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My young cousins were being sexually abused by their father and grandparents. When their mother tried to protect her children CPS took the children away from her and gave them to the abusive grandparents. CPS threatened the mother and other members of the family who tried to help. There are countless innocent families and children who have been hurt by this process and i would like to see some significant changes! We are at the mercy of the whims and prejudices of CPS. CPS supposedly protect children from abusers but who is protecting the people when CPS becomes the abuser?
when is anyone gonna see our family's are being destroyed by these actions taken for senseless causes??? I want my grandsons back with there real biological family(they call us mom-maw n po-paw) not strangers that they have never met or known. How can one country be so cruel to the ones they are suppose to LOve and standby.
Daria Mowry, Marty Vining and Darcy Schindle (Rupp) unjustly kidnapped several children from a loving home and are forcing them to live in an abusive home...the writing is on the wall for another child death at the hands of these monsters.
my grandchildren were legally kidnapped by CPS on Sept 10, 2014. They are still being held hostage. they removed the children from a "safe loving" home and gave them to the abusers.
Start Charging Them Criminally for removing Children for False Accusations !! Make CPS Prove without Reason Doubt in Every Case ...that Removing The Children was the only option left after Giving Parents every resource available to fix the current situation that brought on the investigation to begin with !!!
My children was kidnapped by CPI in 2005 now they have kidnapped my grand daughters (their father was murder) I have custody but they had the mother (she is the one that murdered my son never been charged) sign them over, cpi worker stole my documentation and kidnapped the girls.
Cps took all three of my children away. my two oldest who are adopted together in the same home the adopted parents lied to the court about me. My youngest child is adopted with another couple it open adoption. When my 3rd child was born few minutes after he was born cps was there. They had no right I just had surgery C-section the lady was asking question I was right out of surgery I couldn't answer cause I was in pain and woozy and I am a red flag if I have any more children in the future. I would like to at least if I can't get justice against CPS I would like to at least be removed from there list so I can be free to have another child without cps showing up at the hospital.
My kids were taken by cps my oldest son who is only 5 is placed in a home with two gay men by himslef and now they are putting things in his head and now all of a sudden he is saying that he was abused . None of my children have ever been abused I also have twins that r 1 that have been sick now for for at least 1-2 months. Cps does not help in most cases they only destroy happy homes and families
There is something corruptly wrong with A system that believes its acceptable to destroy good families...the very entity with the power to protect abused children has Itself become an abusive tyrant!!
As a nurse stationed in a CPS office and working with social workers and CPS families, I see far too much bureaucracy and far too little common sense when it comes to CPS cases in general. As a parent, I fear more what CPS would think (I know what evidence they typically use) than I should as a conscientious and loving mother.
I was involved with CPS> What A battle.
Here is a link to my oun troubles with Bastrop, Tx DFPS.
You may contact me by phone 772 359 2736 or by email at MarieGill55.mg@gmail.com.









My son was "legally kidnapped" by the Seminole County Department of Children and families. I am hard working single mom. I don't get welfare or child support. I work for what I have. I own a business, and also work two part time job. My story goes so deep, but true. I can prove and validate everything I am telling you. In August 2014, CPS showed up to my house, asking to speak to the parent of "Dominick"... I told them they need to check out the source of their information because they don't even have my child's name right. His name is Donnivan. They claimed they had reports saying that the previous night I had been highly intoxicated and had threatened to cause harm to my son. They accused me of being an alcoholic and a drug addict. I took a drug text on the spot, passed. Of course. I don't do drugs. I drink on occasion, which is any right for a 29 year old woman. Those accusations were made by my mentally unstable neighbor, and were deemed unfounded. I have the letter stating "Thank you for your cooperation and the investigation is closed with no findings."

In March of this year, they show up to my home again claiming that they have been receiving reports from my "neighbors" (the same neighbor... no "s" at the end) that I allegedly always leave my son home alone until all hours of the night, that I'm always sloppy drunk falling all over everywhere, and that I am abusive towards my son. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, THIS IS THE FARTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH. Anyone who meets Donnivan can see that he comes from a VERY loving home. I was working 50 hours a week as a server and cocktail waitress at a bar during Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until closing every night. And working on making my incorporated business successful. I have this interview recorded with the CPS investigator and Officer interviewing/accusing me of being an alcoholic and drug addict AGAIN. They also claimed he was "close to being truant" even though he has only missed 12 days in the TOTAL year. A child has to have 15 unexcused absences in a trimester to be considered truant. And those 12 absences has not effected his grades, he is an A/B student. The investigator was condescending, insulting, accused me of lying to her repeatedly, even though I can prove she was lying on multiple occasions during this interview. She blatantly accused me AGAIN of being a drug addict, and an alcoholic. I have the occasional couple glasses of wine, usually on a Friday night. I had to take ANOTHER urine test on the spot, surprise, surprise, NO DRUGS. I don't do drugs. I'm STRONGLY against it. Even after I had tested clean twice, spontaneously, I was still being told I am a drug addict, and she smugly tells me she is taking my son into protective custody. When I dropped my baby off to school that Thursday, the last thing I thought would happen, did. The state came in and stole my son. On false allegations that could never be proven, that never will be proven BECAUSE THEY ARE FALSE. I have all t
they railroaded me so bad, they gave my son to his father who was the one that closed fisted him and gave my daughter drugs, plus his parole conditions were that he was to have no contact with my son until dec of 2017, but cps somehow got that lifted. And what is crazy is I did nothing and they took them from me and gave them to him.
I am a survivor of severe child abuse. All the while I was growing up reports to welfare were made by witness's. No one did a thing. I see children being abused and neglected, and have called CPS and just like when I was a child they do NOTHING to help children who are indeed being abused. CPS should not handle child abuse cases. America should end CPS it is a waste!
While in the hospital my 15 year old daughter was stayung with friends.As she has Asperger's the family coyld not keep her. The dss of NC promised to put her in a famoly and the worker Christine Hooker swore up and down that the moment I come out I can pick her up. I had her repeat this several tImes. She is still in foster care an they do not even allow me to talk to her freely. There in no neglect no abuse and my daughter is unhappy and wants to cime home. This is an abomination.
I have never had to deal with a more evil corrupt system than CPS! They are NOT protecting children they are protecting their jobs!
I demand that the state return my child back into my arms where he needs to be and belongs. My civil and consistutional rights are being so wrongly violated and so are my childs rights most of all the torture we have to live day after day is unbareable and I demand relief from the daily horror my child and myself are living! I want my son Hayden Michael Hicks safely retuned Now!!!!
This is my second case with CPS. There have been false allegations of me sexually abusing my chidren. They called off visits until I completed an interview with police department. I went to my attorneys office three times and cakled the police department to come to the office to interview me and they never showed. When I returned home they called and told me to come to the police department and I told them to contact my attorney. The following Monday my visits were back on and I never completed an interview with the police department. This is a terrible accusation to make on a parent because u are upset with them because u are not doing your job and I pointed it out to u. To me it was a threat for me to shut my mouth or this is what u can do to me. These people are the devil and they need to be stopped.
Its absolutely insane that my granfson cpuld be placed with me but hasnt been .hes in a spanish speaking only home. Real harm is bei g done to these children The sytem is all scewed up and laws need to be changed . Torn my life apart. ....sickening!
We are involved with cys in washington,pa. Had our child removed when no abuse was founded, but because the caseworker didnt like my sons father and told me she couldnt have kids and my son shouldnt live with a piece of work like him.and its been over a yr. And my son is still dependent and having problems at school he never before, sick when he never was before cause he wants to come, and we have lost time watching our son grow and be the happy, healthy child he was.. its sad when kids are dying, andbeing sexually assaulted in foster care or abused even in their own home and nothing is bein done, but they are ruining kids and families that dont deserve it!!!!
please help us in Caldwell county nc they have forcibly removed so many children in this county for unjust reasons it is ridiculous including my 5 grandchildren
These agencies need to be brought to account for their actions and when a person or agency violates 4th or 14th amendment rights they need to be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

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