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Colorado CPS stole my babies and pretty much sold them to the highest bidder.
From what I've experienced, most Cps workers either don't have children themselves or are gay. Not good. all their "experience comes from a book"
We showed pictures of many unacceptable marks on our daughter she recieved from her mothers home,..the one that i reported was a 2nd degree burn mark which the ER called "suspicious"....and our CPS said they would have to have their own doctors look at it because our 5 yr old daughter said she got it from falling in the bath tub,..how do you get a burn from a fall in a shower? In the shape of a perfect qaurter sized circle?...

Why does CPS have the right to say the ER doctors were wrong?...

Its a majorly failed system...
Cps needs to stop taking kids and tearing families apart.
CPS/DHS falsifies affidavits and takes children off lies. They even spread terror to families before court even happens. This needs to STOP NOW!! Return these children home. I want my boys back where they belong and that's with me at home!!
CPS files false police reports with the courts that they make up out of thin air...
Thats so true they removed my daughter after still finding out who abused her
My grandson was illegally taken by CPS here in Poteau, Ok (Leflore Cty) My dtr got raided on Nov.10th & a Case worker called me to come to her home because my 6mon old grandson was there, so I drive over there to be told I cant have my grandson he was being put in state custody!! I demanded that she give me my grandson because there was no reason for him to be put in state custody when I was capable of taking care of him & had other family members I could call in if she didnt want to give him to me but, she refused & sent him an hour away to a different county & we had no idea where he was at for 5 days !!! I hope if any of yah have kids just think abt someone kidnapping them & the not knowing where they were!!! So for a week I called,begged,pleaded with them that I would do anything just bring him back!!! That was 2months ago, we have been to court twice my dtr has not been charged with anything yet but, even if she was, there is still no reason for them t keep him from me and they are doing exactly that!!! I have not been charged with anything & I have no past record, they done a backgound check on me!! So what is going on with a system that takes babies from parents & instead of placing them with family they send them to strangers? The system is in a total mess & needs a major over haul. The case workers havent a clue to how to handle situations 3months training session makes them God, to play these games with our kids & the states get more money the longer they are in system plus a big bonus if they are able to get them adopted out!!!! What is wrong with this country? Then you people sit up there and wonder why these kids are growing up & going on killing sprees!!!! WAKE UP CONGRESS, KIDS NEED THEIR BIOLOGICAL FAMILIES TO RAISE THEM WHEN THEY HAVE THAT OPTIONS!!! A BIG PERCENT OF FOSTER HOMES ABUSE OUR KIDS & GET BY WITH IT!!!!! GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES & FIX THIS MESSED UP SYSTEM!!!!!!
Making fake police reports and hiding real police reports CPS does that to take kids away...I know!
Summary Under the Adoption Incentives program (Section 473A of the Social Security Act) states earn federal bonuses when they increase adoptions of children who are in need of new permanent families. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have earned a part of the $375 million in Adoption Incentive funds that have been awarded since the program was established as part of the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (ASFA, P.L. 105-89). Funding authorized for this program has been extended twice since it was established, most recently in 2008 (P.L. 110351), but is currently set to expire on September 30, 2013. Congress may act to revise and/or extend this program in the 113th Congress. Congress has long shown interest in improving the chances of adoption for children who cannot return to their parents and who might otherwise spend their childhoods in temporary foster homes before “aging out” of foster care. Since ASFA’s enactment in 1997, the annual number of children leaving foster care for adoption has risen from roughly 30,000 to more than 50,000 and the average length of time it took states to complete the adoption of a child from foster care declined by close to one year (from about four years to less than three). Over the same time period, and in significant measure due to the greater number of children leaving foster care for adoption and at a faster pace, the overall number of children who remain in foster care declined by 29%—from a peak of 567,000 in FY1999 to 401,000 in FY2011. Despite these successes, however, the number of children “waiting for adoption” (104,000 on the last day of FY2011) remains more than double the number of children who are adopted during a given year. Adoptions of older children remain far less common than adoptions of younger children, and some 26,000 youth aged out of foster care in FY2011, compared to just 19,000 in FY1999. Under the current Adoption Incentive bonus structure, states earn $4,000 for each adoption of a foster child that is above the number of foster child adoptions finalized by the state in FY2007 and $8,000 for each adoption of an older child (9 years or older) above the number of older child adoptions it finalized in FY2007. If a state has earned an award in either of those categories—or if it improves its adoption rate—it earns $4,000 for each adoption of a special needs child (under age 9) that is above the number of such adoptions it finalized in FY2007. For improving its rate of adoption (above the rate it achieved in FY2002 or a later year with a higher rate), a state is eligible for additional incentive funds of $1,000 multiplied by the increased number of adoptions that are calculated to have resulted from the improved adoption rate. However, increases in incentive amounts states earn due to improved adoption rates are only paid to those states if sufficient program appropriations are available after all awards for increases in the number of adoptions have been made. I
I am one of the innocent parents. CPS has violated many laws, misrepresented the facts, and added false accusations in order to collect their federal funds.
wva-cps is a joke its political if you don,t grease them they look the other way and make you out to be the bad one
prosecute these bastards under color of law civil 18 chapter 13 subsection 241 242 243 244
our constitutional rights are being violated by the police state and many of our children are winding up murdered at the hands of CPS Wake Up America
prosecute these bastards under color of law civil 18 chapter 13 subsection 241 242 243 244
our constitutional rights are being violated by the police state and many of our children are winding up murdered at the hands of CPS Wake Up America
We are fighting Dewitt County CPS, it's been a year and we had to get an attorney after they kept adding allegations. They promised to return the 6 children but had we not intervened with an attorney they would have terminated my daughter's rights. Like others, they find excuses not to place the children with us. We need lots of prayers and help to fight because there are so many families under attack by this County's so called "CPS" . My prayers are with you all, don't give in, don't give up! GOD Bless!!
Help bring my 3 children home! They were taken from us( for an accident) and put into a foster home, They are using a mental disease against me even though I have it under control. Even doing everything we could and more it's not enough. We have even tried to get family members approved since day 1 and they made excuses after excuses why they weren't "acceptable". My children were very happy children and now they have many psychological problems. We have been fighting for 3 years and every time the judge gives us a chance DSS doesn't give us a fair chance. The judge has thrown out our TPR once and gave us a year to prove we are capable of taking care of the girls. DSS never gave us a real chance and ridiculed us for stuff we didn't even do(telling the girls details about the case) which come to find out it was the foster parents who were doing it. Even after proving we weren't telling the girls stuff we never got our unsupervised visitations back like we were promised and we were brought down from 6 hour visits to 2 hour visits every week. DSS is filing another TPR and no matter what we do it's never enough in their eyes. Even my lawyer says we do pretty good in the economy that we're in and he fights right along with us. We are set to go back to court to fight another TPR and something has to be done this time.
I have lost three children due to this one was right after a csection because I refused to go on medicine for my bipolar that could of harmed my unborn fetus. I was homeless that is all I did wrong.
They do no believe anything ha is reported to them. If you try to tell them what our granddaughter tells at age 6 we are told it is hear say. Let there be justice for these children, they have a voice also.
Get are kids home
It should be that the parents keep the kid(s). Its not right to take a family apart. I think when they pull the kids away from the parent(s) that they are doing an abuse themselves. It makes it hard for kid(s).
DHS and child welfare are wrongfully taking children from loving parents whom they love and putting them with strangers and or family members who put there lives in danger and it's ruining children's and parents lives everyday and needs to STOP!! These ppl are so heartless, and absolutely WRONG
DHS and child welfare are wrongfully taking children from loving parents whom they love and putting them with strangers and or family members who put there lives in danger and it's ruining children's and parents lives everyday and needs to STOP!! These ppl are so heartless, and absolutely WRONG
my children are currently being held hostage by the state of Kansas, where they are being sexually abused in the foster home. And yes it was proven. They are corrupt and liars!!! I completed all their "tasks" months ago, but am still on a once a week supervised visit plan. And all this started because I asked for help for my 16 year that is a drug addict.
Person County CPS is a joke.My kids reported to me the foster parents were hitting them and when I reported it to the worker she said she found that hard to believe and wouldn't even look in to it.Something needs to be done now.My kids are being kept from me now simply coz they ran out of excuses and now are saying they don't think i want my kids.Such bs and no one cares.
The Alaska Office of Children's Services even have a website where the director of OCS asks OCS employees over e-mail to consider her "friends" for adoption of children...a cop and a family attorney, makes me puke...
grandparents need rights ,it felt like someone died when we did'nt see our grandkids for a few months..please give us rights...
I pray that all of our families may be reunited soon and may our children know every day how much we love and miss them and thst we never gave we never stopped fighting in the name of Jehovah I pray
and fathers!!! cant forget the GOOD fathers that have stepped up to raise their children ONLY to be targeted by CPS and children stolen because ITS A MAN SO HE HAS TO BE ABUSING HIS CHILDREN!!!!
CPS needs to change. They tear families apart, take children away from mothers and grandmothers. they lie and are not for the children just the money they get.Someone makes a call and even if not true here is cps knocking at your door and trouble from now on.Cps thinks they are above the law and God.They have to much power and needs taken away.
I am a maternal grandmother that was denied placement never allowed in the court to object to the agencies hearsay allegations.... I fought to protect my grandson before he was even born including contacting cps and police them citing they could not help because he was not yet born my adult daughter is on heroin and on the streets as I would not enable her she had been to several rehabs with no change then I get the call Mom I am pregnant I begged this agency to help me they again said he is NOT BORN.... Well of course he was born addicted I told them the agency the mother and father wanted him placed with me knowing if he was placed with me they would not see him until the time came where they were both living clean ..... So then the agency steps in takes him from the hospital at a month and a half old denying placement saying not level headed and that I threatened hospital staff yet the hospital has private security and they were NEVER CALLED the day they gave us five minute warning to get him ready the agency was coming to take him I lost it asked for them to call the police that this could not be legal he had a grandmother to raise him well then they called hospital security to escort the Social Workers out with my Grandson this agency is FRAUDULENT AND ABUSING THEIR POWER should be family first at all costs and change needs to be made to address the issue of federal funding incentives instead of the incentives coming in because of the need for Foster care which ironically the agency is causing the problem with the foster system by denying relative placement all to get that funding I want to see that funding stopped and given to them only when they start showing their are honestly and diligently working on reunification and placement with a family member stats show and prove more are abused and murdered in foster care than with a relative THANK YOU
My complaint is against Ohio Child Support Marion and Hancock Counties and Marion Ohio and Hancock County Courts.They charge me thousand s of dollars child support since the 1980s and had me jailed and cost me hundreds of jobs.Now that I am disabled with heart and lung desease my ex wife took off in 2010 and Marion Ohio has fault me since then and refused to go after her for child support.I'm raising a now 8 year old boy,he was 3 when she took off with another man.They turned it over to Alabama to keep from helping us an now Alabama keeps giving her continuances.Shes suppost to be waiting on social security and cant work.Shes now working at a gas station at walmart in oxford Alabama and they don't want to hear it or do anything marion ohio sent me a letter telling me that Alabama does not want to hear from me any more and marion refused to go after her in 2010 because they said she probably didn't even have a job.You can bring her up on google-Stephanie K.Cordell in Alabama I am Mark Cordell and our son is Dillan Cordell 182 Belleview Ave Marion,Ohio 43302 she lives down around annistan-oxford Alabama oh the also take 393.00 a month out of my SSD check for back support for kids in their later 20s and 30s and married with their own children-ones in the army in Africa
My life was ruined when CPS took my grandchildren away.
Us American Citizens are not going to stop until the true justice is done. All corrupted workers and judges at all levels of court that use eugenics, arbitrary hearings, and political eugenics are stopped for good. All children are returned home to their blood family, perantal rights are returned, and Our Government starts doing the right things.
i agree with this 100%! They destroyed my family my children were never abused and my caseworker is a joke. None of the supervising people that attend my visits have children. I couldn't imagine having that job.
CPS should be exposed for exactly what it is. A baby stealing machine, no one's being protected, but a lot of money is being made from destroying families for profit by adoption.
CPS is the most evil civil agency that has ever exisisted, It''s all about money, money to kidnap the children, money to adopt them out, money for foster parents, it goes on and on, they have to be put in jail, no under the jail!!!
I cannot believe what I am seeing all over the United States where children are being taken away from parents for asking for a second medical opinion that we are all entitled to. Children being taken away for abuse that didn't happen. It blows my mind. Yet I do know someone that had their children taken away and their 2 year old was killed by a foster parent. Heartbreaking.
I have personally been affected by false allegations since my first child (now 26) was 2 yrs old. I have 5 children. Until 3 yrs ago, every accusations made on my name was unsubstantiated. My son, at age 10, was taken out of my home and I lost my parental rights permanently, because my oldest daughter lied thinking she would gain custody of her brother and it back fired. My son was adopted by a family where the wife has serious medical issues They have had my son in a mental health ward for 13 of the 16 months he has been adopted by them. Allowing them to receive a social security check for a young man not in their care. He was never hospitalized nor have any of my children in 26 yrs. Something seriously wrong with this picture.
why is it sometimes that they check out more abuse situations on a girl child than a boy child?
With all the news about child abuse and the corruption of the legal system regarding children, and parents. I would like someone to point me in the direction to expose this in the Leavenworth court system.
No Justice For Steven Ehrman
DOB 7/26/2002
I will try to make this short as possible and still get the point across. My son Steven Chad Ehrman, has been through pure HELL at the hands of his mother. The portion of this story that most concerns me is this, I will begin in 2009. Please keep in mind up till this point of his life he lived in 9 different places, and attended 6 different schools, He was 7.
Jan 16 2009, prior to this date CASA (court appointed special advocate) was appointed to "oversee" the inability of Brandi Henchek/Carter and I to exchange our son peacefully. I was told by Kelly Meyer, CASA coordinator, that I needed to get custody of Steven and do it NOW. She was not able to give me details. I retained Gary Nelson and this date aquired emergency custody. Later I found out that Steven watched his mother run her Jeep Grand Cherokee into a tree, back up, hitting the tree again, then repeats a third time, attempting to commit suicide. Custody was returned to his mother 31 days later, while living with Paul Gallager, (convicted child abuser, against Brandi's oldest son Jessie).
Feb 11 2012, 8:30 pm. Call from Steven stating Brandi was kicking him out of her house, because she received court papers from my attorney. I asked him to calm down and stay there, that I would be there to get him in the morning.
Feb 12 2012, 11 am. Tom Brooks and I go to 2913 MLK dr #2 to pick up Steven. He came out crying, stating his mom, refused him to take his belongings, but that she was kicking him out. Leavenworth P.D. was called. Officers Brown Daniels and Cole.
Feb 13 2012, I took Steven to school and notified the Counselor Ms. Denny, his teacher Ms. Sloan, and the principle of the school, that I was to pick Steven up, due to his mother kicking him out of the house, and that P.D. was notified. At 3:30 when school got out Brandi had already picked him up. Keep in mind she kicked out a 9 year old boy.
Feb 16 2012, Emergency custody hearing; Brandi was a no show.
Feb 21 2012, Emergency custody hearing, Father granted custody.
Feb 22 2012, Steven was made to walk to school, carrying 4 book bags full of his clothes and his skateboard.
Feb 22 2012, Filed a report with P.D. Case # 12-004511. Stating Stevens claim of Brandi making an attempt on his life. Ms. Sloan testified, his counselor wrote a statement, as well as notified SRS. Judge Gunner Sumby stated he would like to see this investigated.
Mar 9 2012, Hearing for change of custody, Brandi did not show.
Apr 2 2012, 12:39 pm Brandi visited Steven at school without incident.
Apr 5 2012, 12:35 pm Brandi visited Steven at school, I received a call from Ms. Sloan, stating Steven was upset and angry after the visit.
Apr 12 2012, 1230 pm Brandi visited with Steven at school and told St
So many families ripped apart. . I am just one of 100000'S
The abuse of power DHS exhibits toward innocent families not only tears families apart but traumatizes children for life. All in the name of "protecting children."
I pray someone finally does something! when our own state Ombudsman who is in charge of child advocacy For a reason can read a cps file that was unsubstantiated and clearly be disgustedand, say that the abuser should be in prison and nowhere near the children but has no power to do anything about it there is definitely a huge problem! we are here to protect our children not do favors for our buddies. Missouri is one of the worst places to raise a child.

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