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I have been fighting with dss to get my kids back. Case has been open since September. Kids were taken in October , they are with family. The safety order ended Jan. 9 and they say that doesn't count. I thought they had no more than 90 days to prove there case or drop it. Now they have my kids on meds. to calm them down that I don't approve of. I have had 2 different case workers and they are giving us the run around. Trying to get money up for a lawyer but im low income and can afford one. I have tried the free lawyer system in sc but the ay until kids are taken for good they cant help me. I don't know where to turn and I am due anytime now and they are trying to take this one to. They say I neglected and abused my kids but yet they have no proof. How can they do this. My kids don't even know what to say to me since they have been coaching them my 6 year old just says I love you mama and that's it he is scard to talk. My 4 year old they keep telling him his daddy is dead and the my soon to be husband isn't his daddy. Why would you tell a 4 year old something like that. Not sure where to turn. Need help. I have called dss in Columbia and they keep telling me I have to talk to the workers in my county I try to get somewhere but am getting now where. HELP!!!!!
When my daughter was two months old I took her to the hospital she was born at because her pediatrician told me "never be afraid to take her to the ER if we can't see her in our office" From birth my daughter had a swollen lymph node on the side of her naturally lumpy head, and it appeared to me that she might have one on the other side, her primary clinic had no appointments available for that day. Upon taking her into the ER she was examined by 2 nursed and 1 Doctor, given an MRI and the diagnosis was that she was fine. The medical social worker for the hospital came in and advised me that because of the age of my daughter she is mandated to call Child Protective Services to "interview" me. This was a Friday that I spent all morning and afternoon with my child at the hospital. The CPS worker arrived at the hospital around 5:00 p.m. and asked a few questions about my daughter and why I'd come to the ER. I answered honestly, and that took all of 5 minutes. For the remainder of 110 minutes I was then questioned about my own childhood (I was in their CPS system) referencing my Mother and Grandmother by name, and probing me about my adolescent depression. She even went so far as to point her pen at scars on my arms that are well over 15 years old and ask "How old are these?" I cooperated fully. The CPS worker then said she needed to take a picture of "the bruise" on my daughters head. There was no bruise, even the Doctor that previously examined her came in to try and find this mysterious "bruise" but the worker insisted and a picture of my daughters head was taken, The social worker spoke to her Supervisor and based on completely false, 100% erroneous information, a warrant was issued hastily by a judge that was already on his way out for his weekend. That social worker was apparently done with her shift and left once I was told that they were going to remove my child. Just like any mother, I am very attached to my child. She had never had so much as a diaper rash. Because of being raised in a highly disfunctional home rampant with all things negative, I may have been overly careful which was the whole reason for the visit to the ER in the first place, but I thought better safe than sorry. The on-call social worker reviewed the information he was given and spoke with me about the events of the day at the hospital. He examined my child, and had another Doctor (that's 3 Doctors total) examine her again, confirming yet again that there was no cause for the warrant. The worker told me that he'd been in this line of work for many years and he was going to try to reverse the warrant. Unfortunately, after 6:00 p.m. on a Friday there was nothing that could be done. That social worker sat there and cried with me saying that in all his years, he'd had some questiontionable removals, but this was the first time he did not want to take the child from it's home. I was forced to hand my child over to someone I didn't know for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I
Make CPS worker And her Supervisor held accountable for Knowingly providing FALSE documents without Proof to the court.
Also Make them personally Accountable especially if the Father juat wants to Be A Good daddy and wasn't ALLOWED that from the people CPS is getting the lies from.
The list of 13 items that are NOT currently being done, needs to be implemented right away! IF they were there would be MORE success in stopping true abuse. ANYONE...you, me, your neighbor that does not like you, a teacher that you don't agree with, a family member that does not like parenting style, etc...can make an allegation against you and there you go, you have a record with DSS/CPS that will be there forever! Further more, if you are not familiar with your constitutional rights, you better get familiar with them because these agencies are abusing these rights and taking them from families every day! Please sign so the "powers that be" know we know what are rights are, know what is being done currently and that we are DEMANDING change!
CPS has done nothing but LIE to my son and his wife. My granddaughter is a healthy happy 3 & 1/2 month old. I guess she is a very desired child for them to adopt out. This baby has never even had a diaper rash. My son and his wife are 18 but they are exceptional parents and are very protective. So far they haven't been able to live in the same home since Dec 30, 2014. The 1st court date (motion hearing for temporary custody) they had 1 day's notice. It was pure luck they got a hold of their attorney and he was able to be there. Now Friday (1/17/15) the slime ball case worker drops papers of at my son's work no less stating they have to take their baby for more xrays and blood work before Tuesday! Besides the fact she has already had 7 xrays and 1 ct scan already conveniently Monday is Martin Luther King Day. I guess he was thinking he'd slip that in before they could contact attorney. She won't be getting those xrays unless they have a court order. This is all crazy. If the othet xrays were enough of a reason to place her in another home why aren't they good enough for Kosair's to look at? Xrays (& ct scan) will be taken at same hospital as before. I never thought this could happen in my family but it did and it's ripping our hearts out. Please pray our baby gets back home with her parents where she belongs!
I have never seen a gov't agency make up the LAW as they go along. As a vet, I am sorry I fought to defend this part of my country.
CPS is a disgusting group of human beings. The only thing they are protecting is their wallets. Let parents be parents.
My granddaughter was put in foster care 2mths ago she was only a few weeks old.Dhr never ask me which is grandma or any other family members if we would take the baby.Yes we would have my daughter field a petition 2mths ago but still nothing she is going on 4 mths old she needs to be with her family. please help.Dhr has not gone by any rules they just treat us like we are animals it is time we speak out.
parents are the victims in alot of the cases not all but alot of them
This system does not work...needs to be abolished....
This article is so totally correct. However, as Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer said before she was murdered......"THE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED!"
CPS needs to be put back in its place. They lie, violate people's Constitutional rights. They don't even follow their own department policies and procedures. You need to get a lawyer, also you need to make sure you know your Constitutional rights. Do not let them in the house, do not let them interview your kids at school. Ask to see a warrant.
CPS needs reform and accountability! NO MORE LIES!
See our story at: www.legalcrimesaz.com
CPS needs reform and accountability! NOW!
Fighting the loss of our rights due to lies
Lost my rides to plain bs lies to my one and only child because i am on ssi
The state of Texas railroaded me and my wife! There is nothing we can do! If God doesn't step in, I don't no what to say! We have had many sleepless nights! It's unexplainable! I mean what can we do? We're fighting the devil! That's who they are! Our children was never harm! CPs testified to that in court themselves! We work that plan that they gave us! Completed everything they ask of us! They took us to trial anyways. What was the purpose of the plan? They stole our children! But pharaoh! One day! You will let them Go! In the name of Jesus!
The state of Texas railroaded me and my wife! There is nothing we can do! If God doesn't step in, I don't no what to say! We have had many sleepless nights! It's unexplainable! I mean what can we do? We're fighting the devil! That's who they are! Our children was never harm! CPs testified to that in court themselves! We work that plan that they gave us! Completed everything they ask of us! They took us to trial anyways. What was the purpose of the plan? They stole our children! But pharaoh! One day! You will let them Go! In the name of Jesus!
The state of Texas railroaded me and my wife! There is nothing we can do! If God doesn't step in, I don't no what to say! We have had many sleepless nights! It's unexplainable! I mean what can we do? We're fighting the devil! That's who they are! Our children was never harm! CPs testified to that in court themselves! We work that plan that they gave us! Completed everything they ask of us! They took us to trial anyways. What was the purpose of the plan? They stole our children! But pharaoh! One day! You will let them Go! In the name of Jesus!
Grand parents should always be the first to get their grand babies over a foster care without the system trying to interfear and cause problems cause they're wanting money to adopt them out.
My grand daughter has been sold by the CPS and CASA workers who get donations from a very rich family...One of the brothers is under federal investigation for off shore internet money scam selling porn internationally and misrepresenting his wealth to investors in the movie he made about himself...I cant make this up...look up "Middlemen" onGoogle and Christopher Mallick, then corporate wiki his name with Stephen Mallick his brother, who is the employer of the "Christian" woman who assumes my family is nothing but "white trash". Their father of the Jim Wright scandal fame is George A Mallick Jr. who built Mallick tower in Fort Worth Texas that currently houses the C.A.S.A. head quarters for Tarrant County,TX. the local Episcopal church donates to the DA's favorite charity.(AKA the well known Bass family attends said "church". Hypocrasy at its fines moment, nothng here but lies lies and more lies. /the instigator of all of this is a delegate ot the Episcopal church who raised the mother of this child. The mother of the child was kept on psychotropic drugs and Adderall all of the her life since she was six years old when her own mother died. Look up former CPS worker in Texas Carlo Morales onYouTube...he knows the story of CPS inTexas..its all true and we need to unite now!!!
I called cps because my son's father was playing with him self in front of my son and they said it was probably unintentional.
Wisconsin your going down hard !
Legal medical kidnapping is what happened to our family! Claimed my daughter was homeless, she's not and never has been homeless, claimed she appeared frustrated towards her child, she was never ever frustrated towards her baby. I have faith, God is bigger than this!
everyone of these unjust people should be held accountable and pay 100 fold for all the damages committed to the children and their families.
Stop CPS over power and abuse, all cases should be investigated before automatic child removal. Train case workers properly to respect citizens constitutional rights and stop violating parents and children's rights.
Colorado CPS stole my babies and pretty much sold them to the highest bidder.
From what I've experienced, most Cps workers either don't have children themselves or are gay. Not good. all their "experience comes from a book"
We showed pictures of many unacceptable marks on our daughter she recieved from her mothers home,..the one that i reported was a 2nd degree burn mark which the ER called "suspicious"....and our CPS said they would have to have their own doctors look at it because our 5 yr old daughter said she got it from falling in the bath tub,..how do you get a burn from a fall in a shower? In the shape of a perfect qaurter sized circle?...

Why does CPS have the right to say the ER doctors were wrong?...

Its a majorly failed system...
Cps needs to stop taking kids and tearing families apart.
CPS/DHS falsifies affidavits and takes children off lies. They even spread terror to families before court even happens. This needs to STOP NOW!! Return these children home. I want my boys back where they belong and that's with me at home!!
CPS files false police reports with the courts that they make up out of thin air...
Thats so true they removed my daughter after still finding out who abused her
My grandson was illegally taken by CPS here in Poteau, Ok (Leflore Cty) My dtr got raided on Nov.10th & a Case worker called me to come to her home because my 6mon old grandson was there, so I drive over there to be told I cant have my grandson he was being put in state custody!! I demanded that she give me my grandson because there was no reason for him to be put in state custody when I was capable of taking care of him & had other family members I could call in if she didnt want to give him to me but, she refused & sent him an hour away to a different county & we had no idea where he was at for 5 days !!! I hope if any of yah have kids just think abt someone kidnapping them & the not knowing where they were!!! So for a week I called,begged,pleaded with them that I would do anything just bring him back!!! That was 2months ago, we have been to court twice my dtr has not been charged with anything yet but, even if she was, there is still no reason for them t keep him from me and they are doing exactly that!!! I have not been charged with anything & I have no past record, they done a backgound check on me!! So what is going on with a system that takes babies from parents & instead of placing them with family they send them to strangers? The system is in a total mess & needs a major over haul. The case workers havent a clue to how to handle situations 3months training session makes them God, to play these games with our kids & the states get more money the longer they are in system plus a big bonus if they are able to get them adopted out!!!! What is wrong with this country? Then you people sit up there and wonder why these kids are growing up & going on killing sprees!!!! WAKE UP CONGRESS, KIDS NEED THEIR BIOLOGICAL FAMILIES TO RAISE THEM WHEN THEY HAVE THAT OPTIONS!!! A BIG PERCENT OF FOSTER HOMES ABUSE OUR KIDS & GET BY WITH IT!!!!! GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES & FIX THIS MESSED UP SYSTEM!!!!!!
Making fake police reports and hiding real police reports CPS does that to take kids away...I know!
Summary Under the Adoption Incentives program (Section 473A of the Social Security Act) states earn federal bonuses when they increase adoptions of children who are in need of new permanent families. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have earned a part of the $375 million in Adoption Incentive funds that have been awarded since the program was established as part of the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (ASFA, P.L. 105-89). Funding authorized for this program has been extended twice since it was established, most recently in 2008 (P.L. 110351), but is currently set to expire on September 30, 2013. Congress may act to revise and/or extend this program in the 113th Congress. Congress has long shown interest in improving the chances of adoption for children who cannot return to their parents and who might otherwise spend their childhoods in temporary foster homes before “aging out” of foster care. Since ASFA’s enactment in 1997, the annual number of children leaving foster care for adoption has risen from roughly 30,000 to more than 50,000 and the average length of time it took states to complete the adoption of a child from foster care declined by close to one year (from about four years to less than three). Over the same time period, and in significant measure due to the greater number of children leaving foster care for adoption and at a faster pace, the overall number of children who remain in foster care declined by 29%—from a peak of 567,000 in FY1999 to 401,000 in FY2011. Despite these successes, however, the number of children “waiting for adoption” (104,000 on the last day of FY2011) remains more than double the number of children who are adopted during a given year. Adoptions of older children remain far less common than adoptions of younger children, and some 26,000 youth aged out of foster care in FY2011, compared to just 19,000 in FY1999. Under the current Adoption Incentive bonus structure, states earn $4,000 for each adoption of a foster child that is above the number of foster child adoptions finalized by the state in FY2007 and $8,000 for each adoption of an older child (9 years or older) above the number of older child adoptions it finalized in FY2007. If a state has earned an award in either of those categories—or if it improves its adoption rate—it earns $4,000 for each adoption of a special needs child (under age 9) that is above the number of such adoptions it finalized in FY2007. For improving its rate of adoption (above the rate it achieved in FY2002 or a later year with a higher rate), a state is eligible for additional incentive funds of $1,000 multiplied by the increased number of adoptions that are calculated to have resulted from the improved adoption rate. However, increases in incentive amounts states earn due to improved adoption rates are only paid to those states if sufficient program appropriations are available after all awards for increases in the number of adoptions have been made. I
I am one of the innocent parents. CPS has violated many laws, misrepresented the facts, and added false accusations in order to collect their federal funds.
wva-cps is a joke its political if you don,t grease them they look the other way and make you out to be the bad one
prosecute these bastards under color of law civil 18 chapter 13 subsection 241 242 243 244
our constitutional rights are being violated by the police state and many of our children are winding up murdered at the hands of CPS Wake Up America

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