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Give us someone to go to when we have a problem with the CPS
Give us someone to go to when we have a problem with the CPS
Free children to families that are deemed to have no record of doing any wrong doings like my self. I have a clean record and my housing eval good. Social worker said I would have no problem getting my grandson and when I went to court we was all ahocked. The GAL attorney said he was a foster child and my grandson would be better off with foster family. Judge said I don't think you want him anyway. I am denied. Too many more families are in the same boat as I. Free families that are good and if a parent is truly trying these kids need to be freed to them. There is no perfect person in this world. A little mistake that is not the case of abusing your child shouldn't then be forced into adopting to non family memebers. I pray doors are open and the people see the light in the name of Jesus.
"Removing" children from their parents is kidnapping according to the 7 Noahide Laws.
Been here...this NEEDS to happen! Lost 9 months of my children's lives including my infant who was nursing at the time! Never even got to see a court, only bc we moved to another county did we get our kids back, that and a senator on our side!!
Yes, the system needs reform and has needed it for decades. More can and should be done but the things outlined in this petition are spot on and should be implemented immediately!
I am signing this as a victim of MT CPS based on completely false and malicious accusations by an ex who had already lost previous children and was UNDER INVESTIGATION by CPS...PLEASE STOP THIS ABUSE NOW!!!!!
We have, unfortunately, been on the receiving end of this very corupt department. Would love nothing more than to see it fixed.
Our children ARE NOT being protected by CPS or FAMILY courts! This must STOP, for the sake of all children & innocent families!
Everything in this petition is true and this has GOT TO STOP - otherwise we may as well be in a dictatorship or worse. i and my daughter will NEVER EVER EVER recover from the trauma committed against us by Dare and Currituck Counties North Carolina. I name them because they need to be called on their crimes against humanity.
A reform of the existing CPS is desperately needed to protect children and families of being falsly accused. As of now there is more abuse through CPS than if there was no CPS at all.
I sign this as a victim of the unfair practices of DCFS in IL.
Those whose children are taken are left in legal limbo and denied regular avenues to defend themselves. If a crime has been committed, the suspect, not the children, should be removed. If the issue is a messy house, then help clean the house or help a friend or family member know to help clean the house to keep the family together.But money flows where there is disregard for humane practices and common sense.
They took my kids because of accident and they took my right to get them back and also
won't give them to family an my baby comes to see me market on her when doin my class they kick me out because I can't read or write lie on me even though I got proof that eve the said laif it their they tlak to ney kind of besuce I'm stupid they doin me bad please help me god bless you
I would like to thank u for all this information...I never thought I would be going throw this but people like u are angels from the above..
I feel DSS is like a bill collector but go out just to clooect kids whether its wrong are right they got a take so many kids to get there pay and keep there job the whole Wilkes county system is all for them not the kids my grand babies got took for no reason and bless there heart heart they done nothing wrong neither did I but tomaka Hayes and Albert brown took them kids like they were play toys and went and placed them with there father that was and had been on drugs for a while and it had been reported his own money. Said so but 3or4 months later overdosed and its never came up in DSS court and he overdosed while kids was there the girls had a loving caring home anything they wanted and I kept them 7 years of there life no DSS involved and there grades was great placed softball 2 years everyone said I did a great job raising them girls the grandpa's they with now cared so much for the girls he took me and his own granddaughter to court over a channel catfish they caught but danny. The owner at thurmond grocery gave Alyssa the fish that hung in store for 2 years and when my lawyer Justin dengue said you mean to tell me you taking taking that girl your owngranders fish from her he said yes and the grandparents they with now never spent time with them are wanted anything to do with them I would love to spend time with them and enjoy every single minute with them they can't get much attion Alice is in a wheel chair my oldest granddaughter Alyssa said granny passed out in her wheelchair I said was it long she said yea nanny she took her medicine I said who took care of you she said I watched Samantha and Brittney 3 girls a lady in wheel chair and 3 men who helps girls bath learn them about there period an things I am concerned about and the cansoiler they have and social worker Jessica wood Ashley are all for the way the kids live because its her paycheck they all hate me at DSS because I didn't lie to newspaper Raleigh are anyone they didn't want the truth out are quit
Dcs stole our child with no cause please help
Cps took my kids away from me I need to fight back. Cps did me wrong
My children were removed from my home because of personal vendettas its been a years now once a week visitation is not rite for a mother who has done everything to protect and keep them safe
I've been through the system and overcome thes monsters. I hope everyone can one day be as lucky as I was and win their cases. We need to put a end to these people that take out children and sell them out!!! Our children are the ones that are truly suffering!
My children where illegally removed from my home because of a teacher's aide hurting my handicapped special needs son that can't talk. The court didn't care and neither did the cps worker and they terminated my parental rights. No one seemed to care when my baby showed up to a visit with bruises all over her and they still don't care that my children are suffering from reactive attachment disorder.
A Quien Pueda Interecarle:
El motivo por la cual me estoy comunicando contigo es referente a este caso. Tambien, yo conozco tu madre Tania, a la cual conoci en la Iglesia De Dios Ministerial de Jesucristo Internacional en Hialeah. Por favor necesitamos to ayuda si es posible no puedas ayudar en este caso. Estamos pidiendo ayuda de todos los medios de comunicacion en todo el sur de la Florida.

Necesitamos tu apoyo para una manifestacion frente a la corte Juvenil de Niños dia 11/02/15 9:00am 155 NW 3 Street Miami, FL 33128.
El propósito para evitar que más niños sean abusados y mueran cada año bajo el administracion de Florida Children and Families. Ayudanos resaltar esta causa para liberar estos niños para que regresen con sus familias. Podemos darle fin a esta situación tan dolorosa.
Si quieren saber mas sobre esta situación vayan al Miami Herald donde mas de 500’s niños han sido abusados y muertos en los últimos 6 años bajo el cuidado del Departamento de Children and Families (DCF)

Atentamente, las madres de la fundación “Lideres de Paz”

Zoraine Rodriguez
A lady at dss is threating me and theres nothing i can do.
Nothing more than lieing,thieving criminals and perverts being hired.
My baby was just taken by nc cps and I am a Virginia resident. I tested positive for opiates because I was prescribed them. They will not even allow me to breastfeed. I am asking for reform immediately! This is a crime on our civil rights.
In 1985, without investigation, nor due process, my daughter was taken and placed with abusers.Had I not lived in terror of her abusers, our lives would not be ruinedtoday.To add insult to injury,when she came back to me, we reported her abusers. Of course nothing was done.We both still experience intimidation amdbacklash till this day to. Keep us quiet. My daughter is. Urrently missing. DAs needs to be investigated by the FBI and Justice dept
Dcf is what its called in mass... they stole my 4 kids... i have never been a drug addict not do i have a record or abuse my children... they took them for missing 1 dr appr and kids missing school because they were sick. They just changed my goal to adoption i need help i dont want to lose my babies
they took my girls and put one in a abusive home for 16 years even though i told them that she was being abused they did not care they termanated my parental rights i apealed they had my atturney not show i losted by default and he got a fine for250.00 for breaking the law and not representing me i losted my case and daqughters not even leagel they do this******all the time in pacific county day after day
they need to be stopped
I am currently one of the parents who had an infant taken using false information on a petition sworn under oath with a judge present. I have proof but no one will help. This needs to stop.
i know this kind of late but ,i need help my sister is doing everything she can to adopt my child and i been trick by my apointed court attorney for my sister having sole Conservatorship and i have visitation rights only but i go back modify within a year to get her back but i have done all the c.p.s requirement's i have everything and there no evidance of abuse or any kind of harm my ex is no longer in my life he also signed his rights away about amonth ago . my daughter was kidnap from me at 2 months old and she now two years old . the allegations aren't true the father never sexually touched my daughter and my sister played the game very well and i want justice now and i want my daughter back asap please help i been asking for over 2-3 years got nothing . will any one please help me .
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!cps is fixing to adopt my daugther out to another family without evidence of what they are acussing me ofthey have two pages of theiraffidavite missing and won't give it to me PLEASE HELP ME!!!
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!cps is fixing to adopt my daugther out to another family without evidence of what they are acussing me ofthey have two pages of theiraffidavite missing and won't give it to me PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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