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families as a whole should not be compared and discriminated against because one parent messes up and loses their children. Family placement is supposed to be sought out first, but it isn't in all cases.
Please investigate ALL PAST AND PRESENT CASE'S within this agency thank you
How many families need to be destroyed? How many innocent children need to be used as pawns to the greedy system of CPS? How many of those children must die before something is done to stop the corruption?
They way cps in doin in are county is right down mean and IT's not good for are kids to have to through this stuff because I married to The county Comm. Son They took my kids and I have been fightin them for over 2 1/2 yrs now . I filled aggraviest on Cps back in 2009 and now Cps and the court house has just stoled my babies , I hAVE DONE EVERYTHING THEY ASK AND PASSED ALL MY DRUG SCREEN FOR LAST 2 YRS AND THEY STILL WILL NOT GIVE MY KIDS BACK .
CPS is corrupt and my heart goes out to all the families that have had a child taken from them! They have got to be stopped.
CPS is really crooked and totally unfair. They have bashed my brother in law's name through the mud and falsely accused my nephew and his family even when my niece in law stated she was lieing about my nephew. We need Jesus Christ to intervene for my family in the name of Jesus. Justice will be made in the name of Jesus Christ!!
I pray for every family who has had a child taken from them when no abuse or neglect has occurred
I do not agree with CPS and they need to be reformed. I believe just like Law enforcement has to go under psychological evaluations. So should they. They are kidnappers that take children away and place them into foster families whom the child would definitely be in DANGER!! Perfect example, Four-year-old Rilya Wilson was missing for more than a year before the Florida Department of Children and Families realized she was gone.
So there decisions on placing children in foster home's has been proven over and over that the environment is DANGEROUS!!!
CPS succeeded at taking my nephew over 10 years ago, but they did not succeed with my niece since we paid for an attorney. CPS had false statements in their petition to the court, but once we bought a lawyer, they amended their peitition and post poned the court date!!! They knew they had no evidence. The Foster Worker never told us when my niece started eating solid foods, they just started on thier own. The judge said 3 visits a week since my niece was taken straight from the hospital a few days after she was born, the foster worker took the visits down to once a week when the judge clearly stated 3 times a week!!!! The Foster care worker never got in trouble, they only had a little verbal bashing by the judge. CPS took my niece straight from the hospital without a judge signed court order. The foster parent didnt even have a proper car seat!!! She had to borrow ours!!! This system is flawed and it needs to change.
cps has my 4 grandkids in Mariposa with no true facts found or proven and my grandkids have special needs and cps is hurting them more buy stalling on a report which they have no case and did not do a good investagation before acting.All my grandkids are scared from there cps and they want to come home .People in this town our telling cps does this every year during the holidays for what you here me the money the town has very little money.they the cps and couts in this town our very unjust someone high up need to come in and clean this town up many familys and people are be treated unjustly I want my grandkids home.
Change is needed NOW nationwide
I have 4 grandkids taken right now with no true reason to hold them in Mariposa county
I have lost my professional status due to a false CPS charge. I am in graduate school and studying to be an MSW. I cannot get liabiltity insurance because of the alleged charge. I have an Attorney.
This needs to be stopped. You are guilty and that is what they decide without any prove. My career is ruined and I am only 55 years old, voted my whole life and never broke any laws, including speeding in an automobile.

Help regular citizens as we have a right to defend any false accusations that incur.


Make sure all social workers are doing their job not just saying or putting on paper that they are check them out
Stop the kidnapping! Stop the fraud, the cover ups, the abuse, the unneeded medication!!!!
Give us back our very loved stolen children!!! Get rid of any social workers that are being unlawful!! We need our baby's back!!!!
My four kids were taking away from me on oct 18 because of a dirty home. They were suppose to go to a family member until house was clean they said they got a so called call saying it was unsafe for the kids to their so they took them. I'm scared I won't get them back if you can help me with any advice please contact me at labuntin27@gmail.com
We have to be the childrens voices they are the innocent
CPS agencies are current day Nazi's. That has been my experience with them. They are nothing but human MONSTERS.
CPS came into my life after my 14 yr old daughter made false accusations because she wants no authority. Now they took all my 4 kids away with her accusations. From the abuse accusations which was proven to them by the dr they were wrong they brought up a over a year old charge that is pending. They are using it against me now. I dont understand how they can do that.
I want to add to a post from earlier. About this corruption of CPS. All of this started over a friend that knew that I love and played everyday with my daughter. He also knew through several conversations about how someone he was friends with called CPS on me 2 years earlier and how much I hated those people for doing that over $60 that my girl friend owed her. I Always would tell him that I would hurt someone if they ever did that again. He knew how much she meant to me that why he used her as a threat. My daughter had everything. I felt that i was the best dad. Even my next door neighbor said: (Jason you know I was on the phone with Mrs Powell and I was telling her how. It is so strange how you and her are always play like best friends everyday. You don't see that anymore it's so amazing how you 2 just get along) We were best friends everyday until CPS showed up. Now that friend of mind that called. Well he was a major gambler and he borrowed money all the time and would pay me back. Then I caught him stealing and ended our relations. I know i'm probably boring so in a nut shell he came back stole again and i was done he needed money for gas I said no he said he would call CPS on me to f-- me and he did. Now I stay up all hours researching how to get her back can't sleep good. It's hard to work threw out the day with this on my mind. I stay depressed about this.Its just amazes me this can happen in America. We brag to other countries about how we have freedom and rights.I wonder why constitutional laws are taken away by tons of laws everyday why people are working to pay for prosecution. Looking through CPS regulation I saw that when they question your child while your child is in your custody in your home they must ask you first. Well when they came to my house they called law enforcement for backup because i took to long to answer the door a was using the bathroom. When I walked outside he was walking back to his car and I follow him. I could hear him asking for a few officers for backup he said.He's a big guy and I need you to send me a few officers and there is no way he could handle me by his self the officers got their. And he told the officers he needed to get in my house to check on my daughter. So cops said let him in. They came in my house and then a lot of poeple showed up. People in suits and inspecting my house. The CPS agent told the Officers He was taking my daughter in the room to talk to her. The officer said okay. He brought her in her room shut the door and question her. As people different people kept coming in. The CPS agent then came out and told me that he wasn't going to take her. Cops stole some pepper spray that I had on a dresser and left and other people left also. The CPS agent said by law we had to get in our vehicle and follow him to a drug testing place. I ask to speak to my attorney first. He told me that I had to by law. And that is was he will tell you. So I got in my truck and he followed us their. I informed
My grandchildren were stolen from me 9 days ago by CPS. No report, no warrant, no court order. I can't get any help.
I have been going through hell with this case and my child is suffering ! I can not let this go on! I will do whatever it takes to get them back. I love you my sons.
CPS has kidnapped my child who is almost eighteen I have no charges against me,CPS is Police STATE Agency. They are NAZIS They are part of the Prison Industrial Complex.They come in and tear apart families without giving any real immediate intervention so the family can stay together.
My step-dad and I were in my apt. watching Shrek. There was a knock at the door. I saw through the peep hole that the case worker and police were there. I was confused because I'd thought this was over, and when I opened the door, the case worker actually smiled. She held up a court order and said, "We're here to take your baby". My heart sank. I was sobbing, shaking and asking, "Why"? No answer, it was like a game to this little girl. Even then, I thought, why would they take my baby? It was friday evening, so I thought we'd get her back in a few days, after the week-end. She was fed, washed and cared for and very loved. The police cyfd sent out the week before had seen our home, seen our baby and were very nice. She's been gone a month and a half now. Everytime we leave her after our visit at the cyfd office, I feel so sick. The ride home is so quiet with her dad. He looks so tired, so sad... our beautiful, healthy baby girl, going off with foster strangers, away from her real family. I needed medical care as I didn't want my unborn baby affected by my prescriptions. She was born very healthy, her pediatrition saw her 3 times and said she was excellent. Now, in foster care she's had bright red diaper rash and a white tounge, dr said this was caused by a dirty bottle. Now she's being moved to another foster home with more strangers. Please change this. We are not criminals, don't do drugs or drink. Why can't we have our baby??? Why?
my 2 boys were taken from me from cps i dont know why really i havent abused them neglected them or done any harm i wish cps would leave me alone i just started with them i am ganna start my first visitations with them on tues for one hour how is a mother and a father ganna see their kids go thru this my boys are 3 yrs old and my oldest one will be 4 on november 11 my little one just turned 3 on october 13 they were taken from me on october 16 i am a geatmother and their father is a dependable hard worker i just want this over with to get bck with my babies again and have cps out of my life for good
My 1 month old granddaughter was taken from her clean, safe, loving home / never given a chance to be with family/ all because her mother needed hospital care to get her meds straightened out. She came home on the right meds for her depession and has done very well. Even through this nightmare that CPS is inflicting on all of us. We have shown proof that the baby was/is healthy, well cared for and loved very much. Why is she still with strangers. Her parents visits are 1 hr. twice a week and our visits are 1 hour, once a month. STOP this legal kidnapping, My son-in-law said in his country, guys with guns will come in the door, forcably take babies and children right out from thier families. Juarez, Mexico! Well, whats the difference, this is whats happening here all over the United States and its a disgrace that this continues to be allowed. I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico and have personally witnessed the Bernallio County C.Y.F.D., lie, manipulate, falsify documents, harass, and intimidate and not one person can hold them accountable. They back each other up to cover up and I have a friend, in another stae who filed a grievance only to be labled and tormented all the more so I won't try that until the lawyers move forward with this. Please stop this madness.
My 3 children were taken from me bc my house wasn't safe for them. I was in the process of cleaning. CPS is rude and uneducated. I doubt they have kids and if they do I bet they have spanked their kids butt before. Someone needs to set these people straight. I gave birth to my children, NOT them!
The State of Louisiana took my grandson out of my home 8 months after I reported take I took custody. I went to them for help and that is the help I got my grandson taken away after 8 months of a good home and loving grandparents. Now given to foster parents that want to adopt and keep him in daycare all week long only see him in morning, afternoon and weekends. What a life. My grandchild is wanted and loved please I need someone's help. This child deserves real family not people that want money from the state and CPS that makes us look like bad people. I have no money to hire a lawyer.
I lost my grandchildren they are in foster care. Please help me
Berks County CYS fits every description in this reform letter to a tee. Barging in without a warrent, Returning with a court order, Placing our three children in kinship who caused more harm than good, Down to splitting all three of my miricales appart and placing them into programs focused on adopting them out. I rufusse to quit these are my childrem and I have raised them from ages 8 -14. Never have my children looked so deppresed, withdrawn, and the latest is my youngest refused to get out of the car for our weekly visit. My wife and I have been threatoned several times by CYS, Signature Family Services, as well as the kinship and my very own parents. Sorry sperm and egg donar they are no parents of mine...
they took my kids away from me 20 years ago, and are now trying to take my sons son away from him.
I been dealing with Cps for 3 years and now they trying to give me positive drug test and when I go pay for the test mines are negative I'm trying to find people in Harris county to come join our protest with Quanell X
they should give me back my kids now before chrismas and pay for the pain they cause the whole family.they want to keep the up to 10/18/2013 over lies.
Upon false accusation by an ex-boyfriend, cps came and done their investigation. After 2 months they said they were closing the case in 10 days, but now 10 days later they say the allegations are true and need to do more investigations. They claim the 5 yr. old was sexually abused, but our doctor done an examination and found no abuse. The nurse was nice enough to give us a copy of this report which cps didnt know they had done. It's turned into constant harassment and we hope to get an attorney this week and if at all possigle we hope to get cps out of our lives and sue them for the trauma to the 5 yr. old, she's scared and cries all the time because she thinks they are going to take her away. They've pulled her out of class 3 times to question her and I think the person who files a false claim should have some kind of punishment for tearing a family apart and causing such trauma to a little girl.
It is very scary what power these people have and the lies they are willing to tell to steal children from good parents. Cps is currently trying to take my children. We have to make a stand against these people. I pray for every family fighting cps we need all the prayers we can get...
burnet, tx. cps did not follow their own rules. but they broke every state and federal law they could. I am going to the FBI and any one else not connected to prick perry. they kidnapped an 8 year old boy from a friend. they will regret it.I have all the time in the world, and I'm going to use it.
If anyone is being investigated by CPS but still has their children, please, I beg of you, run like hell. I am on fb, We will find you places to stay..you must move now..wish I had. 509-859-1048. Please feel free to call or email at pattyfaling1964@gmail.com
This is happening to me..false allegations to take my child. I have a 10 year college education. I am fighting this. I need more help. I am not allowed to work, move, and cps will not transfer the case.509-859-1048..pattyfaling1964@gmail.com..my dtr was abused by the foster parent. .CPS does not believe her. I am a good mother. My child is traumatized by being taken from me and put with foster strangers....
I am currently fighing CPS as well and let me tell you nothing but the run aruound. I NEVER EVER abuse my child, they never found a mark on her but because I had an open case they took my daughter at 2 months old. Her dad and I are fighting to get her back, and we are devastated. They have thrown everything in my face that they can. I admit I have made mistakes I did smoke pot but I am going through substance abuse treatment per the courts. I am doing the mental health part they asked for, anger management (due to me cursing out the woman who took my child out of my arms), Parenting assessment, and parenting classes. CPS has tried there best to rule me as an unfit mother, but these people and the judges based all of this crap on heresay! Now they are telling me that even if I do what they ask they are not gonna give me my child back! I am utterly distraught. They took my oldest from and adopted her out to my oldest sister who is the one that called cps on me for my second child! THIS HAS TO STOP! I can not and will not sit back and watch this happen. I urge everyone contact the general assembly for whatever county you are in send this petition too! I think that is the only way anything is going to be done to these corrupt people.
A Statement for Your Consideration

“We are joining forces with all persons affected by Parens Patriae to include parents, extended family, foster parents and father's and mother's rights groups. While this is a difficult endeavor due to various divisions, the focus will be on challenging the system with the unified goals and commonalities that each is suffering under in family courts and through CPS.”
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power.
Granpa Chuck
Keeper of the webfiles for http://nfpcar.org

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