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I pray that someone does something to protect the children,but also the PARENTS whom are losing their children for no good reason! Families torn apart when it is not nessesary. Family members should have first choice of taking in children. NOT STRANGERS!
CPS is not for the children,they're there for the pay check ...meanwhile thetre destroying peoples lives!!
unbelievable what they get away with. lies ,violation rights etc. n when u must deal with them u r treated like criminal b4 even proving anything
Let go of innocent kids most them aren't "missing" the government holding them and they need to be brought back to their families
Circulate this...Please!!!
I'm a very stressed out Mama Bear who has been disappointed by the "system" and is now going to "fight" back. I am letting everyone know, that no matter what make sure when these "agencies" come into your home you are not alone or have some type of recording device and/or video. They will twist your words and your word is against theirs in court. I cannot stress this enough to all parents. Always have back up when "they" "visit" you or "drop" in on you. Thank you and God Bless
im not the only parent that is suffering from sorrow in the heart for what has happened to kamesha denae smith this is very heartbreaking for us as of the 3-20-2013 will not have any more visits at Mrs.Debra Jones office located at 4717 suite-D in greenville,tx 75401 she said that moving to downtown greenville location 2500 stonewall in greenville,tx on the 4th floor usually this means after a dfps caseworker did a deed for their job and collect money off the children they took from a loving home they take themselves off the case and get another caseworker that even a worser dfps then the caseworker that just took kamesha is their any help for our baby to return home where she is love
Now im worried about my baby in foster care she deserves to be with loving and caring family her name is " Ms." kamisha denea smith i pray that she does not die or be abused this my little girl that i gave birth to on 12-12-12 and theirs $800 billion in this dfps nationwide who knows if our children are safe because this agency is all about money not love or caring they can careless what happen the good parents that learned from their mistake shouldnt suffer its those that dont care about their children well being that should be taken and the parents that truly love their children and would scrafice they lives for the love of our children should not be commened it says in the bible no form of a weapon shall prosper against me and every tongue rise against me thou shall condemed because my heart for my children and love its unconditional and pure but dfps does not have any heart and does not consider what it is love all they want and is money & pray god will help us me through this
Their is a court date set on 3-22-2013 Mrs.Debra jones says i have a chance of getting her back but i have been through the lies of dfps before i had made mistakes as a mother in my past because i wantedto change to be a better parent so i went to them for help and they let a abuser in when i had a restraining order against him in 2001 and i reliquished my rights every child i had was taken by dfps because i had a history with dfps and they had always said they i was neglected my children and now criminal neglect homicide is against me which im paying for 5 years of probation and 600 hours of community services which is now 340 hours left to do and the indictment is not all the way accurate i had changed my life for better and to prove myself to be a fit mother but Mrs.Debra Jones says that she thought she was going to meet a monster when she met me at the hospital but she found out diffrent after she met me their was no open case on my 4 month was taken from family now in foster care
As of 3-13-13 my daughter was taken by cps they came to my brother house without a search warrant mrs. debra jones told her assissant that she will not need a search warrant to go to my brother house and mrs debra jones later to get my baby and now in foster care my brother had my daughter for 4 months and 1 day she is a infant and i was doing my service plan while she was in my brother and his wife care dfps said my brother and his wife was suitable for my daughter to be with them as caregiver now she taken on no grounds
This is very true!!!!!
This is very true!!!!!
Judge Thomas Higbee is allowing the violation of Constitutional Rights by Dept. Of Child and Family Services in Cedar City UT. He assumes people are guilty and requires them to prove they are innocent. Opposite of normal law. DCFS people are allowed to lie and he makes excuses for them. Iron County Utah has a severe problem with this. I doubt anyone truly cares, but if you are not on the take like the rest of them, maybe you would look into it. I have many other stories and proof.
When I started writing this letter, it was never my intention to carry on, but I’ve been silent and just did what everyone said to do throughout these entire proceedings. I wish for you to read the whole letter but understand that the many pages and many words may be too much. In essence I wanted you to understand that I love my children, want them home with me and why am disabled. My life revolves around my children; they are my reason for existing. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how much I love and miss my children and how desperate I am for them to return home.
Although I have made mistakes in my past, and failed as a mother at certain times in my life, I feel I have learned many hard life lessons. Losing my children is the hardest thing I have ever had to face. Almost a year now I’ve been deprived of their company. I miss my children so very much and all I want is to have them returned to me. At a case plan meeting around the first of August, I was told by Mike Webster, the case manager from Nebraska Family Collaborative (NFC) that the long term goal for my children was to be returned to me, their mother, however, the state has motioned to terminate parental rights.
First I was told it was nothing to worry about, it was basically a procedure the department was required to do after a child has been in care for a certain amount of time, and Mike didn’t have enough negative things against me to have my parental rights terminated. I have met every stipulation that Mike Webster has set forth for me and he continues to say that I have not made the needed changes to bring my children home. I have inquired as to what more I can do. I am willing to meet further requirements, but it would be to no avail. Mike Webster has never had the intentions of returning my children to me. I’ve made drastic changes and want nothing more than to have my children home.
My children yearn to be with me, their mommy, and my heart weeps daily for the sound of their laughter, the sight of their precious faces, and all of the “I LOVE YOU’S“. Please, I need your prayers, and your help. Help me bring my children home again! I need your help in my fight to be reunited with my reasons for living…..my children. Please help me have my children returned home immediately, if asked even their foster parent will attest that there is no reason my children shouldn’t be home with me.

Dear Honorable Douglas F. Johnson,
My name is Beverly Sills, I am the mother of 2 children, Kathleen Minda Sills age 10, and MacKenzie Marie Sills age 6. The father of my children resides in the metro Phoenix, Arizona area and has no history of physical abuse or the abuse of illegal substances. My children were removed from my care and placed in the custody of the state of Nebraska a few days before my 40th birthday in March of 2012.
The year my eldest child was born I was nominated to run for Justice of the Peace in the first precinct
After hearing all this story !,,I wonder who gonna check on all this crying,lost hope,deceive,lonely soul who vote for a resolution of them problem???DEMOCRATE or REPUBLICAN ?to be or not to be???5+billion !!!we need job not our lovely spoiled w love kid taking away,,,PRESIDENT OBAMA ,Mr BIDEN,MR REID...u know Vegas still have a legal mafia!?!asking u 100 millions in march!?!got to be a joke???18 cases cost????1 million +on me????really???investigation needed in sin city ASAP ,,,,federal $$$$$$blowing in the air but please spare the casino....WE NEED $$$$ billions more for CPS to abuse children's ...Txs for ur time fighting budget $$$$$!?!?!?'b
We all know 5 billions+ in this CPS or DFCS agency is BOGUS!,,,all this ppl losing cherish and bless children need ...1:write to Hussein Obama our respectful PRESIDENT...2:our governors ...3:director of CPS...than the congressman in ur state...if it doesn't work ??? Let's make a national day for children's DIE in CPS care ,,,cuz WE WiLL NOT TOLERATE IT,!!!!
By the way...lol..they so corrupt they don't pay attention ...lol ,my legally court date was on march 7 2013 but they said it was for my sentence in march 5 2013(go figure it out)only present ???the judge ,CPS,and so called public defender???lol,lol...lol...who got the $$$,what happen to the children's ???nobody know???its legal mafia?!?WOW!,,5 billions in that no college degree ppl!!!wake up ppl ,,,stop to complain and fight together the most and precious issue!,,"the children's ur children's "Txs w all my love and god unconditional love...Lola
Anyone who need advice...feel free to contact me to my email:hilola143@gmail.com...I saw ppl crying w newborn ,single man and woman,parents cuzlame accusation ...I know public defender cuz u low income make u sign the last deed(crying) don't do it...it's a corrupt billion dollars system ,ur baby's need u...fight it...they asking 100 millions in Vegas ??? WTHell ... Rubbing in our nose....for kill more children's ...happening in march...VOTE NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!
Don't hate me...I do feel ur heart and soul w this greedy and corrupt ppl who take advantage for themselves of tax payer money...I have 18 cases w cps and they always return the children to me ???????why????im an abuser????after 1000000+ don't the government should be aware???did send governor Sandoval and mr Reid email...sorry I'm from France and believe to go campaign in the street to don't have our kids murder in cps care ,,,,investigation must be ASAP
I am a 52 yr old grandmother whose name was included in a fraudulent claim, prior tot that I had been the been the safety plan three times prior. I am now the guilty party through their eyes and am fighting the open case now. Never have I seen a court process run on whatever they want to do and not by facts or truth. My grandchild has been placed with a known drug dealing family. Exactly where I had always protected her from. These laws must be changed.
Schenectady County, New York is notorious for their CPS' brand of justice. Alliances throughout the city withing the legal, law enforcement, and related agencies. If told to meet a CPS worker, ask a friend, family member or Attorney to be there with you. Women should never sit with a Dr.Hornstein as he is not there for the women. It is an absolute horror for the mothers in Schenectady, who unfortunately learn of their rights when it is too late. Attorneys for children should have the children in mind but that is not always the truth in Schenectady. Many families have been devastated in this city. The YWCA should a tool all mothers incorporate when dealing with CPS, Legal System, or Law Enforcement.
For the mothers, children, families that know the pain, anguish, blood, sweat and tears of CPS's horrors: FIGHT THEM!! Do not surrender and do not back off of the fight. These issues need to come to light. CPS cannot be trusted when it comes to children and their families. Families that should not have their children in their care do. Families that should have their children do not. Schenectady is a dirty little town. Do not move here unless you have knowledge of your rights and freedoms. If you do not the city will strip you of all that you have. Whatever happened to Rights? Innocent til proven guilty? What has happened to family units? What happened to our justice system in these United States? How is this possible?!?! The pain is too great!! I wish ALL CPS workers only a fraction of the collective pain inflicted by judges, attorneys and agencies that violate their fiduciary responsibilites to the mothers and fathers and families that they are supposed to help. If your kids are abused, neglected or die in their care: SUE THEM!!
I was harassed by CPS and my Ex's Mother for Years, She made my life a nightmare, I was constantly being dragged to Court for heresay or false allegations, It was always thrown out and she was told to stop but she kept pushing, How can a Judge let this kind of torture continue? Why did he just warn her and then let her do it again?. I cant believe the people I trusted turned out to be so Corrupt, Who are we suppose to trust now when everyone just turns their backs or refuses to listen?. I am the innocent Parent here who has to live with false allegations and my life being ripped apart piece by piece and there is nothing I can do about it, No one cares. People need to know what they are getting involved with before they deal with CPS, They ruined my life and destroyed my Family, And it makes me sick how they act so nice to you and gain your trust then they back stab you. I wish I would've knew how corrupt they was before I dealt with them, But I felt I had no rights and they made me feel that way just because I had false allegations on me I was the Bad Parent even thou I have proved them wrong so many times and yet they still treated me like a criminal. Its a shame what innocent Parents have to be put through, They are suppose to be protecting you and helping you not backstabbing you, At least thats what I thought and it sickens me to think I was wrong for so many years. CPS you destroyed my Family and I hope Karma pays you a visit one day.
Please help the families who are being torn apart with lies from the persons we thought were there to help. It's the worst feeling in the world, being threaghten to lose your children & feel you can't even trust your attorney or even the Judge. May God be With all of us who are going through this nightmare.
Something has to be done about this agency -- and all are afraid to do anything to them. This must stop.
Delaware is in need of reform ,anyone in Delaware who is having issues or has resources please contact me
I think CPS should be investigated. They stole my son from me. He was two at the time
I raised my granddaughter nearly since birth. He dad didn't pay child support and barely saw her, unless to show off at some family functiom. For years I took my grandaughter to doctors, etc, with no problems. then all of a sudden, they refused to see her without a parent or guardian. Since her mother wouldn't take her, I decide to get custody or guardianship so I could continue to get her the medical help she needed. CPS got invovled and took her away from me, the grandmother that loved her, raised her and paid for her needs and placed her with her dad, whose wife need not want her, until her dad started to receive SSD payments for her needs,,, which she never gets. She hares lving with her dad's wife and wants to come home. She is now 14 yr old
CPS failed to protect my grandchild, bankrupted me, destroyed the well being of the family. When we reported abuse and asked CPS for help, the child was removed from our custody and handed over to his abusers. His abusers have a long history of mental health. The little boy was being neglected, abused, raped by TWO uncles, mothers boyfriend. Both childs mother and grandmother abused him. COURT DECREED THAT ALTHOUGH THE CHILD WAS WELL CARED FOR, WE HAD A LOVELY HOME, CHILD HAD EVERYTHING WITH US, THAT MOM IS MORE CAPABLE OF STRUCTURE AND DISCIPLINE! We have the pictures to prove that she is very capable of discipline. THIS IS A DIRTY CRIME THAT HAPPENED IN INGHAM COUNTY MICHIGAN THE COURT OF JANELLE LAWLESS. What we, a good middle class family and innocent child has experienced with family court is not just.
CPS failed to protect my grandchild, bankrupted me, destroyed the well being of the family. When we reported abuse and asked CPS for help, the child was removed from our custody and handed over to his abusers. His abusers have a long history of mental health. The little boy was being neglected, abused, raped by TWO uncles, mothers boyfriend. Both childs mother and grandmother abused him. COURT DECREED THAT ALTHOUGH THE CHILD WAS WELL CARED FOR, WE HAD A LOVELY HOME, CHILD HAD EVERYTHING WITH US, THAT MOM IS MORE CAPABLE OF STRUCTURE AND DISCIPLINE! We have the pictures to prove that she is very capable of discipline. THIS IS A DIRTY CRIME THAT HAPPENED IN INGHAM COUNTY MICHIGAN THE COURT OF JANELLE LAWLESS. What we, a good middle class family and innocent child has experienced with family court is not just.
I am asking for a road rally and justice for all victims of the cps abuse and corruption
Thank you
Lisa Trindade
They think they are above the law which they are not.
DCFS in Utah ruined my family and supported a drug addict abusive father.
cps in las vegas nv took my grandchild from her home with her mom and stepdad in 12 /12 all the things on the petention are hearsay and there hasnt even been a drug test done on my daughter yet familycourts have put a no contact order on me the grandma and says my daughter will have a year to get her back a year the child just turned 3 WTF i know people who have done horrible crimes and gotten their kids back asap i know women whos kids come out hooked on drugs and their babies go home with them within a few weeks yet my daughters whole case is hearsay and lies and they hardly let her see her child i am not allowed and not a single drug test has been done on my daughter WTF IS GOING ON HERE I KNOW ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY BUT COME ON WAKE UP
CPS destroyed my Family and destroyed my life. They took away the only 2 things in my life that ever mattered the most to me my Kids. They can tell you to your face your such a good Mother and yet when they have the chance to stand up and defend you they take up for the other Parent. CPS is corrupt, these people have no hearts or souls.
The CPS should work with the father when the child has been removed from their mother.If the CPS would quit pushing the paternal family out of the child lift.The child could have a better chance of a safe life.
something has to be done and quickly...its only getting worse and the judges and da's aren't any better they go right along with the whole scheme

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