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CPs is a child profiting organization that steels our child they do whatever they want say whatever they want and can take our children whenever they want we need to fight back this is not right there making money with our children !!! We need to fight back I for one am tired of this injustice if we don't do nothing it will never stop families are going to keep getting torn apart .... Stand up for what is right stand up for you children !!!! It needs to end now !!!!!!!!!
After meeting my wife shortly after her daughter was taken by CPS, I can tell you for a fact she was not a drug user as CPS claimed, not an alcoholic as CPS claimed, and not an abuser as CPS claimed. Yet they took her daughter and refused to let her return home. My wife's only crime? She suffered from depression and anxiety. Now her daughter is forced to live with someone that mentally abuses her, lives in filth, has her medicated to maintain compliance, and nothing is done. This needs to be put to an end. CPS can not continue to operate above the law. This is kidnapping plain and simple, if anyone else were to do what they do, we would be in prison for the rest of our lives. It's time to put the right ones in jail.
Each potential CPS agent and foster parent should undergo sex offender assessments.
Increasing a child's chances of being raped, sodomized or murdered by 600% is NOT looking after a child's welfare.
I contacted CPS over a matter with my son and the situation he is in at his fathers and no one ever called me back, called my sister as they said they were going to , called my boyfriends sister who lives on same road as my son and knows what is going on..... Nothing and I mean nothing was ever done but yet court system took my children from me with NO proof of anything only hearsay of people who were mad and are still mad at me!?!!! This whole system is corrupt! All because of who my mother is married to and who they know and that they have money....
Body cameras need to be included under the provisions of 'law enforcement' for 'child crimes'
I understand that there are some people that truly abuse their children, I have seen it first hand while involved with foster parents. I also know that there are too many cases where children are taken away from perfectly good homes for bogus reasons and kept away from their real parents because cps wants to make more money. My daughter has changed her life and has done everything cps has asked of her but they still will not give her daughter back even though that was the stipulation in the original case. Instead they choose to leave my granddaughter in deplorable conditions with her aunt. The house is full of trash and filth along with having many cats that infest the home with fleas. My granddaughter is also now being kept isolated by her aunt because there are many witnesses that see what is happening. The child is only 10 years old and is having all kinds of people with cps and those that choose to work with them telling her that she is mentally unstable and being given drugs to keep her compliant. We beg you to please help her and all that are suffering because of this neglect by cps. Thank you.
My baby girl was taken from me when she was only 3 years old. She is now 10, and my legal bills are drowning us. We keep fighting because where she is, she is being abused, she is being forced to live in filth, constantly told we don't love her or care about her. CPS took her under their own false accusations, and have seen the massive problems she currently has to deal with. We passes a home study, and have done everything we can to fix this and get her home safe. CPS also has it documented she was possibly sexually molested, and that her caretaker WAITED over a week to report anything! She has been forced to move because her caretaker keeps getting evicted, utilities shut.off for weeks at a time, os secluded from us and other family. This HAS TO END!!! please let my baby come home, she has begged for me to come get her....she wants to be home!
can't stand CPS here in our counties. They seem to be above all laws and are only out for the money. Rip children from good homes and could care less. Its all about the money.
I really hope that something is done SOON in regards to these power/money hungry "cps" workers, they are out of control in Otsego/Broome county (area in which I reside) I have 4 sons which i have been raising with no issues sense their births! I had an accident in my kitchen a few months ago and I was injured, when I got out of the Hosiptal a few days later I came home to a pile of neglect/abuse petitions filed by the local DSS/cps departments because they believed I didn't follow the proper protocol after the accident. I instead contacted the children's grandparents both of which live within 5 miles of our home and are both doctors! The local Cps/DSS have put me through hell in the following months, requiring my wife and I to undergo mental evaluations and drug screening, which we both passed with flying colors! But even after we passed all of their "tests" they still want me to have "supervision" when caring for my kids and also requested that I see a doctor of THEIR CHOOSING to undergo another evaluation! The request was denied by the court thank god, but they are still attempting to control our lives. I recently got a call from the education department of cps/dss saying they wanted to evaluate my 10 month old who is on their list of kids to kidnap! He is not even a year old but is walking almost talking and very happy & outgoing! But they are concerned he may have a learning disability!!! Someone please do something about this corrupt unchecked group of "above the law" case workers & department officials! It's uncalled for and unwanted, they should go help some children that are in real danger and get some evaluations for themselves!
i was wondering if anybody knows of a private investigator or a group or website that can help me locate the foster home that cps put my son in illegally?
They think they are above the law and so far I guess they are!!!!!!!!!!!
It should be the priority of the Department of Children Services to work with families and keep them together instead of tearing them apart. Abused children need help, yes...too many families are being torn apart and endure devastating emotional and financial hardships due to the ineffectiveness of a broken system.
I had never given the cps much thought & figured most were just doing their job. That is until my family was blindsided. The people my family are dealing with think they are above the law and can lie, treat parents with no respect and are so arrogant because they know there are NO consequences for their actions! This guy actually told us that family court is no big deal it just "little people" court. He even told me over the phone (too lazy to bring his butt to my home for a real face to face!) that my 2 month old granddaughter wouldn't be affected by any of this cause babies don't notice things like being placed in another home that's not their own! Plus he understands cause he has a dog! What a low life!!! I've learned not to be so quick to judge people in the system cause you and your children might be next!!!
I am a single mother of 3 girls, 13, 8, and 3. They were removed in April 2013 and put in relative placement with my mother and sister because I was in jail for 26 days. I was in an abusive relationship and my ex's son got hurt while in my care so I was convicted of neglect. My girls were declared a CHINS case because they questioned their safety and the discipline used in my home. I have given complete cooperation and completed all services and classes asked of me. Every assessment they wanted I have taken. I've never failed a drug test, missed a class, or missed court. I've never cursed at anyone or lost my temper. However, I'm not perfect. I have missed maybe a handful of therapy and case management appointments in the last year and a half. I work nights by my choice so I can be available for anything they need during the day.

I work 40+ hours a week at a job I've had well over a year. I receive no government assistance. No food stamps, no medical, no child support, no childcare help, nothing. I receive full benefits through work including $300,000 in accident and life insurance. I'm already more than 20% vested in my 401K. I'm building a future for my girls the best I can. I have a home I'm buying. I have 2 vehicles, one is paid for. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I'm not in any unhealthy relationships. My mother and sister receive more than $2000 a month in Foster care money for my babies. I can't even get help buying a gallon of milk but they constantly harass me about my budget and how it's not enough.

Now they have filed to terminate my parental rights. My mother and the CASA on my case even work at the same place but she still has not been removed due to conflict of interest. Instead of following the state laws, rules, and guidelines for reunification they seem to have a more personal agenda for my case. For example, at a meeting it was suggested by CASA that I start going to church with my mother to help build our relationship. I expressed that I was not comfortable with that since I am not a religious person. CASA then stated "what if it would help you get your girls back faster?". I don't believe that my religions orientation or lack there of should hold any president over whether I can be a good mom or not. My mother has tried to force Christianity on me my entire life. I'm tired of seeing DCS bully people like this. My mother has bullied me my entire life and now she has legal help to do it. My DCS case worker and CASA have become too personal with my relatives. They believe any and everything they tell them and then don't even want to hear my side.

If anyone asks my girls they will tell you that they just want to come home and that my mother is mean to them. My youngest is the only one with my sister and every day when I pick her up she asks me "do I get to stay with you today mommy?". I tear up as I have tell her I'm sorry baby but not today. She puts her head on my shoulder and cries. She will tell me she's not going
Cps has become nothing more than kidnapping for money. They refuse do proper investigation break ever rule,violate ever right n seems nothing can be done. I thought USA we had rights n procedures but truth is we r jyst steps away from marshal law. Its time people stood up,learn rights n fight back. Its truelly sad day be american anymore
I am now in a fierce battle against the agency. I have two lawyers and that has kept me in the ballpark this far. My jilted wife made a false police report which started the whole episode, then later recanted and pled guilty to lying to police and is now on 2 years parole. Yet CYI continued to keep my child from me and is now even pursuig a TPR!!! Its the judges that make this insanity possible, not the agency. In my case I believe its their fear of a lawsuit that propels my case. the facts would amaze you if you knew whats going on here in Monroe county Pa
Voltaire's Quote "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

It is time to stop the injustices and face this head on. Late former Senator Nancy Schaefer and many others have given their lives to bring about Truth. We will stand united to demand reform, never giving up on all children.
In Arizona at 13 a child can say I don't want to go home and I don't want family counselling and then your rights are taken away. At the time CPS was in the right to take them I was in DEEP depresion and not taking care of my house or myself its very sad But its a fact :(
The insanity needs to stop now!
Imperative reform!

Love Freedom. Love rights. Love family. Hate lies.
Please go to AMiracleForTwoSisters.org ...a GREAT site to visit for resources for reform. Thanks!
They took my grandchildren 2yrs ago. They have discriminate against me ever sense. I have done nothing wrong but love my grandchildren
They took my grandchildren 2yrs ago. They have discriminate against me ever sense. I have done nothing wrong but love my grandchildren
In cases of accused child sexual abuse trained law enforcement need to interview children and all involved NOT CSB. they are NOT criminal investigators nor do they behave like they are...help is desperately needed to protect the world from these false child protection agencies.
DHS/CPS etc. These agencies are given way too much power and Now their kidnapping America's children, putting them in unfit and dangerous environments. The children that do make it out of state custody alive are forever damaged, turning to self medicating with drugs and alcohol and more times than not, a life of crime. Give back America's children and investigate these agencies
I am a grandmother that has been fighting DCFS for over a yr now to get my 3 grandbabies they refuse to give me my grandbabies and I work as a school bus driver for over 14 yrs no record dont do drugs and own my home by myself. They are draining my finances and collecting money from u the Government and collecting chil support from the parents which is almost everything they make leaving them no chance to get their babies when u work all week and u only get $15.00 how do u live on that?? DCFS or CPS needs to be stopped from placing children in foster care when there is family to take them. Please pass this and lets make the Laws stand.
My granddaughter was taken, because we filed on the stepdad, for medical neglect, and hiding her out for 4 months. Cps turned this around in my daughter. The stepdad had several cases on him. But he was allowed to keep my other granddaughter, while my oldest granddaughter is being passed around from foster home to foster home.
My Daughter Is A Victim of CPS.
My Daughter Haley Olivia Bunge Has Been Stolen From Me Unjustly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Am One ****ed Off Mommy Sea Lion >:(
My grandchildren were unjustly removed from my home after a visitor came over high on drugs and overdosed. We administered CPR and called 911, which is supposed to be the correct course of action! My daughter and I were not on drugs and both grandchildren were happy and healthy.
The DCFS worker who removed the children reported a whole list of complete LIES to the judge and we were not allowed to say one word in our own defense. We had to jump through all the hoops they put in our "case plan" which we did and passed every obstacle they placed in front of us. My beautiful 22 month old grandson Michael drowned unattended at the home of his Louisiana state approved foster parent. Our lives will NEVER be the same!!! We did finally get my granddaughter back and our case was closed a couple of months after Michael was killed. PLEASE change the system immediately so other good families don't have to suffer the way that mine has and continues to do.
strangers were getting paid to harass my entire family and we had to pay to fight them back with never a guarantee that the trial would be fair. Regime of kidnappers/torturers/sadistic/narcistic and dangerous
Our children are not a cash crop for the state. It doesn't take a village to raise a child. It takes loving parents...especially when the village (CPS/DCF, Judges, GAL, CASA) are full of idiots!
No problems in a family return these children or they will see an increase of people up against them to shut them down...
CPS agencies are illegally taking children who are not abused from healthy families, in very large numbers. This needs to stop immediately.
This would be phenomenal for families to be allowed the constitutional rights that criminals are afforded. It's time to change family courts and restore the rights that every American is entitled to.
all due process and other rights protected by the constitution are given to criminals, why are those rights denied to parents fighting for their children?
They are bad people and have no remorse for lie in court they need to be sue

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