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My Grandson was taken from me at just 2 years old when he was placed into a Foster Care home and while he was there he was murdered by the Foster Parents. We need to keep "our" children and grandchildren safe so Please sign this petition and help us be the VOICE for those who can not speak for themselves and those that are unable to speak out any more! Thank you!
CPS and Judge Cooper are trying to steal my child because I filed an Ex-Parte Order of Protection against his father. The paternal grandmother is retired from DSS in same county!!!!
I was abused by CPS.
CPS workers need to go thru more extensive training and stop telling lies to 1 party and then telling something opposite to the other. Their lies and active imaginations need to be dealt with
When is it ever going to end? Children are our future stopped the abuse and reunited children with their biological parents. Family court seriously beyond repair. Why when forcefully removed healthy child/ren from caring parents and have the abuse by Foster parents in the name of money. I begged that you show mercy and reunited helpless children with loving biological parents. How much longer before another child abuse by the very system that claims in the best interest of the child. Enough is enough. Call me 347-600-8584 we need to talk about the judge who unlawfully detain and kidnapped my four year son. New York ~Queens Family Court~Judge Mary Ellen Fitzmaurice. I proudly name name and wish that the find my son who is missing since May 2000. Called Famiy court 718-298-0197. My docket # V-06464>
Stop the Corruption in ALL States with CPS...DCF.etc......Families are being DESTROYED....This must be STOP
I totally support all efforts to reform a broken system that results in consequences as dire as death. - Velvet Martin, mother of angel, Samantha, SAMANTHA'S LAW
Stop the Corruption in every States with CPS...DCF.etc......Families are being DESTROYED....This must STOP
They reported us for the crime of thinking about adoption but changing our minds, then they harassed us because we refused to allow them into our home without a warrant which was the only "help" they wanted to give us.
Merced County Cathleen Clark has kidnapped , harassed , and financially gained in the kidnappings and illegal adoptions of Merced Counties children . The number of families destroyed by this women's illegal acts is unknown but information to date indicates there are probably a lot more innocent families other than the ones we have already discovered . Our goal as a community is to protect our children from social workers who are mentally ill and need to be evaluated them selves before given the power and authority of takeing innocent children from there innocent parents. The illegal false reports make no sense and if the victims of this Merced county social workers abuse had been given the right to confront there accuser evidence could have proven this social worker and the sherriffs involved were paid to retaliate against a women and her children . There reason for retaliateing against one parent and kidnapping her children was to protect the child molesters and the danerous enviroments that this women was wanting help to get away from to protect her children from the same abuse she had to suffer . Merced county and the organised hate crimes unit they established to help cover up crimes and protect child molesters and other serious crimes has evidence to prove Merced county kidnapped and placed innocent children and there single mother in danger intentionally . There reason and true facts and findings for retaliateing against this women was to protect the criminals involved in the child molestation and dangerous enviroments that one women should have been able to get away from if the county employees did not retaliate against this victim by kidnapping her children and placeing them in the dangerous enviroment that this women was wanting to protect her self and her children from . I believe Merced county has violated the human rights of a innocent family and because of this crime a innocent family was forced to fight for there children in a case where they didn't even know what they did wrong . Makes it very difficult for a mother to fight for somethig if she don't know what she did wrong how does she defend her self . Everything in cathleen clarks cps report and the sherriffs reports was proven false. Where are the laws that state lieing under oath is a crime and why aren't these laws takeing effect at times when they need to . Families are being destroyed because of government employees just because they work for the county don't mean they are not criminals because cathleen Clark is a criminal and charges should be considered by our federal court system . The responsible parties involved in this legal kidnapping scandal need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent . The persons whom made the false cps and sherriffs reports should have been investigated and once investigated and evidence found the persons reporting the information did it with malicious intent to intentionally harm there victims for there own personal financial gain and to avoid
Stop the madness make them accountable.
I tried to get guardaianship of my granddaughter one, to protect her from her drug addicted mother and two, for medical purposes. Instead of giving her to me, where she had lived most of her 13 years, they places her with her dad and his wife, who didn't want her (until they found out they would get PAID to take care of her. Her dad hadn't paid child support in 10 years and barely saw her. I paid for everything without help from anyone. HIs wife is mentally abusivde (if not physically too) to my granddaughter. If I call my grandchild, the wife listens in to our conversation. Any mail she gets, the wife opens and reads first and if she doesn't like it, she throws it out. Isn't that a federal offense to open someone else's mail? She goes through all of my grandchild's belongings and throws things out she doesn't approve of. I have tried to talk to this woman, but all she says is, "It's my house and my rules and as long as 'she' is living here, she does what I say." Where I raised this yong girl, I am no longer allowed to see her unless it is at a library in their town, maybe every other week, for two hours, at best. Either her dad or his wife listen to everything we say. What are they trying to keep her from telling me? I want her back where she can be herself and be with family that wants her, her friends who miss her.
Time to stop the very corrupt C.P.S. and keep families together not tear them apart on lies.
My 5 year old girl was fooled with by her 13 year old cusion. I called cps and my daughter had a meeting with cps yesterday, my daughter said they kept asking over and over if her parents touched her or her brother ect.. trying to turn this around on us. After the meeting the cps worker told me that she did believed someone touched her but my lil girl said it didn't hurt, so theres nothing they can do about it. So I guess they think it's okay to fool with a child as long as it don't hurt. Now my daughter won't get justice for what happened to get, because I don't know who else to turn to...
they need to cut cash bonus and let children and youth start doing there jobs correct . they need to stop lying to keep children in foseter care just to get money form government.. 300,000 children in foster care and adopted out , this dont cause a RED FLAG ALERT.. WAKE UP ..
This madness must stop! America is no longer a free country. We may as well be Jews during the Holocaust!!
please help me and others like me that have wrongfully had our children stolen by child protective services.
please help me and others like me that have wrongfully had our children stolen by child protective services.
please help me and others like me that have wrongfully had our children stolen by child protective services.
ANYONE can be charged, alleged, accused of doing anything and everything. The mere accusation of an act does not make it true. The problem lies in family court, and when children are removed from parents, the parents are GUILTY until they can prove themselves innocent. "Just something to consider in regards to how CPS "helps" our country's abused children. Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States. These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.CPS- Physical Abuse (160) Sexual Abuse (112) Neglect (410) Medical Neglect (14) Fatalities (6.4)Parents- Physical Abuse (59) Sexual Abuse (13) Neglect (241) Medical Neglect (12) Fatalities (1.5)As you can see, children are abused far more in care than at home. The calculated average is for every 1 abused child removed from an abusive home, there are 17 `non-abused children removed from loving non-offending homes nationwide."Children are removed from good parents every day. MILLIONS of children removed over the last several years. Families may go through challenging times... health and emotional issues... this is not, nor should it be a reason to remove their children and paint them as abusers. Think about your own families trials and tribulations... as we all gather to walk for our causes... Cancer Walks, Fund-Raisers for accident victims, walks for Epilepsy, Lupus, Autisim, MS, etc Should these issues determine our parental skills? Should children be removed for these reasons.... because a family is facing difficulties? Or, do we look at these families and admire them for their strength to persevere and hopefully step up to the plate and offer them help, transportation to Dr's appts, bring them some meals, transport their child to extra curricular activities, etc. Social Service organizations remove children due to sanctimonious judgements. They break families and then claim them unstable. They accuse (with no proof), and use those accusations as fact to support their allegations. There is NO due process for the parents. But Social Services benefits by procuring children for profit. They obtain $1,000.'s of dollars per child removed and even more when that child is adopted out. We have bought into the idea that if a child is removed, there must be a reason. This is true, there is a reason, in ALL cases. social service organizations reap Federral Funds to support their corporations. Rarely, is it ever "in the best interest of the child."

Child Protective Services is out of control!! They are the Abusers!!! In addition to that stats show about 80% of children taken by CPS are from non-offending loving homes, then severely traumatized by CPS abuses. Nothing but baby killers, pediphials. Your taxes pay for children to be abused in state care. America should be ashamed! CPS uses Psycho Antilipsey techniques to weave webs around sanctamounous judgements. False reporting to CPS should be a Crime agains Children and Families. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
I am in 100% agreement that our Child Protection System is very, very flawed. Caseworkers often violate laws. Even in states that have laws that negate their immunity should they violate any state or federal laws; they are not being held accountable. This has to change.
I am sick and tired of CPS stealing my children. I want my family back, where is the damned justice?!?
CPS and the Federal laws enabling its continuance and funding is a horrendous usurpation of the Constitutional rights of biological parents, the primary victims of CPS. Possibly what motivates this racket, not only in the USA, but throughout the western world, is the incentive for the establishment and its ruling functions to control the peoples' lives. It is arguably a Social Marxist populace control system. The lesser functionaries are enticed to follow its dictates by offering sizable financial inducements.
I have an open cps case from all false aligations. They have no proof because i did nothing wrong. I was going to school to be a guardian aladem and I can not do that now because of wv on open cps cases. Their power to ruin peoples lives need to be stopped.
Our baby was home from the hospital for three days when they reported us for the crime of thinking about adoption but changing our minds. Instead of offering us love, and true help, they subjected us to a witch hunt! And the more we read, the more we learn that we are only one of thousands of vctims targeted so CPS and others can financially gain from the sale of children!
CPS is just one example of "human trafficking" by the so-called U.S. Govt thru the states. Elders & disabled are also targeted in the same model for profit under the guise of "protection" & "best interest of". Such profiteering MOTIVES are absolutely intolerable, to say the least, yet are a "pattern & practice" of racketeering" carried on daily across the country.
I have dealt with CPS first hand and in my professional opinion they are completely out-of-control. They illegally in some or most cases take children illegally without a warrant, or just cause. They do more harm than good.and in my opinion are not in the best interests of the children they are supposed to protect. They operate outside the Constitution of the U.S and my state of California and precedent law involving what endangerment is, etc. They take children in the name of money to give themselves a job. Most children do not prosper from being taken and foster homes are worse in many instances then their parental home. Again I have both professional experience with being a former foster parent and a program director for a group home and was recently involved with a mother who had her children taken and I was the caretaker of the children. The Juvenile Court was a total miscarriage of justice as well. I went to court and was given the right to even plead my case. The whole system is a scam. Money is the game. The reason I was given by a CPS worker why they decided not to place the children with me as I would cause them emotional harm. What a crock of crap. I am a Psychologist, Chemical Dependency Recovery Counseling Specialist and I was the caretaker of the children for over 7 years. I raised them. I have not been allowed to have any contact with them as well. Do you call this in the best interests of children? Jerome Plotnick, PhD, C.C..D.C.S.-C.A.D.D.E.
cps needs to be shut down for good ...
CPS did NOTHING to protect my child. They also thought that her father who denied her mental health , who cancelled appointments over and over again for years was a good parent. All the while knowing that she needed to speak with someone because she was suicidal.
For the sake of children and good decent families, CPS desperately needs an overhaul and restructure ASAP. In my case, CPS nor the Court protected my son for sexual abuse by his own father. I was forced to flee the USA in order to protect my son from sex abuse and to protect our lives from my son's father after CPS, the police, the DA, and the Court refused to help us. They saw the evidence that my son's father offered money to men to kill me, mailed a Death Threat to me, and sexually abused my son. The father had strong political connections with the judges and the District Attorney. Please view my You Tube video, 'MOTHER AND SON EXILED FROM THE USA, DOES ANYONE CARE?'. No one should not have to flee the USA to seek protection.

I tried to get my son protected legally by the system for 5 years before I fled the U.S.A. I eventually got my son protected legally in Puerto Rico. Twice, when evil corrupt Judge John Tylwalk, Lebanon County Judge, spend the taxpayers money to fly people to Puerto Rico with Court Orders to take my son back, the Superior Court placed a Court Restraining Order on them prohibiting them from taking my son. They saw the evidence that CPS and the Court knew my son was abused and didn't help him. OVERHAUL AND RESTRUCTURE CPS NOW before they destroy more people's lives, especially the lives of children.

Pamela Kilmer, exiledfromusa@yahoo.com
This is sad for the legisaltors laws and the lack of care for whom they are to be working for has led to this result.
Please stop the profit of every state, paying their counties workers cash incentive bonuses to kidnapped children from good families for human trafficking to enslave in the state foster care system allowing the state to profit from federal funding used to help the state to balance their budget by letting innocent children get abused, raped, auction off to pedophiles, sold into sex slavery rings, used as live lab rats for Pharma drug experiments allowing the state to profit even more federal funding from damaging normal healthy children who now become special needs, and from harvesting organs to sell on the black market, destroying our children’s life and their families life forever. All in the name of state profit. Both children and their families are denied equal protection of due process and are denied basic constitutional rights. If a parent is guilty of abuse or neglect it should be treated as a criminal offense and be brought into a criminal court, where both parents and children have the right of a public jury trial instead of secret courts with secret hearing where no evidence is needed to steal children from their home and everyone including the judge profits for allowing innocent families to be destroyed, and children life’s are now enslaved into a very abusive system, whose only best interest is in how many children can be forced into foster care for state profit and the best interest of the children are not given any type of value but are treated as a product for sale for anyone to use for their own sick and perverted desires.
Social cps workers are doing more harm than good.
Yea who is without sin cast the first STONE.
they have to be stoped these r our children not cps s
ive been robbed of my sons life for over a 1yr & a 1/2 now.... im still batteling in court over my parental rights 2 be stripped from me, because of neglect in which never happened n my home. ive been found reason to believe with no proponderance of evidance... and up untill now nobody has even listened to me.. ive got sum hope now from my jpd's office n maybe a ray of hope left now, b4 i lose my son 4ever.... as a innocent mother of my only son, he is 3yrs old.....and robbed sumtimes just aint the rite word....
ive been robbed of my sons life for over a 1yr & a 1/2 now.... im still batteling in court over my parental rights 2 be stripped from me, because of neglect in which never happened n my home. ive been found reason to believe with no proponderance of evidance... and up untill now nobody has even listened to me.. ive got sum hope now from my jpd's office n maybe a ray of hope left now.....
We had our children taken away for a year on nothing but lies and cps breaking the law. We got our kids back because we proved to them that we were doing right. Now cps is back in our lives taking my daughters premi son from her. They have no grounds at all besides a doctor being ****ed off because my daughter wouldn't take her mouthing off to her. My daughter is 18 so this doctor immediately started harassing her. Now they came in with a court order to remove him from our home, adding our past cps as grounds even though we were cleared. It has been over a year and now they are harassing us again. How can we stop this******from happening? I know families who deserve to have their kids removed but they never get bothered. I need to find an attorney in the Spokane, WA area that will help us.
Something is desperately needed in helping to preserve our families from these kidnappers. I am a grandmother who had an allegation made against me by my daughters ex-boyfriend stating that I smoked pot with him when he dated my daughter. My grandchildren were taken from my care because I exercised my civil rights to rejecting to a drug test to be taken by CPS. I do not do drugs. I have been fighting this ex-boyfriend in circuit court for the last 3 1/2 years due to domestic violence. He gave no proof to the Social Worker, yet I had tons of threatening text messages and facebook messages and the Judge would never let me speak. My rights were violated and there needs to be laws in place for CPS to follow as well as the lower courts. We are not a heard of cattle and should not be treated as such. Loving families are being destroyed and most individuals cannot afford to fight this kind of fight alone. My entire family was destroyed over this.
Our goverment needs to stop giving the funds to the states and let the states support the cps system, due to all the funding, it has been a witch hunt. stop making this a business, for Polinsky or giveing kick backs to hospitals like Rady's Children Hospital. Don't misunderstand me, they do good things, but be very very careful when you take your child there, so many children have been taken away from parents at Rady's Children Hospital, then they go to private own Polinsky recieving home from there Rady's Children Hospital get all involved in the counseling for the children/child and make more money. The system sure doesn't help congresswomen Karen Bass to get her funding for the real abused kids because the system abuses the power the goverment gave to them so there for they are exempt from any wrong doing or anyone to sue them or the states.....thats very sad!!! just look up the history of how cps started with funding, Walter Mondale and then more and more cases were open for states to get more funding and the funding is called General Funds but we tax payers do not know where all the money to General Funds go, what about all our Congress, why don't they cut back on their pay? they make salary but what about the million a year to run the office, that doesn't include all the codel trips and mileage for that family vacation. God Bless the American people for paying out dearly in tax's. CPS HAS TO STOP GETTING FUNDED TO TAKE OUR KIDS AWAY, then the state gets double pay because the parents have to pay for any placement or treatment done, so where does that money go back too our goverment?
In Texas, it appears that even family members aren't considered care givers even when their is no just reason.
In short I am dealing with cpos on completely false information.
My three children were taken Aug. 31 2012. They were not abused nor neglected. CPS took my ex’s mothers word as the Holy Gospel. She lived next door and was calling them every other day. My husband and I got in trouble for growing Marijuana, and that is not the reason they gave us for taking the children, they said it was due to my mental illness. Which they sent me to be evaluated, and it was found that I could have what my ex’s mom claimed (BPD) but that I did not present as a person with this disorder and only time would tell. I took all the classes they wanted my husband and I too, completed treatment, and engaged in services. Then they decided to place my girls with their dad who is Bi-Polar, and his mom. He is not mentally stable enough to have them on his own. Now we are getting my three step kids back, and then my son. And we have to fight for my daughters in family court. GRRRR! My ex and his mom never even wanted to see the girls, or be involved in their lives. Their mission is to make me pay for leaving and having a life. Our case worker wants me to be reevaluated, because he does not think that I am BPD, in fact he thinks that it was wrong that the girls were placed with their grandma and dad, but there is nothing that he can do.
My child and I both were a victim of the atrocities of CPS.
CPS does not protect children. They are kidnappers and the law and judges let them do it. If someone told me or I thought that one of my grandchildren were being neglicted and I went into my childs home and took that grandchild and not let them have him or her back, I would be prosicuted for kidnapping. CPS should have to prove the neglict or abuse before removing any child from their parent. In any CPS case you are guilty and never proven innocent. They destroy families, not just the parents but the whole family. CPS should not exist. If the laws were the same when I was a child, my parents and grandparents would be under the jail. I had respect for my elders and I knew by just the look on their face or the tone of their voice, i had better straighten up.

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