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My 6 children were taken by CPS based on an unsubstantiated allegation against my husband by an UNRELATED child FOUR YEARS AGO. Their ENTIRE case was prospective, ALL of my children reported that they'd never been harmed. There was a polygraph, exculpatory medical evidence, an eye witness, an alibi, several positive evaluations - NONE of it made any difference. We've been fighting this case for 2 years and are continually getting our appeals denied by a corrupt appellate court - without any opinion, which denies our right to further appeal. Oh, did I mention that I was found to have "abused" my children by exercising my right against illegal search and seizure in not allowing the investigator into my home without a warrant (required by state law when parents deny access)? This is NOT child PROTECTION. It's child TRAFFICKING.
2 years ago cps took my 5 year old son based on false allegations made by a disgruntled brother with a long criminal record. My son has been placed with the same brother and cps wants to award him custody. False allegations, lies, coercion, zero investigation by anyone, now getting my 5th public defender, fraudulated reports, no willingness to reunify my family that NEVER should have been seperated to begin with. Our Constitutional rights have been ignored and my civil liberties stomped on. They kidnapped my son under the color of law!
my name is denise davis and they are in the process of taking my kids in rancho cordova ca , from false allegations of my using crack but when i tested they came back negative im a disable mother of four children in subsidize housing and they are about to ruin my life ,my number is 916 459 7104 and i need assitance and help with all who can please im beggin you ,thank you very much.
Cps has had my 3 yr. Old for one yr. Now without any grounds! But idk what to do an have did all thats asked of me. HELP!
I'am PROUD To Sign This Because My Daughter is A Victim of CPS LACK OF DUTY,I sure Hope Weirton,WV (Hancock County) Could Get The Help It Needs,And Maby My Little Girl Would Have Never had to Fight for Her Life After over 20 some reports were made about what My Kids were Going Threw,And yes After My Little Girl Almost Died,Then They Stepped in...SHAME ON CPS
My children were taken based on False Allegations. After fighting for almost 8 years to get them back home with me, and doing everything DCS asked me to do, my parental rights were terminated. I lost my appeal to the corrupt COA in Knoxville, TN and the TN Supreme Court REFUSED to reconsider my appeal. CPS/DCS is CORRUPT and are destroying families through Legalized Kidnapping!!! CHILD ABUSE IS A CRIME and should be investigated by REAL INVESTIGATORS!!! Not by a bunch of flunky 'social wreckers' who are mostly in it for just the $$$ !!!
I hate that they are allowed to lie. They have my Grandson and said I was not considered for placement. I have all the medical records from the hospital and there was no abuse found, but yet they keep telling the Judge all kinds of lies and they are allowed.
--The U.S. Govt / judiciary is the world's largest crime organization in committing child abuse, child rape, child murder, child trafficking, fraud, corruption and extortion - Hitler's Nazis in the Family law courts / CPS and as govt /judicial officials. Judges-crime bosses with the attorneys, politicians, govt agencies and others-mafiosos all under the guise / color of law. Know the Facts, don't be fooled. Govt Child Abuse, Kidnapping and the Extortion of big money from all taxpayers and families.---
my grandchild should never have been removed from her mother since she was safe and living with me, CPS is nothing more that paid kidnappers
Despicable dept
You are the cause of destruction of families. Period.
DCS is trying to take my little 14 month old son who is perfectly normal not a thing wrong NO ABUSE at all. I am fed up with this county I am in and need some justice and some peace of mind knowing my son is not in danger of being taken away from the only one who has been around him from the day he was born and has fought at his side through 2 surgeries already.
CPS is a money grubbing illegal gov. machine.
OMG for the lady meghan who was just on here a day ago saying cps is tryin to take your baby pack up and get out of state they cant touch you leave ive been there dont chance it leave the longer you hang aroung the more they will trap and get the baby if you love and want to protect him or her go far start over god i pray for you in this time
My children had been taken years back thank heaven i have them back but i was in a abusive situation my children got taken because i was in the hospital from having a baby and they tricked me and said they were only taking them until i was better mind you my kids were never hit this was the 1st time cps was at my home my kids had perfect attendance my home was clean they said it was failure to protect instead of helping my leave they take my kids split them up in different homes my 3 oldest daughters were in the care of this supposive nurse my kids told me about the lady going to mcdonalds getting herself food and noy my kids they said we went to bed hungry many times and i visited my kids at 1 of there visits my 2 girl showed me a belt whip down her back and i reported it to the case worker she said she would investigate and called me and said that my kids will be staying that my daughter had fell and she made the kids apoligize i begged this woman to put them somewere else i felt so helpless my babies didnt get to sleep on a bed they had to sleep on a cold floor with no sheet or pillow my oldest daughter said the lady would call them her lil slaves and told her friends to go take the fostercare class that you will get paid and have some slaves to clean and do what ever you wanted them to do my kids want to speak out on this when they get of age my oldest will be 18 in 2 years and she said mama the system is evil they take us from you and we were never abused saying you failed to protect then they send us to get beat not fed and made to sleep on a cold floor i pray for all these precious babies in these awful homes god help them
I agree with the conncerns on this page.But would also add that a lot of money and trama could be saved if only next of kin,like grandparents could be looked at before removal of a child takes place.CPS could do a fast eval and move with that. Of course ALL DHHR would NOT make all that MONEY! Im just putting OUT there ,This legal way of kid-jacking must STOP!! Other alternatives are available...and should be considered for the sake of the child...Bloodline ,Family,Tradition,Should not be sweep under the rug as unimportant,and silenced.....Thank-you Hersie
CPS is currently trying to take my infant some under false allegations!
..."government out of control."
My granddaughter is in the hands of Colorado CPS, I'm being told I have no rights as a Grandmother, that she will be adopted and nothing can stop them
Stop, CPS from taking our children. Grandparents should be put on their grandchildren's birth certificates, so grandparents will have rights in the event the parent's rights are terminated.
My daughter currently is in cps custody based on hear say no facts. Then for 6 months I've been doing everthing they say and I was at least getting visits but now for the last 3 weeks I haven't even seen my daughter not because of anything i did but they said the visits made her too overloaded. Shes 5 an begs to come home. she 's failing school an tells them i wouldnt if i was home. I've done evry little thing they've asked and nothing they've promised has came through. This has got to stop!!!
They shouldnt be allowed to file false documents in court and get away with it as they did in our case, the judge told them to fix it, that is a felony. If i had done that i would have been charged with a felony and thrown under the jail.
They shouldnt be allowed to file false documents in court and get away with it as they did in our case, the judge told them to fix it, that is a felony. If i had done that i would have been charged with a felony and thrown under the jail.
Thank God my report was unfounded, but unfortunately I know this is not the end. I know it is my exes sister and he refuses to believe it even though part of it was verbatim to what she sent to me by text. I know she will just be ****ed and report us again because she is so vindictive.
The cps is rediculous. They have the worst judgement i have ever seen! They harrass people and are extremely rude. They take advantage of their power and misuse it. They r defeating the purpose.
The cps is rediculous. They have the worst judgement i have ever seen! They harrass people and are extremely rude. They take advantage of their power and misuse it. They r defeating the purpose.
I so agree with Charleston WV. They should investigate the person reporting because they are generally just doing it because of a grudge. My reporter even reported my son who is special needs. That is just pathetic.
If you think the OCS is looking out for the best interest of children, think again. What they do is more harm than good, if any good at all. The OCS has placed my children in foster care, where they are really being neglected and abused.
please put a post on fb my friend list is large and MANY of my friends are chomping at the bit to sign one
this is why cps needs to be stopped!! GOOGLE NANCY SCHAEFER on the corrupt business of child protective services.
WELL now their mother has been sendind death threats to my family memeber.. as well as her ex-con boyfriend sending death threats... AND THIS MOTHER ALLOWS THIS TYPE OF MAN SHE MET ONLINE TO LAY ON A BED AND TAKE A PIC OF MY 5 YR.OLD GRAND DAUGHTER... IN one pic she hid from dcf.. so of course they didnt look as musch into anything as they should have!!! the 2nd poic this guy the mother met onjline was layin on the bed with my grand daufghtyer with one hand down the front of his pants!!!!!!!!!!! the mother does not even know this mAN!!!!!!!!! MET HIM ONLINE AND NOW SHES IS PREG AGAIN.. AFTER KNOWING THIS CRIMINAL FOR 2 months.. and he is a big time women abuser etc it a bad record he he has!!! DCF FAILED THESE BABIES WAY TOO MANY TIMES.. AND SOME1 NEEDS TO STOP DCF.. AND TEACH THEM WHAT THESE KIDS REALLY GO THRU IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!
My family has been involved with the Iowa CPS/DHS system for the past 9 months. @ minor daughters removed from hear say, no proof. I have done hours upon hours of investigating the laws, rules, everything that pertains to removal of children, foster families, medical, etc. Not one thing that DHS does is legal or correct. Somethingneeds done about DHS NOW! So they do not tear apart innocent families, like mine. Also, our 13 year old is disabled, she has cerebral palsy and is blind. People need to start sueing DHS, CPS, and the judge that lets these things happen. Not necessarily for money, but to protect innocent families.
we are fighting for our granddaughter in cps.
I am currently dealing with cps las vegas and dss Massachusetts, my daughter is in no danger and loved beyond words, she is also an honor roll student and has huge potential for a successful future, this drama is upsetting her and breaking her spirit. i can't afford an attr. and don't know what to do to protect her???!!! i'm scared to death
During the summer visitation that my 6 year old daughter has had with her father July of 2012 there was an incident where she was sexually abused by her half-brother who is 5 years of age. Her grandmother and father found out about the incident and beat her with a switch and a belt. When she came home two weeks after the beating she still had bruises on her. The incident took place around July 17th.

Cps was informed of the sexual incident by her father a week after the incident occurred. CPS came to my home and spoke with me regarding the incident on July 27th when I informed them she was still over her fatherís house. I was unable to see or speak with my daughter until she came home on July 31st at 6:00pm. CPS came out on August 1st to speak with my daughter regarding the situation which I have tape recorded. My daughter told the caseworker that her half-brother pulled down her panties and that she was afraid to go over her fatherís house because her half-brother might touch her again or her father may beat her again. CPS investigator has refused to refer us to an advocacy group 5 times stating that my daughter was not beaten severe enough or sexually abused over a long period of time.

The case has been completely ruled out even though we have pictures of the bruising and everyone on her dadsí side of the family admits the sexual abuse did occur. The CPS investigator stated the only recommendation she has regarding the children is to have them under constant supervision. I have tons of incidents that have happened because he does not properly supervise them and I fear if my daughter goes over there again she will get sexually and physically abused.

I tried to make a police report regarding the incident and was told by the police officer he didnít feel like dealing with it so he did a CPS referral. CPS refuses to address the child abuse because we have a custody agreement out and she doesnít want to deal with the courts.

It is frustrating knowing that my tax dollars pay for CPS to protect children but this is the second time CPS has refused to help protect my daughter. It seems that because they are not getting money for removing my daughter out of my home because I am a good mother that they donít care about what happens to her. I will write whoever I can and talk to every newscaster if it protects my daughter.

I am hoping that would you would be able to assist me in correcting the investigation issues and have CPS accurately investigate my case. My daughter is in fear for her safety.
Close the programs not needed working with DCF, Too many chiefs no Indians, that is why we are having financial problems. DCF needs to Stop targeting, using our children as medical experiments and pawn, money, greed, Medicaid fraud, power and Control! Stop harming and killing our Children by putting our babies in Harm's WAY and DANGER!
There is no horror worse than dealing with the liars, deceivers and twisted manipulators that they are.
I will admit that I messed up and was using drugs which is why I'm invovled with dcf. However, never in question as the safety of my children in question. They have put me on a case management plan before the court date. I recently also have been placed on pretrail diversion probation thru which I am receiving the treatment and monitering just the same as my case plan except thru dcf there is no funding to help me. If I don't follow thru with everything they want me to do they told me they will take my 4 children away. They have all of my time filled up all week every week and so does my pretrail and I have no time left for my children. They should have dropped the case plan when my probation started. I was never around my children when I used I never put them in harms way. On top of that I was married to a man who I was not with when my children were concieved if I lose them his family is the only ones who have rights?!!? My children's fathers family said they would take then if it came to it but I have to.prove try are his nd I don't have the money. They don't take into consideration the circumstances, they don't look out for the children's best interest, nd they make it impossible for case management to ii around making the parents and children's lives still normal and functual. Something needs to be done. If I'm complying with probabtion and there is only a question of my sobriety why are they still screwing up my family????
My family is currently going through this same situation. It has been a "guilty until proven innocent" process. No one could ever know the pain and stress of having to prove yourself innocent and the fact that your rights and protection for your child are taken. It's like watching someone rip your heart out with a spoon and being paralyzed at the same time, unable to do anything to stop it. And now it comes down to "Can we even take our child in to the ER without being worried that some Dr is going to make the same mistake and wrongfully accuse us for a football injury?" I mean COME ON. It's a shame that CPS never does any investigating to determine if accusations are even legit.
nobody cares about anything but getting their piece of the pie. i never thought that would mean killing the children. these animals are sick f*ckers.
CPS needs to be regulated. My ex-mother in law tried to take my 2 kids over 20 years ago with false allegations when I moved on with my life without her son. My daughter took her kids over that same witches house for 2 weeks, she put them in the system, texted me to tell me that my grandkids were in foster care, then sent me a picture of my grandbabies. My grandbabies were placed with my ex-mother in laws brother and his wife. Before CPS involvement my grandbabies only saw their mom's paternal family twice a year. From the very start of the case the worker said she wasn't sending the kids to anyone in the county they've resided in all their lives. The kids paternal grandmother, paternal great-aunt and myself were all trying to get them and were verbally denied or discouraged from relative placement. I requested relative placement in Feb, the paperwork wasn't submitted to that unit until April, I was processed in May and got the approval in June. The worker then tells me she's not giving me the kids and I better get an attorney. Later it's revealed that my ex-mother in law claimed I played favortism and that's the only reason I can't get my grandkids. Now there's a new worker and she's saying she won't move the kids because they've been in their placement for 6 months, even though I requested placement immediately and my paperwork was delayed by the worker, probably intentionally. All allegations against my daughter were found true, even though we had tons of evidence that my ex-mother in law was lying, but no one wanted to see our evidence and it wasn't submitted in court. One worker denied all my visitation request save for one per month, but the next worker admonishes me for not visiting my grandkids often enough. My daughters public defender got the judge to agree to her being able to call the kids, but when she asked the worker for the number the worker denied it to her, fortunately that's her family so she obtained the number anyway. The judge denied my de facto parent even though the kids have primarily been in my care since birth (they're 3 & 5) and now CPS is talking about moving forward to adopt them out to my daughter's paternal great uncle & wife. This is so unfair that a vindictive ex-mother in law's lies are keeping me from my grandkids when neither her nor her family have been involved in my kids lives, let alone my grandkids. That woman has already been proven in the past to lie to CPS to try to take custody of kids she wants, yet CPS chooses to believe her. They didn't even follow the law about taking the parents requests in consideration and what's in the best interest of the kids, as both parents and the paternal grandparents want the kids with me, not to mention my 5yr old grandson is still (6 mos later) asking me to go back home with me. We need an attorney but can't afford one, nor will one be appointed because we're "just grandparents". A lot of reform needs to be done in this system because the workers are
We are currently one of those families. We are a peaceful, loving family that has NEVER had any issues and because someone who doesn't even know us made a statement we have gone thru HELL. My children do not need to be traumatized by the system any longer!
This has gone on to far. I demand my child to come home to me immedietly. What hapend to our constatutional rights? He is being abused in the dcs care in Indiana. Everywhere, childern are evn dying in there care. Please hear our voices, we are one. United WE STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
Beware of a judge in Hill County' that choose to believe a registered sex offender over my daughter ( who has no criminal record) and awarded my two year old grandson to the sex offender.
CPS made 2 visits second visit the lady did not work for CPS but Cleburne TX Kelly Mitchell under FBI investigation for taking Noah Daniels
CPS took my children away on nothing more than a few words from my ex. Then gave me ultimatums destroying my constitutional rights just to be able to see them for an hour a week.
Kern County cps are dirty as they come I completed all the programs that they asked of me and I had to fire my court appointed attorney cause he was hurting my case and cps found something new to keep from giving my kids back. They provided services to one of my kids dad who was the cause of why they were taken but didnt give me the services and ended up giving him custody of our son and my parents custody of my other son while my other son reached the age of 18. They lied my substance abuse counselor lied and I never got a chance to speak at any of the court hearings and wasnt given a fair hearing. I refuse to allow this to continue and want to play a big part in taking down the system itself.


My drs office is investigating bruises on my 17 yr old who is in temporary foster care at facility because she has an emotional disability. She has been victim of 3 assaults with concussions & now is being assaulted by staff for having PTSD in addition to federally recognized disability.
We need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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