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CPS stole our child at birth. These people have zero accountability. We want them held CRIMINALLY & CIVILLY LIABLE like the rest of us are when we commit a crime.
These CPS wokers need to get off their lazy butts and realize these ppl children! My childern bein beaten and do something about it!! I'm sick of it getting worse and their too damn lazy to do their job in saving innocent lives!! Please help my daughters come back home!!
Please help my kids they need to come home were they belong.
Please help my kids they need to come home were they belong.
CPS is the devil!
I've experienced this first hand Glad to sign this petition.
C.P.S. always acts outside of the law and the Judges that side with unfactual evidence or statements or reporting are working outside of the law also inwhich makes them no better then common criminals. C.P.S ethics are of low or no standards.
I have been subject to this very nightmare as a parent wrongly accused and abused by this corrupt system, known oddly enough, as the Department of Children and Family Services and/or Child Protective Services. Working under the guise of protecting this nations children from being abused by their own parents. Parents, who in most cases, are not abusing these children, THEIR children, whom they love, at all! In all actuality, what they are doing is nothing more than trying to raise them the best way they know how. Some with very meager means and resources to work with. They claim to be saving our children from harm by predicting abuse and neglect where it hasn't happened. DCFS/CPS, in all of their infinite wisdom, can foresee a future of detriment for a child that no one else can? No one that works or operates outside that agency or it's affiliates, of course. In mine and my daughters case, their decision to remove her from my care, all the while totally ignoring and abusing all of our constitutional rights, has resulted in disaster for us over the past 5 plus years since our nightmare began. Now it spans over three state lines and I'm now fighting with the State of Louisiana to regain custody of her. She's going to be 15 on September 1, 2013. She was kidnapped in California and taken from me on November 11, 2007. I lost all contact with her up until March of 2012. I find myself still at odds with these people because of their accusatory, snide and downright hostile and uncooperative attitudes which flows over into their Operating Procedures. Procedures which I find to be uncalled for and at the very least degrading. Calling for mandatory random drug testing, (When there is no prior history of any drug rehabilitation or arrests), in conjunction with submitting to and enrolling in a 90 day in-house drug rehab program. This amounts to as much as self incrimination! That's just for starters! Sexual behavior classes, parenting classes, psychiatric therapy, allowing them access to your home without notice at any time, your name on a National Child Abuse Index along with real child murderers and pedophiles! Alll with absolutely no substantiation or proof of their claims other than hearsay from a disgruntled ex and/or another nameless faceless accuser. But the worst part is what this has done to my daughter and the irreparable damage done to her all because CPS acted in a fashion that was inexcusable in it's all-knowing, all-seeing, self-riteous capacity as glorified, government sanctioned kidnappers and home wreckers. She has been shuffled back and forth, neglected in a tangible sense this time around, been in and out of children's hospitals, been prescribed and forced to take psychotropic meds, without my knowledge or consent, She has missed going to school for months at a time, with no alternate schooling having been set into motion resulting in her educational goals in relation to her age,being off target by at least 3 years. CPS had braces put
I have grandchildren in foster care. I was told by NFC they would be placed in my home when I follow their instructions. I did everything I was told and the GAL refuted the recommendations of the agency in court. The judge sided with the GAL and the lies of the CPS worker whose name is on an "Unfounded" report dated months earlier. In the foster home, my granddaughters' hair was not washed or combed for 7 weeks and my grandson said the foster parent kicked him. I was told by the caseworker to call the hotline. I called the hotline and my grandchildren are still in the same foster home. I also told the hotline that the girls had been in organized activities outside of the home and my grandson was to start T-ball this spring. The girls were allowed to start in a drill team for 2 weeks and removed as punishment for “acting up in the household”. My grandson who was 5 yrs old at the time was placed on psychotropic drugs. This tells me that the foster parent was aware of the call to the hotline. At this time none of my grandkids are in any structured activities. I am now allowed 1 supervised visit a month where I have been told not to speak of anything that is going on in the foster home. I feel they are being held hostage so as not to inform anyone of what is really going on within the foster home. CPS has now become legalized human trafficking and providing the "gateway drug" which is used to control children who resist the unnecessary removals from family.
My 2 year old and 4 year old were taken from me. They took my rights without any proof I neglected or abused them. they need stoped!!
They have truly hurt the children beyond words can express and destroyed the most important family bonds.
They have truly hurt the children beyond words can express and destroyed the most important family bonds.
MY kids are 26, 23, 20! I am STILL fighting the SAME false allegations that were never supported by any type of colloberation, much less A PROPONDERANCE, except now its dealing with my 2 year old grandaughter I have literally had since the day she was born, 2 old reports made against me are raised and now include false statements added by editing the record that I have DUI and 3 child endangerment warrents currently active against me, FROM 1996!!!!! i have never been charged with either EVER IN MY LIFE I have submitted a true copy of my dmv record as well as paid to be fingerprinted and a criminal background ran on myself showing these are not true statements, the response? LOL, if they are active, then NO I would not have them on my record since I havent been arrested yet LOL and the DUI nevermind thats not a warrent but a traffic violation, immediately and permaenty on your driving record convicted or not.....the original complaint against me was alledgedly failiing to protect, however the legal standard is KNOWINGLY ALLOWED, which I did not know of the false allegations my ex husband raised until after they were made, and at no point NONE does CPS ever ask DID YOU TELL YOUR MOTHER, DID SHE KNOW, WHEN DID YOUR MOM KNOW HOW DID MOM FIND OUT, DID MOM SEE omg THESE PEOPLE, they seriously need stopped, they just do, we spend over 30K in lawyer fees for a custody dispute that spanned 2 decades, CPS investigations was a favorite delaying tactic to keep it dragging on and on and depleting our assests nevermind the havoc that was wreaked on our lives, thats immeasurable by any standard, what my own kids were subjected to being in the middle of their parents their entire childhood, literally 5/6 to present age actually. CPS WORKERS NEED THE COVER OF IMMUNITY STRIPPED, THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE AS EQUALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL ABUSE THEY INFLICT ON OUR CHILDREN AS AN ACTUALLY ABUSIVE PARENT, NO LESS. THEY NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR CONDUCTING FALSE, HALF ASSED, INCOMPETENT AND OR INTENTIONALLY DAMAGING INVESTIGATIONS THEY CONDUCT BY THE THOUSANDS DAILY ON FAMILIES! MONETARILY LIABLE AS WELL AS PUNISHABLE BY THE VERY SAME CODES, LAWS POLICIES THEY DISREGARD EVERY SINGLE DAY!




Maybe they need to come back down here with the little people, get a dose of this reality???
Grandson was born in San Diego Feb.27 2009. 2 weeks later
daughter went to Arizonia to try and then all hell broke loose.
CPS Needs to be stopped they are evil.
As a mother that has been threw it and is still liveing each day at a time counting the days that I could hold my son and daughter agin.I like many have had the most important people in this world tooken from me.that changed my life forever.cps really did wrong to me and my family.my 2 yearold and new born were tooken from me for wrong reasons.you know how they say everyone gets a sec chance.well mine never did.I strongly belive that noone will love and take care of your babys like a mother could.ya they have grandma tia but a mothers love you cant compare.cps have covered lies afther lies..I truely feel your pain if you like I have been a victme of cps.
We need to get together to stop this domestic terrorism!!!! These are our kids and we will not put up with this!!!!
The actions of the CPS are deplorable. I am confused as to why know one has stopped them. I have caught them in several lies, they are highly manipulative and deceitful. If you need help getting the word out, I would be happy to help.
Cps should not be allowed to maintain a shroud of secrecy where non custodial grandparents are concerned. They have a God complex when it comes to giving you any information, approving visits even with a perfect background check of a grandparent that has helped raise that child. This is def not in the best interest of the child and hurtful and damaging to the relationship. PLEASE conduct a congressional investigation into this rampant violation of rights and the impact this unspeakable emotional abusehas on our nations children. Broken hearted grandma:(
Cps should not be allowed to maintain a shroud of secrecy where non custodial grandparents are concerned. They have a God complex when it comes to giving you any information, approving visits even with a perfect background check of a grandparent that has helped raise that child. This is def not in the best interest of the child and hurtful and damaging to the relationship. PLEASE conduct a congressional investigation into this rampant violation of rights and the impact this unspeakable emotional abusehas on our nations children. Broken hearted grandma:(
My friend recently had her daughter removed because he abusive ex she just left said she was doing drugs infront of their daughter when in fact it was him, and also come to find out he put a cigarette out on the babys leg while mom was at work. The CPS worker told her (my friend) mother she was gonna go ahead and take my friend off the case and adopt her daughter out because she doesn't deserve her because she's poor and she (CPS worker) has lied multiple times and went on leave without any notice to anyone. CPS is corrupt and violates many rights.
Got reported bc I has my 10 yr old help me with her younger siblings if one needed help while I was cooking. The followkng week they reportrd me again bc I had a glass of wine mixed with orange juice. I was told this should t be repeated if I Wasn't anti social with the people who called and bc my kids are bi racial
my daughter an addict for 5 years gave birth to a addicted baby and I signed the papers with CPS to supervise and care for the baby, after 2 reports opened and closed because I signed supervision. now my daughter has left with guy with 27 convictions and both are addicts. they sell the food stamps for drugs and when I opened the report for fear of my granddaughter, the CPS worker couldn't even guarantee me that my granddaughter was safe. I put everything into my daughter and my granddaughter and all's they say is get third party custody. I want to know why someone with 27 convictions and a parent who cant stay awake long enough to smoke a cigarette is allowed to care for a baby who has withdrawals still. In this case CPS is not doing their job and that poor child will be a victim to all the drug friends
God Bless the Rule of Law!
cps has taken my kids on a false report and with out a werrentt and went into my home without a serch werrent please help me asp so my kids can come home soon thank u for your time .
My child was just removed from my home for what they termed a filthy house. I am on TANF as well as my son is on SSI. They arrested me on top of everything. PLEASE CHANGE THINGS!!! Make these people accountable. Make them show proof of actual abuse and to anyone out there when they first make contact with you for ANY reason do NOT let them in. I am losing having my child home, with me, where he should be for at least 3-4 months. DON'T let this happen to you. I just want my son back and I want these people OUT of our lives. I have never felt more harassed and violated in my life and then arresting me on top of it. DON'T let it happen to you. The minute they knock on your door that first time, tell them NOTHING, REQUIRE them to come back with a court order or warrant before they are allowed access. You never believe it is going to happen to you until it does and then you have to figure out how to not only get your child back but play their game, and it IS a game, in the meantime.
Uner current law, CPS is allowed to remove a child without any evidence or court or citing "Best interest of the child." There currently is no legal definition, except defined by CPS on the spot.
Title IV funding encourages CPS to remove a child (with or without evidence) & place that child in a foster home as opposed to leaving the child with the parents or relatives. They make more money!
Once a child is removed, the parents are automatically placed on the state registry for abuse & neglect, even if you have not been found guilty.
CPS circumvents Miranda laws, because the parent is rarely if ever charged with a crime & never sees the inside of a criminal court. This also circumvents the 6th Amendment, as CPS is required under the law to protect the identity of the accuser.
CPS can petition to revoke parental rights, even if they can't find any evidence of abuse & neglect!
CPS gets bonuses for having children adopted out of foster care. Many times the adoptive parents are the foster parents, who also get funding to help raise this child outside of the REAL parents' home; even after the adoption.
cps is nothing but lies
we need to find a way to truly and genuinely protect our children the present state of affairs inside these agencies is simply unacceptable i have a story second to none
also start testing children for date rape drugs, the perfect way for molesters and abusers to never get caught and a child's life to be ruined
My main concern is the lack of checks and balances in the Department of Children and Family Services. Workers should be held accountable for even the slightest lie or falsification of a document. There should be very few instances where a child is removed immediately without some investigation taking place first, as removing a child from his or her primary caretaker is very traumatizing for a child.
Our child protection system is funded upside-down thus it is operated in the same manner. Calling upon a report I got out of Texas you will see that more than 90% of the Social Security Title IV funding is mandated for use to break the family apart with less than 5% going to programs for family preservation. That is a 19:1 ratio in favor of family destruction. Family preservation systems that operate as a child process of Child Protection Systems are destined to fail.
Over the years the funding earmarked for adoptions has caught most people’s attention. But over the last few years there has been a shift toward “Kinship Care” programs. Both systems receive IV-E funding and require removal from the home. Thus investigators concentrate harder on finding a reason to remove the children than provide safety services. Which may be the reason 54% of the 211 Texas children who died in 2011 had prior/open cases.
Cps took my grandkid's & they have played a lot of game's with my daughter & us. The are lying out there teeth.
my gf is going though the same stuff and nothings been proven and its all hearsay.
I am one of the ppl who has had this happen to me.
This is my third go round with CPS and my child actually is being abused. She was born without a rectum opening and had surgery as a newborn to construct her one. She has potty accidents and has also been diagnosed as emotionally disturbed by the school district professionals. She is violent, non compliant, and tries to run off campus at school and has been suspended over 10 times in the 1st grade and is facing an ARD to send her to alternative school.. I have tried to take her to counseling but with each therapist her father withdrawals consent. The 1st report of sexual abuse was when she was four, the 2nd report from the school (not me) at 5, and the current case at 6. She has suffered retaliation from her father for telling and he refuses not to administer corporal punishment on a child who was born WITHOUT a rectum for violence and potty accidents. He cites Internet articles as his source if validation in this instead of listening to the professionals who know this child and her issues personally, her surgeon and therapists. Did I mention daddy is a military officer and black hawk pilot? My 6 year olds statements (not in her exact words unless "quoted" that brought about this current case:

1. Daddy smacked me so hard my "princess bed broke" , he had to rebuild it with wood from Home Depot and the broken pieces are in the garage w the remnants if the pieces he cut to rebuild the bed. The neighbors heard me screaming and knocked on the door to make sure everything was ok, "daddy told them there was nothing going on". She said he need to "furnish" the rebuilt part. She meant varnish!

2. She interrupted me in conversation about her getting enough rest so she wouldn't be cranky at school and told me, "my daddy is funny, he puts poo poo on me" when questioned she elaborated that he uses salad tongs that he keeps in her bathroom to smear feces on her forehead and then calls her "shit head" when she has accidents. BTW he has two sets of salad scoopers, she said.

I am self employed and this school year I have missed almost two months of work either being called to school for her behavior, staying home with her suspended or in meetings at school or with counselors trying to get her help. I am financially drained which benefits her father because he knows if I don't work I don't get paid and the abuse continues because I can't afford a lawyer and I make too much to qualify for legal aid. This time I took my April rent money for my office and home and gave it to an attorney for a protective order for her.

This was my text to the CPS caseworker after the forensic interview today after she informed me that daddy was interviewed and informed well before our daughter even had her forensic interview.

Thank you CPS (sarcasm) for not calling and speaking with KHO's counselors, or waiting until her forensic interview was completed to notify and question her father, thus sabotaging any chance law enforcement might have had at a chance of cond
I feel that state police should interview a child with witness and a cps person ...... that way what was said is in a report and recorded on tape or voice anyhow........
Well written
Ripping families apart for money...evil uneducated bastards
Ripping families apart for money...evil uneducated bastards
Once Cps & family court get involved its as if you have no rights and you can never win the battle with as many facts you bring and the only assumptions they brings!!!! This needs to be addressed !!!
Include the department of licensed resources in this discussion--they can ruin a good business when they team with cps.
or where disabled and aged out without help.
**** CPS
Do your jobs, you avaricious self-aggrandizing creeps!
DCF stole my sister on lies.

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