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Walker county Georgia dfch came across stateline into Chattanooga Tennessee, and kidnapped my two week old grandson. Need help fighting to.get our little man home!!
In sept 2013 there was a "report of substance abuse alligations" and although i passed a hair and urine drug screen showed them my home, in dec 2013 they took my (then 1 year old) son into "protective" services. He is now 2 ive been fighting ever since, everytime i get what they want done they add on another recomendation. I live in FLorida and im fighting South Georgia I am a single mother of 3 children and they know i have my daughters full time but only got my son....i cant make any sense of this....i honestly think it has come down to the $ being made off this...My son is mixed (black/white) and my daughter are not (white non hispanic) i feel it has come down to a racial thing and twice now ive been denied custody back because the case worker Candice Yarbrough Monroe County (forsythe GA) failed to submit information/paperwork. Something has GOT to get done these people GOT to get exposed!!!!!!
A child is a gift from God..The ENTIRE SYSTEM seems to have forgotten that "What is In The Best Interests Of The Child". Instead, it appears that THEY have developed a NEW LOVE and that is the love of MONEY-the GREEN STUFF. It appears to line their pockets quite well,makes them turn their heads when needed, lose important paperwork at the last minute,and/or create or add false statements to LEGAL court documents, sometimes at the last minute( some refer to this as a blindside ).
if you really care about these poor kids please investigate RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA take kids that aren't abused and won't help kids who are abused
Cps and fosters should not be able to cover up or withhold information about the children from their parents our the court.
Nore should they be able to manipulate the child or with hold child's testimony.
All cps csame services should be designed individually not the same
They need to stop taking children for no reason and keep children out of danger who's life is really at risk .
They persecute and jail the lawyers and judges who try to blow the whistle on the criminal activity of the CPS. They murdered Senator Nancy Schaefer when she tried to do something. The problem must run much deeper than CPS. I'm praying hard that there is a way for change to come about. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Look up "10 things you must do if CPS comes to your door."
These people aren't state regulated. Its a sick game. 9th st riverside county california. County farm road, riverside California. And the same lady from my childhood, old and still lying.
Damaged by the system over one decade ago. Still mourning my tragic loss.

FACT: If you commit a crime, you get a jury of twelve. If CPS decides to rip your precious children away from you, and judge you unfairly, there's no jury. Does that make sense?Secrecy + Money = Corruption. How could the government create the laws from 1997 which gives money to CPS for EACH child they adopt out, and not think that unscrupulous people would not see dollar signs? Shine the light on CPS, bring their dealings out of the darkness. By the way, I think that this evil goes much deeper than CPS, follow the money.
Blount county dhr is a joke.They treat people like they are nothing.
Stop the corruption!! Help bring my baby back home!! My case my didn't have yo go ad far as it did. I want my Anthony. He's my personal property he came from me!! I want him more than my own breath. Please.....
Stop the corruption!! Use tax dollars on the teal deals. Get a life!!!
This system needs reformed in so many ways. This is such a broken system and it is the children who are paying for it all! Absolute Injustice to Innocent Children.
My kids have been taken and stripped of my fatherly right to parent them based on lies, half-truths and false allegations. The system has used my military experience against. I have never abused my kids in any shape or form. Yet, the mother has abused my kids many times with evidence to prove it with her known drug use and physical abuse and she continues to be allowed to have the kids. I have stood up for my kids safety and wellbeing and have been told I have no right to do so. Based on of opinion of cps caseworker is what this system has based their judgement on. This worker has even stated he has never liked me from the start. There is no equality within this system and we need to stand up against the tyranny. The intire system needs to be reformed and those who have been part of the system need to be held accountable for their actions.
my kids were taken away cause of a cluttered house told to clean it and we did they still took them put In foster care just read my file lot so of lies and they have no proof of their allegations mostly heresay I love my kids and want them back did not get a chance to go with family members
family ripped apart by cps lots of lies no proof
united as one divided by none
my family was ripped apart by cps cooperstion.the saddezt part no.proof of any abuseon.kids.cps still adopted them out. .just for there money for there cooperation..
CPS lied in court documents against my family. We have been torn apart by a worker who lies and has hurt our children terribly. The attorney's they have appointed have lied. This abuse has to stop.
Please fix our system. Children are being kidnapped and killed at the hands of CPS! These are peoples lives! They are not just numbers and cases! This terrorism has to be stopped!
Please fix our system. Children are being kidnapped and killed at the hands of CPS! These are peoples lives! They are not just numbers and cases! This terrorism has to be stopped!
I have been fighting with dss to get my kids back. Case has been open since September. Kids were taken in October , they are with family. The safety order ended Jan. 9 and they say that doesn't count. I thought they had no more than 90 days to prove there case or drop it. Now they have my kids on meds. to calm them down that I don't approve of. I have had 2 different case workers and they are giving us the run around. Trying to get money up for a lawyer but im low income and can afford one. I have tried the free lawyer system in sc but the ay until kids are taken for good they cant help me. I don't know where to turn and I am due anytime now and they are trying to take this one to. They say I neglected and abused my kids but yet they have no proof. How can they do this. My kids don't even know what to say to me since they have been coaching them my 6 year old just says I love you mama and that's it he is scard to talk. My 4 year old they keep telling him his daddy is dead and the my soon to be husband isn't his daddy. Why would you tell a 4 year old something like that. Not sure where to turn. Need help. I have called dss in Columbia and they keep telling me I have to talk to the workers in my county I try to get somewhere but am getting now where. HELP!!!!!
When my daughter was two months old I took her to the hospital she was born at because her pediatrician told me "never be afraid to take her to the ER if we can't see her in our office" From birth my daughter had a swollen lymph node on the side of her naturally lumpy head, and it appeared to me that she might have one on the other side, her primary clinic had no appointments available for that day. Upon taking her into the ER she was examined by 2 nursed and 1 Doctor, given an MRI and the diagnosis was that she was fine. The medical social worker for the hospital came in and advised me that because of the age of my daughter she is mandated to call Child Protective Services to "interview" me. This was a Friday that I spent all morning and afternoon with my child at the hospital. The CPS worker arrived at the hospital around 5:00 p.m. and asked a few questions about my daughter and why I'd come to the ER. I answered honestly, and that took all of 5 minutes. For the remainder of 110 minutes I was then questioned about my own childhood (I was in their CPS system) referencing my Mother and Grandmother by name, and probing me about my adolescent depression. She even went so far as to point her pen at scars on my arms that are well over 15 years old and ask "How old are these?" I cooperated fully. The CPS worker then said she needed to take a picture of "the bruise" on my daughters head. There was no bruise, even the Doctor that previously examined her came in to try and find this mysterious "bruise" but the worker insisted and a picture of my daughters head was taken, The social worker spoke to her Supervisor and based on completely false, 100% erroneous information, a warrant was issued hastily by a judge that was already on his way out for his weekend. That social worker was apparently done with her shift and left once I was told that they were going to remove my child. Just like any mother, I am very attached to my child. She had never had so much as a diaper rash. Because of being raised in a highly disfunctional home rampant with all things negative, I may have been overly careful which was the whole reason for the visit to the ER in the first place, but I thought better safe than sorry. The on-call social worker reviewed the information he was given and spoke with me about the events of the day at the hospital. He examined my child, and had another Doctor (that's 3 Doctors total) examine her again, confirming yet again that there was no cause for the warrant. The worker told me that he'd been in this line of work for many years and he was going to try to reverse the warrant. Unfortunately, after 6:00 p.m. on a Friday there was nothing that could be done. That social worker sat there and cried with me saying that in all his years, he'd had some questiontionable removals, but this was the first time he did not want to take the child from it's home. I was forced to hand my child over to someone I didn't know for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I
Make CPS worker And her Supervisor held accountable for Knowingly providing FALSE documents without Proof to the court.
Also Make them personally Accountable especially if the Father juat wants to Be A Good daddy and wasn't ALLOWED that from the people CPS is getting the lies from.
The list of 13 items that are NOT currently being done, needs to be implemented right away! IF they were there would be MORE success in stopping true abuse. ANYONE...you, me, your neighbor that does not like you, a teacher that you don't agree with, a family member that does not like parenting style, etc...can make an allegation against you and there you go, you have a record with DSS/CPS that will be there forever! Further more, if you are not familiar with your constitutional rights, you better get familiar with them because these agencies are abusing these rights and taking them from families every day! Please sign so the "powers that be" know we know what are rights are, know what is being done currently and that we are DEMANDING change!
CPS has done nothing but LIE to my son and his wife. My granddaughter is a healthy happy 3 & 1/2 month old. I guess she is a very desired child for them to adopt out. This baby has never even had a diaper rash. My son and his wife are 18 but they are exceptional parents and are very protective. So far they haven't been able to live in the same home since Dec 30, 2014. The 1st court date (motion hearing for temporary custody) they had 1 day's notice. It was pure luck they got a hold of their attorney and he was able to be there. Now Friday (1/17/15) the slime ball case worker drops papers of at my son's work no less stating they have to take their baby for more xrays and blood work before Tuesday! Besides the fact she has already had 7 xrays and 1 ct scan already conveniently Monday is Martin Luther King Day. I guess he was thinking he'd slip that in before they could contact attorney. She won't be getting those xrays unless they have a court order. This is all crazy. If the othet xrays were enough of a reason to place her in another home why aren't they good enough for Kosair's to look at? Xrays (& ct scan) will be taken at same hospital as before. I never thought this could happen in my family but it did and it's ripping our hearts out. Please pray our baby gets back home with her parents where she belongs!
I have never seen a gov't agency make up the LAW as they go along. As a vet, I am sorry I fought to defend this part of my country.
CPS is a disgusting group of human beings. The only thing they are protecting is their wallets. Let parents be parents.
My granddaughter was put in foster care 2mths ago she was only a few weeks old.Dhr never ask me which is grandma or any other family members if we would take the baby.Yes we would have my daughter field a petition 2mths ago but still nothing she is going on 4 mths old she needs to be with her family. please help.Dhr has not gone by any rules they just treat us like we are animals it is time we speak out.
parents are the victims in alot of the cases not all but alot of them
This system does not work...needs to be abolished....
This article is so totally correct. However, as Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer said before she was murdered......"THE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED!"
CPS needs to be put back in its place. They lie, violate people's Constitutional rights. They don't even follow their own department policies and procedures. You need to get a lawyer, also you need to make sure you know your Constitutional rights. Do not let them in the house, do not let them interview your kids at school. Ask to see a warrant.
CPS needs reform and accountability! NO MORE LIES!
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