not alone. im going to school for criminal justice and look foreword to helping repair this broken system
Proof cps isn't held to the same standards as they impose on families.
Mad angel cps placed my kids here - YouTube m.youtube.com/watc...
Shasta county California is the pits. Not only can they beat you up,steal everything you have worked for 25 years for but they can take your kids too all for false allegations and nothing is done about it. Shasta lake and Redding California profit from the suffering of others. Do not send foster kids there. It is nothing but a crooked bracket there with high unemployment levels. Children need thier parents not managers!!
Shasta county California is the pits. Not only can they beat you up,steal everything you have worked for 25 years for but they can take your kids too all for false allegations and nothing is done about it. Shasta lake and Redding California profit from the suffering of others. Do not send foster kids there. It is nothing but a crooked bracket there with high unemployment levels. Children need thier parents not managers!!
Utah dcfs is beyond control and Must be stopped!! Investigators lying to get warrants and admitting it in court with no internal accountability.
The cottage grove oregon cps is on to their game of making money off if children. Children returned home and then removed months later is the most abusive form of child abuse ever!! These children are now victims of real emotional trauma!! If the children have a loving non-abusive parent and absolutly no harm has come to the children how can they justify removing 5 children that are now in 4 different foster homes!!! This has got to stop happening!! For the best intetest of the children
I agree with this petition, I also have heard and seen some of the social workers use tactics as to come into your home and eat up your own food and make themselves comfortable as well as tell you if that was my child I "splap them for acting crazy" I find it very unethical. ANd when you are getting help for your teen they want you to sign papers as though they ask you to do it under thier request. Not to mention having you sign the paperwork to close the case and leave blank areas to "fill in" when they get out back to the office.
Dickinson County Iowa needs to take notes.. They are the absolute worst.
This madness has to stop.. Cps is violating people civil rights.
CPS needs to change and kids need to come home.
CPS is corrupt and something needs to be done, we need to make all of our public officials aware.
CPS is Corrupt!!! We are Putting an End to Crimes Against Humanity!!! Purple Hearts Missions Possible Inc.
CPS is actually anti family and are very anti-men, I learned this first hand and I am a woman. They all cover for each others lies as well! Cousins in system severally abused and became criminals as a result. we are talking severe abuse much worse than what they were experiencing!!!
As it stands, CPS is nothing more than an adoption agency who makes money for every child they steal, every child put in foster care, every child put on drugs and declared special needs, and every child they adopt out to others. The courts are unjust and ignore it when CPS is caught and even forced to admit their allegations are false, It is way past the time that something has to be done to PROTECT INNOCENT CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENT OR PARENTS.
The famed UAB Women and Infants Center in Birmingham, AL kidnapped my grand baby at birth. We did get her back. They serve high risk pregnancies which includes drug positive and homeless women. Is it coincidence that they have a fertility clinic in the same building as the maternity clinic and these are separate from the hospital? That place was made to steal newborns for sale to the rich and infertile women who travel from all over. What a connection! I want to help stop this,
We are going through something with DCFS right Now and the SW has already submitted papers in to the DOJ and we have not been charged with anything! We need help!!
We need help! We are being threaten to have our sons taken away based on false hearsay! Our next court date is next month. The SW in Ca has violated our civil and Constitutional rights! We need help with this ASAP!
The corruption and abuse committed by these angencies needs to be stopped. Here in PA it is pathetic what judges, social workers, GAL's, therapisits, lawyers and commisioners are allowing and permitted to do. Reform is crucial!
How many kids does CPS and CASA need to kill before you recognize the problem?
My granddaughters situation is a perfect example of allowing a child to languish in a known abusive atmosphere. She will die from a drug overdose if left where she is, and its gone on for 3 yrs. please help her.
Watching a crime and not doing anything is as bad as doing the crime ! Now that we are starting to talk about this , WE MUST DO SOMETHING ! WE CAN NOT SIT ON THIS KNOWLEDGE AND ACT LIKE WE DIDN'T STUMBLE ACROSS IT! Please. . . wake up. Start having the conversation as much as you can, DARE TO HAVE A MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION that can bring change. Turn off the TV, stop running meaningless cycles....A CHILD IS WAITING ON YOU TO CARE ENOUGH TO BE BRAVE AND BE THE ONE LEADS WITH A VOICE OF CONVICTION. We must unite as a tribe of people who have had enough! NO MORE !
They took my six month old son and my 10year old daughter they told me if I did not sign my sons paper for adoption I would never see my daughter again that the hazleton office and his name was Jeff stetser so I had to pick one child or lose both
Look ! Let's cut the crap here... Foster parents are obviously signing up for the benefits that come with taking in children, more than the benefit they are quote unquote providing... I say lets call their bluff and ask them and C&Y if they are willing to SPONSOR a child or family....ie; rides to doctors visits, grocery shopping, paying a utility bill, treating the children to a bazaar, amusement park, ice cream parlor,, or how about tutoring the child/children,,, Then we would see how fast their so called Good Intentions would quickly diminish ...
Something has to be done ... No reason for this.
Something has to be done with CPS.
Monroe, Michigan CPS is a joke and needs to be investigated. Some of the workers there are a disgrace to the social work field. Those who do not follow the NASW code of Ethics should be ashamed of themselves.
CPS is so corrupt in Monroe Mi. The workers who are suppose to be defending our children from harm, are putting our children in harms way.
it is true they take kids away that are not being abuse and put In foster care even if you have family members that is willing to take the child or children and they won't give them , they rather give them to stranger which is wrong, if you have an old record they hold that against you, mind you if they never take your kids away and was unfounded. I couldn't get my first grandson or daughter, my son girlfriend has a mental challenge and she don't comprehend so they took both of my grandkids away. my granddaughter ended up a very sick child. ok ya she needed special care and they can't take care of her but they did everything they was suppose to do and wouldn't give my grandson back or give him to me or my daughter tried to get her nephew and the wouldn't give him to her because she gave me problems when she was a minor so messed up so it was a 4 year battle and still loss I called the mayor no help I called the senior no help they have way to much control an its not right..
CPS is out of control! If it weren't for them our court system in my small town would be bored. Low crime area it keeps the judges lawyers busy and dollars rolling in! They lie make up neglect charges and use juvenile and family court along with lazy guardian ad lidems who do what they are told to do thats no investigation read their reports and establish guilt. Decisions are made in back rooms of court house before due process is even started. Public defenders do not help their clients they are paid by the court to keep the court doors swinging open and keep money rolling in. Its a sick corrupt game they play all to keep money in their pockets and rob the ones who can't afford to fight them back! CPS is given federal funds to adopt these children out.All of these agencys are above the law and NO ONE is watching out for the children the ones who need these services are unadoptable and ignored they don't bring in money! Who is over seeing these agencys????
It is even worse than this. What has been done to me and my son for a baseless random "neglect" charge (from my mother an ex-CPS worker) and then the sytem has been heinously more traumatic and abusive than anything I was ever allegedly accused of. CPS/DCF destroy children and families and their is much corruption and political ties to pedophile rings as well. Ex-Georgie Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband were murdered for her attempt to bring light and truth to this dark corrupt system. The highest levels of government and power are involved.
My case is one of those cases. I lost my son because i was homeless (not for drugs or mental illness) and ive been.fighting the system for two years. Now my son has to be in therapy three times a week and hates the police and dyfs. Good job new jersey!
Indiana County Children and Youth Services of Indiana, PA- took my Granddaughter out of my daughters care for neglect. My Granddaughter is disabled and the CYS worker claimed that because my Granddaughter did not walk or talk that she was being neglected, when in fact she is disabled and has been in early intervention since she was under one yr. of age.
our family been dealing with cps snice 2010 n still dealing with them n the court. my daugther has 6 children

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