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CPS did NOTHING to protect my child. They also thought that her father who denied her mental health , who cancelled appointments over and over again for years was a good parent. All the while knowing that she needed to speak with someone because she was suicidal.
For the sake of children and good decent families, CPS desperately needs an overhaul and restructure ASAP. In my case, CPS nor the Court protected my son for sexual abuse by his own father. I was forced to flee the USA in order to protect my son from sex abuse and to protect our lives from my son's father after CPS, the police, the DA, and the Court refused to help us. They saw the evidence that my son's father offered money to men to kill me, mailed a Death Threat to me, and sexually abused my son. The father had strong political connections with the judges and the District Attorney. Please view my You Tube video, 'MOTHER AND SON EXILED FROM THE USA, DOES ANYONE CARE?'. No one should not have to flee the USA to seek protection.

I tried to get my son protected legally by the system for 5 years before I fled the U.S.A. I eventually got my son protected legally in Puerto Rico. Twice, when evil corrupt Judge John Tylwalk, Lebanon County Judge, spend the taxpayers money to fly people to Puerto Rico with Court Orders to take my son back, the Superior Court placed a Court Restraining Order on them prohibiting them from taking my son. They saw the evidence that CPS and the Court knew my son was abused and didn't help him. OVERHAUL AND RESTRUCTURE CPS NOW before they destroy more people's lives, especially the lives of children.

Pamela Kilmer, exiledfromusa@yahoo.com
This is sad for the legisaltors laws and the lack of care for whom they are to be working for has led to this result.
Please stop the profit of every state, paying their counties workers cash incentive bonuses to kidnapped children from good families for human trafficking to enslave in the state foster care system allowing the state to profit from federal funding used to help the state to balance their budget by letting innocent children get abused, raped, auction off to pedophiles, sold into sex slavery rings, used as live lab rats for Pharma drug experiments allowing the state to profit even more federal funding from damaging normal healthy children who now become special needs, and from harvesting organs to sell on the black market, destroying our children’s life and their families life forever. All in the name of state profit. Both children and their families are denied equal protection of due process and are denied basic constitutional rights. If a parent is guilty of abuse or neglect it should be treated as a criminal offense and be brought into a criminal court, where both parents and children have the right of a public jury trial instead of secret courts with secret hearing where no evidence is needed to steal children from their home and everyone including the judge profits for allowing innocent families to be destroyed, and children life’s are now enslaved into a very abusive system, whose only best interest is in how many children can be forced into foster care for state profit and the best interest of the children are not given any type of value but are treated as a product for sale for anyone to use for their own sick and perverted desires.
Social cps workers are doing more harm than good.
Yea who is without sin cast the first STONE.
they have to be stoped these r our children not cps s
ive been robbed of my sons life for over a 1yr & a 1/2 now.... im still batteling in court over my parental rights 2 be stripped from me, because of neglect in which never happened n my home. ive been found reason to believe with no proponderance of evidance... and up untill now nobody has even listened to me.. ive got sum hope now from my jpd's office n maybe a ray of hope left now, b4 i lose my son 4ever.... as a innocent mother of my only son, he is 3yrs old.....and robbed sumtimes just aint the rite word....
ive been robbed of my sons life for over a 1yr & a 1/2 now.... im still batteling in court over my parental rights 2 be stripped from me, because of neglect in which never happened n my home. ive been found reason to believe with no proponderance of evidance... and up untill now nobody has even listened to me.. ive got sum hope now from my jpd's office n maybe a ray of hope left now.....
We had our children taken away for a year on nothing but lies and cps breaking the law. We got our kids back because we proved to them that we were doing right. Now cps is back in our lives taking my daughters premi son from her. They have no grounds at all besides a doctor being ****ed off because my daughter wouldn't take her mouthing off to her. My daughter is 18 so this doctor immediately started harassing her. Now they came in with a court order to remove him from our home, adding our past cps as grounds even though we were cleared. It has been over a year and now they are harassing us again. How can we stop this******from happening? I know families who deserve to have their kids removed but they never get bothered. I need to find an attorney in the Spokane, WA area that will help us.
Something is desperately needed in helping to preserve our families from these kidnappers. I am a grandmother who had an allegation made against me by my daughters ex-boyfriend stating that I smoked pot with him when he dated my daughter. My grandchildren were taken from my care because I exercised my civil rights to rejecting to a drug test to be taken by CPS. I do not do drugs. I have been fighting this ex-boyfriend in circuit court for the last 3 1/2 years due to domestic violence. He gave no proof to the Social Worker, yet I had tons of threatening text messages and facebook messages and the Judge would never let me speak. My rights were violated and there needs to be laws in place for CPS to follow as well as the lower courts. We are not a heard of cattle and should not be treated as such. Loving families are being destroyed and most individuals cannot afford to fight this kind of fight alone. My entire family was destroyed over this.
Our goverment needs to stop giving the funds to the states and let the states support the cps system, due to all the funding, it has been a witch hunt. stop making this a business, for Polinsky or giveing kick backs to hospitals like Rady's Children Hospital. Don't misunderstand me, they do good things, but be very very careful when you take your child there, so many children have been taken away from parents at Rady's Children Hospital, then they go to private own Polinsky recieving home from there Rady's Children Hospital get all involved in the counseling for the children/child and make more money. The system sure doesn't help congresswomen Karen Bass to get her funding for the real abused kids because the system abuses the power the goverment gave to them so there for they are exempt from any wrong doing or anyone to sue them or the states.....thats very sad!!! just look up the history of how cps started with funding, Walter Mondale and then more and more cases were open for states to get more funding and the funding is called General Funds but we tax payers do not know where all the money to General Funds go, what about all our Congress, why don't they cut back on their pay? they make salary but what about the million a year to run the office, that doesn't include all the codel trips and mileage for that family vacation. God Bless the American people for paying out dearly in tax's. CPS HAS TO STOP GETTING FUNDED TO TAKE OUR KIDS AWAY, then the state gets double pay because the parents have to pay for any placement or treatment done, so where does that money go back too our goverment?
In Texas, it appears that even family members aren't considered care givers even when their is no just reason.
In short I am dealing with cpos on completely false information.
My three children were taken Aug. 31 2012. They were not abused nor neglected. CPS took my ex’s mothers word as the Holy Gospel. She lived next door and was calling them every other day. My husband and I got in trouble for growing Marijuana, and that is not the reason they gave us for taking the children, they said it was due to my mental illness. Which they sent me to be evaluated, and it was found that I could have what my ex’s mom claimed (BPD) but that I did not present as a person with this disorder and only time would tell. I took all the classes they wanted my husband and I too, completed treatment, and engaged in services. Then they decided to place my girls with their dad who is Bi-Polar, and his mom. He is not mentally stable enough to have them on his own. Now we are getting my three step kids back, and then my son. And we have to fight for my daughters in family court. GRRRR! My ex and his mom never even wanted to see the girls, or be involved in their lives. Their mission is to make me pay for leaving and having a life. Our case worker wants me to be reevaluated, because he does not think that I am BPD, in fact he thinks that it was wrong that the girls were placed with their grandma and dad, but there is nothing that he can do.
My child and I both were a victim of the atrocities of CPS.
CPS does not protect children. They are kidnappers and the law and judges let them do it. If someone told me or I thought that one of my grandchildren were being neglicted and I went into my childs home and took that grandchild and not let them have him or her back, I would be prosicuted for kidnapping. CPS should have to prove the neglict or abuse before removing any child from their parent. In any CPS case you are guilty and never proven innocent. They destroy families, not just the parents but the whole family. CPS should not exist. If the laws were the same when I was a child, my parents and grandparents would be under the jail. I had respect for my elders and I knew by just the look on their face or the tone of their voice, i had better straighten up.
Family members family divided by cps in Shelbyville KY because of false and exagerated statement.
False statement a family member made on me and boyfriend ripped our family apart. She wanted to rescind her statement and court wouldnt allow.
We have not seen our 13 year old daughter since; December 14, 2011. We are not guilty of abuse or neglect of our daughter.
CPS Attorney that steals your child, to adopt them out. los Angeles Attorney Rebeccah Marie Siporen
I had a nephew who was illegally adopted by his foster parents. My social workers gave my nephew in sister to some one who knew. My brother is decease i did everything by law to comply to Mississippi Department of Human Service in my State. My case was even turn over to the attorney general office in my state also. There is corruption in my state. My family have been torn it's all about money. CPS corruption must stop. This agency is under a class action lawsuit they want undo what has been done. I did'nt get due process. I my family pray every day that we will receive justice. There are teams of people in different agency who coverup. But i hae all my legal documents in they don't. It's just greed the love of money these people are destroying families & children. I will not stop until my story is told in justice is done. Families are very important my family love y nephew was adopted illegally in court 2009.
To everyone in the world that has came across the Dhhr Cps Workers run far with your child or children because they are like a snake.They will act like they are to help you or your child or children then they will slowly get thier bull crap to drawl you in like thier prey then they will come up with so much bull******so they can find something wrong in your life to gain guardianship over your child or children so they can get a better fat pay check if your children is placed into foster care then adopted out and they make it look like everyone is crazy,not nice,dum,retarted,drugies,abuser, to thier child or children then they will brain wash your child or children minds so they will say bad stuff about thier family hurting them in some way.This is my story how the Dhhr Cps Worker screwed my wife and my life and our child birth Mother life to and all of our whole family forever they think they are winning and I beg to differ that my Lord Jesus Christ is the person that will send all of or children home to thier family and there is nothing that the nasty Dhhr Cps Workers or Judges or Public Affenders or prosecutor attorneys or nosie family or nosie neighbors can do because I have faith in him that everything is possible through him not the Devel or his Demon Cps Workers that claim they have the best intrest for our child or children that makes me want to laugh and sick at the same time.Back in December of 2005 I brought my lady up her to West Virginia for christmas to see her family that she has not seen in along time and while we was visiting up her I was think about starting a knew begining up her and then one of my lady's family was painting a wonderful picture of West Virginia that mad me jump for it but my lady was not happy to live up here and she wanted to go back where we came from and my child said that she was going with her Mommy then finialy my lady said she would give this State a chance for our child to get a better life and a good Education so we stayed. In Feburay 2006 we moved into our own home then we tryed to get our child some help on a couple of diffrent time on our own then a family member said to talk to Dhhr Worker if we needed to because they will help you so we took her to the Er then they told us to take her to special place so she will get the right help and while she was there she told someone that her dad hurt her Mommy so they reported it to the Dhhr Cps Worker that was in our county and the next day we had a family meeting about somethings then the next day she was release back to her Daddy and it took the Dhhr Cps Worker around 3 weeks to come out to our home by her self to question our child by her self and Question my Wife by her self and she had know one with her while she question our child or my wife by her self and I beleave that is where our knightmare of hell began. That Cps Worker had my lady to bring her self and our child to a place in wheeling to check our child out then the place refeard her to a pla
All I know is my hubby and I did our programs and still lost our son
Please stop these legal kidnappers
stop these kidnappers
cps has to be stopped
Even though it is tragic that there are children actually abused every day, it is just as tragic that there are children and loving parents abused by the government as well.
CPS took my husbands sisters children and 1 was killed in custody, 1 was molested in custody and i ended up with the living children without the help of the department. They put an RTB on my record due to being poissed off and it has been hell to remove any suggestions.
please help heres my story

CPS is unlawful and so are some doctors. A doctor in San Angelo, Tx has abused her power by lying in medical records, misdiagnosing the mother, and had CPS take away a youth relative of mine. We are trying to get her back.
WE the People ARE the only chance that exists with the Civil, Constutional and Unalienable authority and right to TAKE BACK the powers and absue that these ?goverment? {for, by and OF the People} ahnecies have merely "assumed" and were/ARE never intended to have!

Do away with these agencies EVEN IF we must do away with the politicians who support them!
Family First even if they live in another state... So called play Therapist and In home visit supervisors and all other people cps workers hired for their benefit in tearing family's apart..bias is against the law..CPS hiring a Ring of people to place around family's is unconstitutional and our family's have no chance..Our Children Are Not For Sell and Our Justice Should Not Be for Sell.
cps needs to work for whats best for the family not just what they feel is going on they are truely determined to get a call and ruin a family instantly
CPS has invaded my grandchildren's home without probable cause. Lies from a niece who was given a home when she had no where to go.
CPS needs to be abolished.. They do more harm to children and families than they ever do good.. The children that the system was originally set up to protect are left to die while loved children are taken from their families.. They system is very broken!
We just had our rights violated yesterday. They came in, got right into our home and immediately privately questioned our 5 year old. No warrants, just overt threats and got my 5 year old to admit to being spanked. Our neighbor reported us to get back at us for reporting them to DTE energy for not contacting MissDig before digging near the gas lines.
the children we choose to have is not born for goverment to buy and sell. our children are not for sell. how can people have no heart ESPECIALLY when some of the social workers are parents themselves. We need to stand together and fight so we can have back what god gave to us. The truth always comes to light and as long as we stay strong no matter how it is or how sick from stress we are, KEEP FAITH IN GOD OUR PROTECTOR AND FATHER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS> we will get justice as we stay strong and believe we are somebody and DO have RIGHTS> GOD BLESS AND NOW THIS TO SHALL PASS!
Dfs is corrupt and unjust, training they're agents to seek control and self worth by targeting young low income families to seize children from in order to guarantee salary for the department which is funded by removed children as the provision. Our children are their government paychecks and it needs to be reevaluated that funding for the department is incentive for wrongful seizure of each family's most precious assets. No more pay for duplicity!
cps needs to stop bending the truth to suit their needs. they use their power to rip children from their home with no just cause/ they go after people without the means to fight them. the average cost to get your own children home is 20 to 40 thousand. I speak from experience. the only means to fight them is the truth and many prayers.
the government is screwed my story is exactly similar to debbie shelbyville with an drunken lady called cps and make a report that im doing drugs and cps showed up with 3 cops and forced themselfs in my home. i cant believe this, when is this going to stop. i am still battling this out in the court system and my daughter is still in foster home and i havent seen her in 8 months
This just happened to us. I never thought I should look up oh if dss or cps comes to my door what do I do. Well this happened to my daughter. I was at her place. They had 3 cops with them . I didn't know not to let them in. There was 3 cops .. Who do you call another cop. I never seen any papers .. I have been approved to keep him but they won't give him to me. This is all because of a vindictive old drunken old woman my daughters dad left. She doesn't care about the baby she is just getting back at him. Dss is stretching things out. This is a outrage in this country. We have no rights. Her caseworker. Is a young lazy black girl who is just pain dumb. Her pants don't even cover the crack of her butt. While having visitation. with my grand son. Who was taken at 4 days old she sits behind a 2-way mirror and texts on her phone and I am sure makes stuff up on the visit. I am applaud our government lets this go on so children who do need help don't get it. . My kids do not to drugs. We are educated people and have jobs. This is totally disgusting.
In this country we are guilty till we prove our self innocent.
My daughter conspired with her friend whose mom (unknownst to me) was a foster parent only needing her long enough to claim her on her taxes. She was communicating with a counselor @ her HS & made up false allegations against my friend. She is now too old to be adopted. So! It didn't matter what age she was & if her allegations were true/false; as long as they can keep that dirty money flowing...

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