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These people have too much power to kidnap, lie, and break laws. They need to be stopped! They claim to do what's in the best interest of the child, but in most cases, what they do is bring trauma to children and families that did not previously exist.
They took my two children from my mother's house while I was at work and then my boys were severely abused in foster care
I'm trying to fight to stop my three grandbabies from being adopted next month .since C.P.S didn't give my daughter a chance they removed them cause she has a mental problem and cause she didn't have a house of her own . her caseworker didn't help her get any transportation for anything that was required from my daughter her lawyer didn't even to his job especially when it was time to appeal her case and at the time my kids were removed cause of an accident stabbing that didn't take place at my house. it would have been prevent if the police in my town would have did their job so that's the only reason I wasn't able at the to get them and instead cps is letting a family adopted them that not related and has broken laws like taking them to México having their pictures on facebook , having them separated from their baby sister and telling courts and cps they have them in the same placement
My 2 Boys, Joshua, and Nathaniel, have been kidnapped and taken, the best i can describe it, is it feels like i live in Iraq or Iran, just like terrorists would do, if they needed new recruits to fight for whatever they want to do.They Come In, with a pre-signed document, claiming a judged, looked at this situation and thought there was substantial evidence that something MAY HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE, so go get those children. When the truth never gets spoken, everyone railroading you at ever stop, every curve they take, trying to throw you off, so at the next court date, you still dont get to talk to the judge, throwing you further on down the line, and then, blam, one day you get your parental rights taken away? NOBODY ever investigated me or my home from the county child kidnapping ring. A Deputy for the town I live in did, said these were falsified allegations, and walked out of my home never to be seen again. Do you realize they dont even have jurisdiction to stop these child abductors, even if they thought for one minute, no way, wheres this factual evidence at? one thing they could do, would be look up the case, and do a back ground check on the original caller, just to see what they all maybe up against. dont stop there, do a fricken background check, on everyone involved. cross check to see if there is anything weird at all. just dont take an anonymous callers word for it. who the **** does that? everyone has an opinion, that's just great, but when it wrecks and destroys the bond of a human family, without remorse or looking deeper into the case, its gone way too far and is completely out of control.. just wait ill have my vengeance someday. God promises that. its in the Holy Bible.
Statistically speaking, many studies have been showing, that the breakdown of the family, is the main problem with this country..No more Father and Mother uniting and staying together. No togetherness, no family values to teach to our kids. just one parent trying to do the job 2 parents are meant to be doing. God made it this way, and all this country seems to be doing, is ignoring Gods rules, to live happy and have plenty, until he returns to Earth, and takes the believers away, till Satin is cast into hell with all the evil doers of this world are being taken with him. You best believe, Jesus Christ loves the children, He says so in the Word given to us to study, and abide by, 97%of humans wont listen, wont repent, so to hell they go, for eternity in damnation. Sad but whatever. Some people, 97%, dont give a******about anything or anyone else to begin with, so i say let them go, and when its all said and God has ridden this forsaken planet of this evil entity for a 1,000 years, i cant wait to come back, and enjoy Earth for all that it is, like Adam and Eve were suppose to, but obviously didnt!!
well enough with the church sermon and no im not apart of any group or formed religion. Im just a Sad Sad mother,, in so much pain, its killing me inside, where s
I have 5 grandkids in fostercare yes my daughter messed up but the were never neglected.They took one straight from the hospital.I took all the pride classes got. A bigger home but they just seemed to not care how much I wanted them with me there are people in this cps department that are not doing the right thing family first was what I was taught in pride class funny how what u learn in those class u don't see in the cps they want to steal your kids away. They best interest of the child that is a bunch of crap. Cps workers are a bunch of liars that covet for each other. My daughter had another child . 4 months ago she was clean and so was the baby. The welfareoffice in bosie told her she could take the baby home that the twin falls office has nothing to do with this bsby so if she is able now to care for th baby why are they going for termanation on the other the cps is one of the most messed offices some or a bunch of us need to band together and fight for our children and grandchildren
My parents are being wrongly accused of neglect/abuse of my siblings without any shred of evidence and the sad thing is in family court lies and forgery is enough apparently.
They are telling my son's gf who is pregnant with his twins they the only way to get her first son back is to file a protective order against my son even though he has never hurt her??? They need help
My niece is under CPS custody for medical negligence; meanwhile her dad took her to 3 hospitals to get the best opinion. Wouldn't you do the same for your child. Stanford found my niece with special case and wanted to do trial study and contacted CPS. Now CPS gave Stanford approval for any procedure needed or not without any questions. The Judge gave custody to CPS while 3 different family members requesting the custody. How could a CPS employee care for a person more than the family? CPS employee getting commission on every stolen child. The head of CPS is part of Stanford board members. This is a conflict of interest in my opinion. My brother paid 20,000 for attorneys to take the case which has been dragging for ever. May God be with him and his family.
help save the children share this with everyone
see cps law suit in comities

help save the children share this with everyone
see cps law suit in comities

help save the children share this with everyone
see cps law suit in comities

I am currently having to go through a Family Court because, I have been alleged to be keeping my daughter in an unsafe environment. The case was open in February 2015 and it is now June 2015. The caseworker has neglected to keep in touch with myself to see what was going on in the home, she visited my daughter in her school every thirty days, except the last visit was by another case worker because she was not available...what?? My daughter is angry because, well she is 14 years old and she understands what is going on. She keeps telling me she doesn't understand why not a single time have they actually listened to her, now I am having to take time off of work, the income that helps provide for my daughter. I also have my daughter in therapy for trauma due to being bullied, but CPS is bound and determined that this house is abusive. Not myself being abusive to her but my husband being abusive to her, there is no proof what so ever that he has abused her in any way shape or form. They got a court ordered temporary order of protection against him and he cannot even speak to her, so for Father's Day he was not at home and my daughter was totally angry. She did write a letter about her feelings and the fact that no one is listening to her from CPS at all and she asked me to get it to the law guardian that she was assigned through the court, so I did do that today. CPS did not ever contact me, I told the case worker back in March if they feel that my husband needed to leave the house, I had no problem with doing that what so ever and neither did he and we even spoke to my daughter about it, he is her stepfather. CPS makes up things or takes someone elses word as gospel and never really truly looks into anything what so ever. The case worker saw my daughter three times, only three times and she never would call anyone back, including therapists and doctors. I am so angry at CPS right now, it is the biggest joke EVER!!! They surly need to have some sort of training that works out better across the board and stop using their "gut feelings" with every case!!
CPS should be refunded and their leaders prosecuted.
CPS doesn't realize the real damage they are doing on families that just do the best they can. Parents have a right to raise their kids they way they choose( excluding the abuse). Tearing families apart destroys way more children than anything the parents could have done. Everyone with a child is now an unfit parent?
Agents with the CPS dept in Pima county have used their personal reasons to help destroy my granddaughter's childhood. Its bad enough my daughter made some poor decisions. But when we came up with a solution before CPS was fully involved, they stepped in and did what they wanted instead of what was best for this little girl. We came up with an alternate place for my grandbaby, and once again they stepped in and snatched her from a family members home and put her in foster care. Thanks to the judge on the case, 2 weeks later they were ordered to return her to the family member. Arizona's CPS system is a nightmare to get away from if they ever become involved in your life.
CPS has to be stopped from kidnapping our children for profit!!
Greysharbor county CPS needs to be investigated. I Rote several months ago, I have won me fight. Greysharbor county DOES KIDNAP children, All the way down to hiding there identity in school system.. I once again am Asking for help for all the women/men that have lost/ still fighting the system now!!!! This county and workers need to be investigated at a FEDERAL LEVEL!!!! We the people must band together and Be heard:).. I am the smoking gun to this GREYSHARBOR COUNTY.. KIDNAPPING/BABY snatching.. Mind you I was not even a resident of this county, Obtained dependency while STEPHANIE..( the supervisor) kept me to the side while the county got there judgement..cps cut communication for me and my child for 6 months, then trial.. 6 months later he is safe and sound at MY HOME!!!!! in MY COUNTY.. my 7 now 8 year old was released in the first 72 hours.. His foster home LOCKED SMALL children in the room. I went to cps to file a complaint, They called cops on me saying I was causing a seen and people where conserned for my 8 yr. old?? not quite people,there was a young mother there visiting her child supervised, The cps didn't want her to hear what I was filing on.. I was escorted out by police and ordered to UA or they where taking my 7 now 8 yr. old.Of course I have hair folical, DNA to prove I never did drugs,alcohol.. WE THE PEOPLE demand a FULL BLOWN INVESTIGATION.. Or maby this organized KIDNAPPING has already hit the FEDERAL LEVEL??? justice needs to be served!!!!! thank you
This is so true. I was accused of child abuse years ago and was found innocent in court. Then, years later, was refused custody of my grandchildren because of it, even though I was found innocent. CPS is a joke.
im a mother of three wonderful children 5 in under. my children was removed illegally in the state of texas on false allegation. my 5 year old has a speech impairment, add/adhd my son is disabled. all three of my children where placed in foster care. in with in one month moved to 4 different homes. my children where abused severely in the care of the foster parents. in cps was very much so aware of the incident they took pictures of all three of my children being bruises and was aware of them being abused. I wasn't even informed that my children where abused in there custody until I got a visit and I seen my sons face and bruises on my daughters legs. my son left side of his face and eye was completely blue, my daughter had bite makes like spider bites on there legs. in had hand prints of bruises on the arms and legs. I had brought it up to the judge and I told him the cps caseworker had pictures of the assaults that had happen with he foster parents there with. the judge stated that they dis like the fact that happen with one of the foster parents that's why they where moved into another home. I was so hurt to know this has happen to my children. I have never spanked my children and for them to be hurt in the states care is so hurtful. im trying all I can as a mother to get my children back. they took them illegally and wasn't suppose to do and they know it. I have lost of evidence that cps violated my rights a mother and my children safety of care. if anyone no what I can do now to file government complaint against these people. they lie under oath bold fully with out any facts. in the judge listens to whatever they say. my children haven't gotten there immunization or attended any doctors apts that i have requested almost three months ago in front of the judge. i feel and no for a fact my kids care and health is being neglected and abused. i have a 5 year old disabled son, 3 year old daughter and 2 year old daughter. i have a clean background and everything in it hurts that there doing this to my children and i. i still have my parental rights but there trying to terminate them on false allegation. please someone give me some advice on what i can do. i cant lose my babies to the system. my children are constantly screaming when i visit them on there 1 hour visit that they want to come home and they want stop showing me the on going abuse on there bodies every time i see them. in they do it in front of there case worker. in they don't care. as a mother this is the hardest thing to ever face or to see yourself and your children go through unfairly. i just cant believe ho the justice system allow these types if things to happen.
The state is so tactics, that they take people children, and don't want to give them back to their parents. So they can make money off of the children. That is so wrong and something is going to be done. They be lie in to people about situations. That is not true!
they do what they want bend the rules how they see fit while my grandchildren are being abused in foster care.
I was illegally targeted and my child stolen by a dfcs agrncy that was not even in my home county or state due to false allegations by the biological father in order to get out of child support payments!
On May 16th my granddaughter was born and tested positive for Marijuana in Killeen Texas. Her mother said that the marijuana helped her with the nausea. I hold her responsible for this selfish , unjustified behavior. Now I fully understand the law pertaining to this situation and could have accepted her and the baby being detained. However, my son unwittingly spoke to CPS and even alloed them to come into his home and interview my two grandsons age 7 and 2. When the worker continued to ask the 7 year old u comfortable questions such as ; did you ever see your parents do drugs or if either of them had touched him inappropriately he quickly told the worker that he no longer cared to. Speak to her beczuse he didn't know what she was talking about. Now my Son moved his family to Killeen in Feb in search of better employment. When he told the worker that he had found a job and asked if it were okay to take the job becaused he had agree to supervise the mother, he was informed that he could go to work. The worker went to her car and waited close to an hour. We know now that what she was doing was placing a call for assistance with removing the boys. Fact: My son tested negative; Fact: No signs of neglect, home clean and plenty of food. When my son told this worker that he would not take the job if it meant losing his children, SHE told him that he would,.He immediately put his children in the car and left. He called me in tears and a state of panic. I informed my son that she would return with a court order and the police which she did. On May 20th they immediately Fostered my grandchildren out. The 7 year old with one family and the other two with another. They never bothered to contact the next of kin and have clearly violated his constitutional rights! All of this in a 4 day period! They went to the first scheduled court date wbich was immediately postponed. Now my babies, who have never been away from their Father are forced to be with strangers. How is this legal or helpful considering the statistics on CPS in Killeen? Are there any Law firms in this area that are willing to fight a clear injustice?
somebody needs to get them. they have done me so wrong
We need to protect our innocent
It's a shame how the law is and the loops that are taken for this.
Dawn Shipley is a liar Riverside Ca public defender.
We are currently in a fight where a 2 year old boy in our family (my brother in law) was kidnapped by CPS and has ended up in the emergency room multiple times, has bite marks, scratches, and bruises all over. He never once had to go to the hospital beire nor had any marks out of the ordinary for a child of that age. It is horrible what they are doing. Its basically their form of human trafficking. The law is out prosecuting human traffickers. We got the number one kidnappers right there in the system and they claim to "protect" children. All they care about is money and how much they can make for "adopting" (aka selling) these babies for. Its hurendous and our system needs to fix this. NOW!!!
CPS system has got to change These agencys taking children to fund their paychecks,state and local funding only to be granted if they exceed the previous year quota in taking children , 20,000.00 bonuss per child for stealing children, vacations, medical insurance . THEIR GREED FOR MONEY IS THEIR MOTIVE FOR THEIR HORRIBLE ACTIONS IN ALIENATION FAMILY'S AND ADOPTING CHIDREN OUT. CEASE IN YOU ACTIONS. This is not in the BEST INTEREST OF MY CHILD OR OUR CHILDREN .
Some one please help!!!!
A highly illegal removal of a child was done on my son. And I am being violated and paper work is being made up I have clear evidence of everything I am in a situation where the Helena Montana dfs department could be shut down and ppl would be handed 25-life I don't know how to go about this some one plz help I'm only 25 and I make more money a year then they do. I have dual citizenship with Romania is there any international help of some sort. Can dfs be investigated on spot some one plz read this and email me at jacktharippa6590@gmail.com. this is an emergency. .
My grandaughter was taken from her mom, 27 hours after we got her back from an abusive stepdad, that took her without permission and hid her out for 4 months. My daughter filed medical neglect on him, and cps turned it around on my daughter.
CPS has too much power and uses "the good of the child" to advance their own opinions when they really are unqualified to manage families or others
I worked for Children Services for 7 years. I started fighting the corruption after my first 30 days there. Workers actually

caused injury to children by

their ego based decisions, o

r because they were lazy, o

r because they had no

education or training to have a clue what they were doing. One apparently had sex with clients for exchange they kept their kids. .The Director was involved in a witch hunt because he was helping some one obtain custody. The Sheriff's Deputies tried to have me killed twice . When that didn't scare me off the Sheriff and Prosecutor's Office refused to cooperate with any sexual abuse cases, making it legal to sexually abuse kids in our county. They forbid any Perp's to be Interviewed, just to make me mad enough to quit. I knew my victim's wouldn't get help until I agreed to leave. So I quit. I had done foster care for years, and had found out kids were being removed to pad agency pockets. I adopted .Children Services removed them because one child got one light spanking. They showed the judge a picture of a child that was beaten, it was not our child! Nobody would believe us or check it out. We were told a doctor saw her and would swear she was abused. We were in shock. It was months before we found out she was never even taken to a doctor! Our adopted kids were all separated and abused in foster care but no body would investigate. Our kids were returned 2 months later but the damage was done. Our family was never the same, I wasn't the same. I lived in fear and paranoia now, and so did our kids. 3 of the older girls took advantage of this, and one by on ran off when they got grounded. The first one was in their permanent custody with in 30 days because I didn't place her in respite care .The next one within a couple months because we let her spend a weekend with a relative, which was agreed on by the placing agency. The 3rd was because I couldn't go right away when they called and asked me to come talk to them. All 3 reports were made by the agency I had worked for and handled 75% of the Investigations. I had a impeccable reputation as a foster parent, Investigator and Mother. My children were only removed due to the Supervisor's dislike for m
DFPS in Dallas, Texas, is corrupt and violates the Civil rights of so many families. Even the courts, which are supposed to be our "checks and balances", lay down to the Holy CPS with no accountability. Stop Them!
the CPS system is so corrupt that they are allowed to make up their own rules as they go and then only they are allowed to break their own rules my son has been in foster care for a month and a half I gave three references that were impeccable when it comes to being upstanding citizens in their communitiesnot to mention the woman came to my house without a court order came in my home and I supposedly had a false negative which means it is inconclusive I begged for another drug test and she would not allow me to have one instead she told me that she had to take my childever since that day I have asked every day for another drug test and they will not give me one because they know what they did was wrong and they know that I will be cleanwe're allowing these people to take our children and put them in places that put them in more danger than what they were in with us the parents my son has bruises and scratches and scrapes all over him he has a purple bruise on his inner thigh and a green bruise on his foreheadand as scratch like from a nail on his neckI took pictures and I have done my best to talk to supervisors they refuse to talk to me I don't know what to do at this point if anyone knows anything on what I should do or who I should call I would be very grateful if you would get ahold of me
Kenton co. KY took my wife Cassandras three children illegally and adopted them 9 years ago. We have been trying to bring our children home. We need help and this needs to stop. We are crying out for help. Our children are suffering and the time lost cannot be replaced. For no reason our son David was taken out of U
OF L hospital and illegally taken across 5 counties. The other two Jeremiah and Hannahh were taken by a county outside of the county they were in under false accusations and all three were adopted without their mothers knowledge or presence to fight for them in court.
They need to be stopped. They did this and took my 3 children and I have been fighting for 9 years trying to bring my babies home.

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