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I have been on the other side of CPS and had them investigate my former spouse and his then girlfriend. It's very difficult to form an opinion on how to proceed in the best interest of the children of the information you receive from the worker may or may not be based of experience and fact. When I had questions, they were evaded however they expect theirs to be answered without hesitation. This one phone call in regards to an incident I was not directly involved in put a large wedge in the advancement we had made post divorce. To the detriment of our daughters. Clearly this was a young worker with little experience and many opinions. It poses the question that is it opinion or fact that is used in their determinations, and What credentials qualify a worker the ability to make these decisions. Clearly she did not even understand that calling at 6pm on a Sunday 30 days after they opened the investigation to call the ex wife of the person who called CPS on his girlfriend, wasn't appropriate. In 30 days there was no time to call until dinner time on a Sunday? I still do not understand why I was contacted as to the kind of father my ex was when the call was made against his girlfriend and I cannot get a copy of the report. Seems there is a problem with their protocol.
We need our "The People" liberties and justice back. Families have the rights to these, we need a total reform. The system was not set up to destroy our people, but to help and support FAMILIES!
A disgraceful,family destroying agencey,Disgraceful!!
I have personally experienced the lies of CPS who made 13 absolutely false statements regarding my son, including one where he was "abused in South Africa, England and America" My son has NEVER been to England!! At my home in South Africa, there were daily visits by senior police and intelligence officers due to my job in the South African intelligence services who have stated that there was never any sign of abuse. In the USA there was never any abuse. CPS even falsified a Release of Information Request, supposedly signed by my wife, who was in hospital with me on the day in question when i was rushed in for an emergency heart problem. CPS lies consistently to achieve their agenda!
They need to be focusing on the children who are being abused and not attacking the ones that are not. Take away the rights of the callers who call in anonymously or go to the callers house first to see how they know the person they are accusing. The ones who call in need to be sent to jail if the cases end up closed because the investigator finds no abuse or neglect. This is not only devastating to the parents but also the children who have to be investigated, conned and or manipulated in to saying false statements.
It is time to be heard by the abusive DCF/CPS system. The media will recognize us when we rally together. Strength in numbers! Please read the center headline of www.freemychildren.com and participate if you are able to. Parents and children need your help!

We need YOU to stand up and be heard! It is time to be stop being a victim! Everyone that is or knows someone being abused by DCF/CPS will be standing outside the local DCF/CPS office in your city every second Friday of every month from open to close. The corrupt workers will see how many people they are abusing and they will stop ignoring our rights as parents. We will show them that we will not be pushed aside anymore! Strength in numbers will be our weapon! Your local media will give us a voice that our government will have to recognize. TOGETHER WE STAND!
Share and post this everywhere! It is our version of occupy Wall Street.
Abolish DCF, prosecute corrupt social workers.
I am currently dealing with CPS in the city of Indianapolis. Several people, including myself, have reported a little girl that i cared for, the first 9 months of her life (she was given to me at 3 weeks old by her mother) as being neglected by her mother. Many reports have been made and investigations conducted, but the children remain in the home because cps agents could not find evidence of neglect. The little girl (2 years old) is currently in the hospital with second and third degree burns from boiling water, all over her body. And they are saying that there is still not enough evidence to support these alligations. i have currently made Jamiee (the little girl) my main priority. Something has to be done. Im not sure of exactly what to do but I WILL NOT let my baby become another CPS FAILED statistic. If anybody can give me any direction please contact me at daniellebuckner@rocketmail.com. THANK YOU!!!
My children were removed from my home in June because of allegations I made against the father for drug abuse and physical abuse to my daughter's. The cps worker disliked me from the start I passed my drug test did their evaluation and team meetings and tried to comply to the best of my ability. The father threatened my daughter into lying saying I was hitting her when all along it was him he failed his drug test and evaluation they removed my children due to my evaluation saying I could possibly have depression and gave them to the father who failed his drug test his evaluation he had a criminal past for building a bomb and. Like seven violations of probation my children were kept from me for three months and the when I finally got to a lawyer who actually wanted to help me it took three judges and two lawyers by the way to get a fair trial I even had one judge sign a order after she had recused herself from my case the cps worker said she hadremoved my child because she was behind on one shot and when my lawyer asked for a record of this shot she couldn't produce any record of it the judge dismissed the case due to the fact that they took my kids without a court order or warrant and if it was a emergency removal they should have filed a petition within 72 hours they didn't file for 14 days and I didn't have a probable cause hearing until one month after they took my kid. My kids are home now so there is some happy endings but every day I think of all these parents suffering for years and I only had to suffer for three months and it was pure hell for me . I still wo nder to this day if they just didn't get her a shot and lied about it or what kind of shot could they give her that there would be no record of Jr anywhere
Cps Trafficks children
Cps Trafficks children
these are crimes against humanity, -accountability now !!- abolish DCF/CPS !!
CPS Fontana CA is corrupt. My worker Darren Guentert conspired with his suggested referral, counselor Annette Jenkins of healing hearts, who is a whore of the court, to write a damning and untrue report. He even got her to collaborate his lies. He filled his court reports with lies and rhetoric. Unknown to me at the time of detention. I was entitled to custody of my child by statute being non offending but the worker lied and said I was asked if I could care for the child at the hospital on my own if I had to and claimed I said I could not without the offending moms help. I pointed the lie out to the court appointed attorney. He never addressed it and it was allowed to become evidence. The whole dependency scheme is a sham centered around the adoption bonus. The FBI needs to look into this corruption.
I raised my GRanddaughter from birth, as her mother was a drug addict. When Sally (not her real name) was 5!/2 yrs old, her mother was implicated in the death of her other baby. The mother was confronted by CPS to submit to a drug test (which would give her a jail sentence)or sign her rights away. She signed the rights away as I was in the Adoption process. I have never had any infractions with the law, was working on a Masters degree in Education. I already had FBI clearance to adopt "Sally", when she was traded to the state in leiu of a jail sentence...By the grace of God there is a major investigation. God Bless the Federal Government for standing up for our Constitutional Rights...
This needs to go on whitehouse.gov/petition to do youtube videos about
This needs to go on whitehouse.gov/petition to do youtube videos about
I'm in San Antonio. My family currently have an open case with DCFS the investigator is Amber Little, is anyone in San Antonio presently or in the past dealt with her?
Grandmother of Oregon Grandchildren-ILLEGALLY AND IMMORALLY stolen from my daughter! These people should be embarrassed to come out in public! THe verbally and emotionally abuse my daughter every single day-no matter how much she has accomplished. One of the caseworkers has actually called her a scum, and told her you know how easy it would be to take your baby!?!?!? They lie in paperwork, they lie in court-knowone does anything. I am OUTRAGED!!!
My grandbabies are in fostercare they are very confused hurt emotional and being mentally abused by dss of mo because they are with strangers they cry everytime they leave us they want to come home they were safe happy and stable now they are sad hurt confused thats not what i call the best interest of the children no matter what your background is dss workers sghould have to get to the peolpe and babies before they ripp families apart
My 6 month old grandson was removed from my home by CPS Investigator Amber Little. Allegations of drug use was the reason she came to my door. I took her swab test and somehow showed a positive result for a drug I know I've never used. And because my daughter who was at a job interview and didn't have a cell phone where she could be reached Ms. Little removed him. I was frantic and mostly in shock I couldn't believe what was happening. In her report she stated that my emotions seemed forced. Im still not sure what she means by that. This was on August 21, 2013 it was the beginning of my nightmare, the investigator Amber Little has lied on her paperwork and is choosing to believe the lies that she is being told, I forgot to mention that the anonymous callers are my grandsons Father and his Mother, the father has signed an affidavit stating he witnessed me doing illegal drugs. He had come to see his Son on August 17, 2013 and prior to that he had last seen him on February 22, 2013. This accusation is a lie but because I had a positive result the CPS investigator has been very rude and accusatory towards me. I tried asking for another test and was told that she was satisfied with the one she had taken. I saw the result and aftet extensive research i found that it was clearly a negative reading. She is now stating that there was no line and the box was blank indicating a positive result. had inknown at that moment what I know now I would have taken a picture. I do have a private attorney and he is working hard for us. Im not allowed to see my grandson and the way Ms. Little is handling our case is in my opinion unprofessional. I've looked into so many articles, blogs and researched pharmacitical data that can prove my innocence, but what I can't understand is how can I win against a woman that is clearly lying. And our case isn't the first one this so called advocate for children has lied about. It's true I've been found guilty and yet I haven't even had the chance to go before the court. Because all of a sudden the case isn't against me it's against my daughter who is 19 and as we've been told by Ms.Little should be living on her own and providing for her Son on her own. And my husband and I shouldn't be helping her. Yes, she used these exact words while speaking to us, not in the privacy of her office but in the Lobby in front of everyone. My daughter is actively looking for a part-time job and attends classes four days a week, her career choice is to be a Medical Assistant. I didn't know that parents weren't allowed to help their children or that there is a cut off age for a child to move out. I honestly feel this woman is determined to terminate my daughters rights just because she has parents that are supporting her while she is doing all she can to make a life for herself and her Son. The father has not been a part of my grandsons life nor has he made any effort to be in his life. I will probably get in trouble for speaking out es
CPS ignores evidence and ignores the parent . I had evidence and they refused to listen to it where as my older daughter made my teen lie to get to live there. Then she was calling me crying. I recorded the conversations and they won't listen.
A problem in every single state!
A problem in every single state!
Yes my children have been through some of the same stuff with cps! But what is really sad is when they take youre children away based on lies, how is it that you dont have a perscription for a medication when it was youre last refill!! Yes they took my kids, by saying I didnt have the perscription for the generic medication I was taking,and because it was generic brand and it showed up as the generic brand that it was,and due to the fact it wasnt the name brand, they took my children
Cps is wrong for all our children torn apart broken hearts destorying families is way ill sign to support petition....
Fight! To win!
In 1990 Alice Blake from San Diego's CPS sat at her desk and stated to me "I know you burned your son" this was not the first nor the last time she told me this either. My son was placed with his adoptive parents within 2 months of being taken. I never once spoke to a police officer, my son was taken from his sitter not from me. I was at work at the time. I went to court again and again, yes I was a young mother, but never harmed my child. I finally got the case moved to Santa Clara California where I had moved with my mother, Santa Clara county first court hearing in no uncertain terms stated my son was taken illegally and I had complied with all of the demands of San Diego so gave my son back, he was gone from my custody for less than 4 months. I did not know due to being so young, but I pled no contest to the charges in San Diego due to my court appointed attorneys advise. NEVER do what I did, fight it tooth and nail. I have now raised 4 children and never another cps incident, I feel San Diego just wanted my son for the adoption money they could get under the table.
DHR still has my 17 yr old son, even though we were found "not indicated" of inadequate supervision. DHR attorney says the finding "does not matter!"
CPS said my claims were unfounded even after forensics and state police took pictures of cigarette burns to his back and doctor said he had chemical burns to his eyes and he had anorexia at 3 years old living with his mother
I am absoutely discusted at the power these public service employees have. I am the grandparent of a child that was taken from an innocent set of parents. She calls me and begs me to help her get back to her parents. There is an amazing amount of prejiduce that occurs and no one holds these people accountable. There were never any legal charges filed and yet they still have this little girl who is being abused and her spirit is being destroyed by the very people that are suppose to be giving her a loving foster home. I am all for helping children that are abused but who moniters the CPS workers to see if they are really doing their job? If you don't have the money to hire an attourney to fight for you it seems like a loosing battle. Have you seen the fightcps.com website. I would have never believed it to be true but in FACT it is and its heartbreaking. There are so many children that really do need help. Please check into this! This is a problem that should have been addressed years ago!!! Should you want further details or information, I would be happy to talk to you. Thank you, Kathryn Henderson (619)-415-1235
Help the kids!
I am a mother of loss to adoption ,lMy son was born 9-25-1973.I am on you tube September25th,1973 My age 64 Temporary poverty,24 married then abandoned by father,SW in Fl.holds ,no proof -lost my 1st letter ,she did not give me a chance and took money.Sen.Rubio OPEN ACCESS FOR Adoptees
The Department of Family Services has done irreparable harm to my family. I have not found an individual within the Department of Family Services that has been willing to work fairly with our family for reunification. As the grandmother of a "legally kidnapped” grandchild I begged for my grandchild to be placed in my home. I was told there were accusations against me for smoking pot. I offered to provide UAs for proof that I do not engage in illegal drug usage. I overheard the case manager telling the attorney that when he has investigated denial of drug usage he has always found that the parties are lying. Therefore I was never allowed to prove my innocence. I begged for visitation rights. I was told the resources are limited and grandparents are not offered visitation. I provided many character letters. All the pleading and offers I've made to the Department have been to no avail. My daughter continues to work with the system for reunification with her son and has done so for almost a year now. She has been treated unjustly from the beginning and the abuse of power from the Department continues. My daughter has participated in everything the Department has demanded and yet her visitations are now being denied. The Department mission statement is very clear - The Department is to provide services for reunification with family. They have failed miserably and continue to fail miserably. The damage done to our family can never be undone.
ive dealt with illegal invasion into my home or personal life
I am a single adoptive foster mom and advocate, an upstanding citizen and a good mom. Creating permanent or temporary homes for vulnerable children in need, or advocating for them, is a large portion of where I make my voice heard and use my giftings. My current experience with CPS is such that a doctor doesn't like that I question and/or refuse certain treatments for my child that is diagnosed with cancer, threatens CPS, and when the threats don't work, calls CPS. I voluntarily cooperate because I have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong. My child is held hostage in the hospital, as if it were a jail cell, for 19 days with no warrent, criminal investigation or court order; then only to be removed from the hospital -and my care- and placed into foster care, where he has now been for 59 days. CPS in may case has proven to be a professional kidnapping service that funds state employee salaries and contractor's services, as well as the the FDA, big Pharma industry and doctor's salaries using taxpayers dollars to fight their battles. The doctors don't have to be accountable or even show up to court! They have CPS to do that for them, and CPS has unlimited access to state funds and every resource needed, including the Attorney Generals Office as their counsel, to make good fit parents into monsters who don't know how to make decisions in the best interest of their children, when in fact making the best decision by standing for what is in your child's best interest is what caused the call to CPS in the first place. I have found that I am suddenly a criminal, albeit no criminal investigation!, with no rights, no voice... and to this day not one person involved will take the evidence I have to prove myself not guilty. Their threats for questioning their motive is to get my name placed into the central registry for 25 years! CPS is the prosecutor in the case and yet I have to adhere to and obey them during due proces in order to get my child returned. They have all authority and abuse their power to twist and manipulate everything to be what they want and need it to be to achieve their goals. The more I stand up for truth and question their actions, the more retaliation and law breaking malice has come to me to the detriment of my child. I thought I was innocent until proven guilty? I thought I had a right to a compitent attorney who will at minimum give me a voice. Not in my case. What has happened to my family is a heinous crime that deserves the attention of the public and politicians to see to it that a broken, corrupt system of injustice is reformed. I give my word to do the best I can to keep this from happening to other children and families.
Nevada needs to over haul their agents n procedures!
they have by design a self perpetuating industry.........kidnapping children and causing irreparable harm to both the children and their families. The American Family unit is being destroyed by them! Between 70-80% of State and Federal Prisoners are the victims of this abuse and the end product of their child and human bondage! And, the tax payers are footing the bill!
It's far past time for all of this to STOP!!!!!
I have always been cynical of the political process in this country and have been very critical of the lack of compassion given to citizens that must deal with government entities, the legal system in particular. However, I never imagined that I would witness what I saw over the past three months. It repudiates every proud attribute that our country has claimed to champion. The concepts of fairness, justice, due process, impartiality, and family values were ignored, if not violated outright. CPS is an unconstitutional entity that participates in what can only be described as an international human right violation. Their very existence is a national disgrace that pollutes any perception of "land of the free".

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