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I work with a family that is being harrassed by CPS. The mother was with a man and had a child. That man is an alcoholic. He has visitation. CPS is saying they will take the child away from the mother if she doesn't keep her away from him because he has gotten in a wreck, and gotten a child endangering charge with the child. They are not going after him, but her. If she doesn't send the child to him, she is breaking visitation. Such a mess. CPS needs to be reigned in big time. They are too big for their britches.
We have been working with our birthmother since February. Our baby was born early and while I was on my way with our positive homestudy CPS took the baby from the hospital and put him in Foster care. The mother is devastated as are we...she was trying to break the cycle. We went to court and we kicked out of the room because we had no connection to the case.
THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS, they are not earning their paychecks, and their administrators are pocketing BILLIONS and telling the workers: "GET MORE KIDS, OR LOSE YOUR JOBS!"

So, the ethics go downhill under pressure, the more kids they steal the more money they get, therefore the more they can steal.

CPS IS RUN BY ORGANIZED CRIME! Initiate an audit, conduct an investigation, find the TRILLIONS that are missing, and you will know why this country is in a state of disrepair: IT IS RUN BY ORGANIZED CRIME! The " INVISIBLE HAND OF GREED" runs the world, and this is a part of it...

GIVE US BACK OUR RIGHTS! GIVE US BACK OUR CHILDREN! This is a message to all social workers, all administrators of CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, all government officials and officers of the court, IF YOU ARE A PARTY OF THIS CHILD TRAFFICKING RING, then prepare to be investigated, charged, prosecuted and incarcerated!

my 10 year old is being forcely adopted out i was forced to sign my rights away based on cps lies
I'm currently fighting CPS to get my 3 week old grandson back. They are such horrible people!
Already wrote from Huntington Beach regarding my Grandchildren in Mesa, AZ
My grandchildren were taken away from their mother there in Phoenix as she slapped her son because he was disrespectful after she called the Police as it was after their curfew. They are young teens and rebellious, but I do not understand where they have the right to take them and put them in group homes Why not counseling for the whole family and monitoring the children daily. They have got into trouble in the homes too as they are turned against their own families (brainwashed) What is going on? Is the almighty dollar more important than the future of our country - our children? I do not see this happening to wealthy children or families! This is unconstitutional! I can see it if a child is really abused but they are going to far with interfering, lying and turning children against their families. This reminds me of what the Nazi's did to Germany's youth! Thank you for your time! I will not and can not sit by and see my grandchildren's lives destroyed for the sake of $$$!
I am a grandparent who has seen this happen to my own grandchildren who are rebellious teens turning on parental authority 50 % of these kids (our future) should not be in CPS but rather getting counseling and the parents (parental counseling and moral support as well) I went though it with my kids who are grown and doing well in life now (but without state interference) My kids laugh now at me as they said well if it was us as I did use minimal corporal punishment we would be in CPS and me ??? LOL Some young teens will lie, cheat and steal and the imperfect parents need help not taking them away from them.
Thanks for your time!
My children were adopted out regardless of me following my drug counselors suggestions and volunteering to go to a residential, because I was being represented by the courts attorneys (a man registered on Megans Law for possesion of child pornography), my children were adopted out. Also my son at age 5 reported seeing "two guys licking on T.V." when placed with a homosexual male (nothing against his sexual preference just his behavior around my sons) and when the CPS worker was told he stated the foster parent wasn't like that. My son was molested whole living with this man (who wasn't like that) and also missing for 5 hours! My three children are miserable and want to live with me. I have almost 4 years clean and sober and am now fighting for my step kids who were taken on false allegations. None of the abuse they suffered were by us or in our home yet they said it was. They also failed to mention we reported the abuse every time we found out it was happening and when we told the judge in family court what was going on while in the care of their mother and grand parents they told my husband if we didn't send them there unsupervised he would be in violation of a court order. We didn't fail them. The courts did! My husband was tricked out of a trial by his "court appointed attorney" and low and behold the CPS worker was sued twice for taking other parents kids on false allegations and lost both cases. We desperately need to tell people that YES kids who are rightfully abused should be in a safer environment but there are kids that should be returned and aren't and that are removed that should not be. My kids need your help getting them home. My children want their adoption reversed and returned home still and they should be. God Bless
COMENOW THEREFORE,we the People of the United States demand the United States Congress to conduct an nationwide investigation into the above allegations, and thereafter, being satisfied the declaration of ratification of the Amendment by Secretary of State,Attorney General is to serve and protect all children
undersigned by the oath of office
the state of arizona cps took my children without good cause in 2008. i was forced to sign them over in what i was told was to be an open adoption in 2010. after being told to jump thru numerous hoops which i did i was told i would get them back, much to my surprise the court hearing that i was told was to bring them home was in fact to sign them over. there was no reason they couldnt come home. i want my children back, please.
I have helped a young mom for several months try to get her kids back from CPS she did everything they asked they hadnt had a dirty UA in over 2 years and they took them away from her parents because they didnt have jobs in a 9% unemployment rate in washington 4 days before Christmas these children were ripped out and the senior CPS worker wasnt even going to let them hug their grandma goodbye.. I watched as the blackmailed her into relinquishment of her kids with the promise that they would be placed with family or close family friends.... They are now with a pre-adopt family that no-one knows and she is being told its up to them if she ever gets to see them again... these people lie simply to get the numbers for federal funding and its horrible what they do to the families...
A child dies of SIDS.. That doesn't make the parents abusive and give CPS the right to come to the hospital and take their second child in fear that the parents are unfit.. Happend to a friend of mine.. This system needs to be overhauled !!!! And NOW!!!
I did everything that cps asked me to do in order to get my 4 children back and they still adopted 2 of them out. Im furious and heartbroken, but i still have to remain remain strong and focused for the other 2 they still have held captive to fight and make sure they come home. HELP!!!
I did everything that cps asked me to do in order to get my 4 children back and they still adopted 2 of them out. Im furious and heartbroken, but i still have to remain remain strong and focused for the other 2 they still have held captive to fight and make sure they come home. HELP!!!
im a grandfather trying to clear my son, and keep our grandson!
We are currently fighting this unjust system. Right now, they are trying to bully me because my abusive ex-husband is friends with the CPS worker, and she is trying to help him take my kids. This needs to stop!
My family is now living this nightmare! CPS illegally took and continues to keep my grandchildren. I will continue to fight this fight until the system is changed.
CPS workers type furiously while interviewin and huge mistakes are made! Information mixed, prejudicially written and very inaccurate. Go through your report with a fin toothed comb.
cps ripped my family apart

cps ripped my family apart

My special needs son was taken out of the only home he knew April 29, 2011 and my baby was taken the same day she was born right out of the hospital September 28, 2011. My son has special needs but CPS has hyped up his special needs bc they can get more money for him if he's placed. The other day he had about a 6-10 inch long bruise on his thigh the Cops nor CPS nor our 'legal pretenders' want to do a thing about it my daughter can't crawl and a month or so ago she had a bruise under her eye my son has been in 3 different foster homes and my daughter 2 plus respite homes, etc. and we also suspect our son was sexually abused he has severe speech delays so he can't tell us how the bruise or anything happened. We don't know where our kids are right now I see my baby girl for only 3 hrs. a week and my special needs son for only 1 hr. a week and my husband cannot see our son but sees our daughter 2 hrs. a week. If anyone reading this can help us we don't have thousands of dollars for a fancy lawyer if someone can please find it in their hearts reading this to help us in SOME way please find a way to contact me I live in Georgia. I don't want my precious children to die in the system I want them back home with me they want over 1,000 dollars in child support more like CPS support this is not in the best interest of my children my son wants to come home and misses his Daddy I have been told by more than 1 person to leave my husband and I could maybe get them home but I know better then they will terminate both our rights regardless. Someone reading this please find it in your heart to help we are desperate we want our kids home for their safety first and foremost and bc they miss us and we miss them I don't want my babies to die in the system please someone help us. many_people_annoy_me@NOSPAM.yahoo.com
I am sooooo disgusted by CPA..They need to pay attention to the real issues and improve the quality of education!!!
I am sooooo disgusted by CPA..They need to pay attention to the real issues and improve the quality of education!!!
my ex keeps involving me in his crap and he has many drug charges. This is twice they've taken my babies without a court order and everything being volunteer. They say I have to but I feel thats not right. I started doing whats asked but thats like saying I'm guilty for what he said against me. How many times are they going to mess my family and children up?
I have unfortunately been enlighjtened on how their system works. They don't want to know the truth and the children are the ones who are suffering from it.
I am a grandma fighting to keep my grandkids,
We have to stop these people from hurting more children. This organazation is pure EVIL!!
Department of Children's services told me my infant son was blind and severely mentally disabled. They told me I could not take care of him, they told me the best thig I could do for him would be to sign over my rights so the government would pay for his care. 12 years later I found out my son was perfectly normal. They lied to me. Theyre doing it to others too. Please stop these people.
I think that any CPS worker, laywer, any one making false alligations should be punished, fined, and imprisoned. The same as kidnapping, humantrafficing. This is an outrage!!!
C.P.S. has had my children for 1 year and 5 months. All because the school one falsely acussing something was going on at my home.2 my daughter would not want to listen to my rules at home were she would confine in her teacher.But whe n she did a allegation on my her teacher the school cover it up where I had to report it to the principal and cps worker nothing was done. I have a cps worker that is 26 years old I am 33 I am told from a source he is all about the check. I am a good mother all I wanted was for the best for my children. I lost everything in 2011. CPS didn't even want to give me a house vist until know.He was surprise that I had nice house like this for my family. They kept on adding one more thing ms.thomas another one more thing, you need to do frequent drug tests, and every time they did that I kept praying and going down the straight path. Unrelated adoption,alt family memeber I have heard and seen it all. Down here in houst on the last tome I went to court the worker told the judge we go by whats on paper.How dumb are you.How can you determine about a person if you never got to hake the person hand, are come to their home. But you know what I don't like is they are hard on the parents who do right they are the ones punish. I see alot of mothers who don't deserve to have there children they have boyfriends to spank there children, do pills and other illgeal drugs, sell foodstamps, don't want to work, don't want to watch children. This happens in poor neighborhood and low income apartments thats why the middle class and rich white and bblack folks judge.It makes it worst for the parent like me who was raise the oldfashion by my grandma.I was in the cps system whe nI was 10-17 years old. If I knew what I knew I would of shout my mouth my grandama was not abuser she was on my*****to put some do right in me. CPS,LAWYERS,THEIR SUPERVISORS,AND FOSTER PARENTS ARE IN IT FOR THE MONEY ESPECIALLY WHEN THIS IS HARD TIMES.You have some foster parents that are true like my foster mom she is 82 year's old. They try to harress her.She had a worker for 26 years she turn her back on her annd she also was my worker when I was young. They even have inspectors to come out to the foster parents they are crooked too.Making money off of innocent babies. I could write a book I have seen it all.But I came out strong.I am claiming my children I am not going to give up.You have to use your hand and be like them .They smile in your face they stab are backstabbers. Cleo!
CPS addopted what they do straight out of WW II NAZI Prisoner camp Ghettos.
They did this to me with my children and it's been almost 10yrs and no one will help me fight to get them back. They want to live with me. They just took my two younger step kids on complete false allegations and lied to get a warrant. Please help!
these people are lairs they try to make you say things or admit to things that are not true,and threaten you by taking your child! god doesnt like ugly! i need help !
JUSTICE for children & families! NOW is the time for OVERHAUL, weed out the corruption, protect the children & save the next generation from physical, emotional & psychological abuse of losing their families, their innocence & their lives.
CPS are the new Nazis and Soviets.
As a licensed clinical social worker I have worked with CPS many times. Most workers are dedicated and efficient. All need more training.
Its past time, something needs to be done now!
Give Children and Parents thier GOD GIVEN RIGHTS BACK.
Here is a short narrative on my experiences, very disturbing, very corrupt... http://www.examiner.com/article/far-from-their-best-interest
Time for all Americans to act honestly and responsibly.End the destruction of American families by a money grubbing state.
CPS is being blocked from action through corrupt judges... There is no accountability on anyone's part for keeping these children safe.. The entire system is broken and children are living in abuse!!!!!
The right to raise a child/children is a God given right with it also being a fundamental right to parent without undue state interference, it shouldn't hurt to be a child (((PERIOD))) Parental alienation is child abuse, the worst kind of emotional abuse is one that rips familys apart without marrit
This is systemic in nature and it is long over due for audits,
from the petition letter: " I am not calling for an abolishment of CPS. What I am petitioning for is an overhaul and restructure to bring them in line with lawful investigation practices, to maintain Constitutional Rights and proper training for Agents who never had children, and psychological evaluations to find and replace the Agents who were themselves abused as Children and see abuse in every home regardless of the situation. This is not, I repeat, not a rare occurrence. I will supply statistics to support this and how this has escalated. I will also supply the sources. " Respectfully,

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