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All complaint need to be checked out and all documents checked for forgury no adoptions should be signed ..no parental rights taken away lightly or against a parents will..
Not enuff is being done. It is taking too long ...more and more children are being killed this has to stop..family courts in long island are high on their list Cohalen family court in pertitular all records should be investagated the judges and agencys are corrupt. And the adoption rosses need to be stopped when a parent refuses to sign their rights away because they are being coworsed into it and told not to ask questions proof and evidence should be presented in a higher court not in a family consencet court.
Leave the faily unit free from the greedy CPS staff members in all states. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS BEING SAID!!
Leave the faily unit free from the greedy CPS staff members in all states. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS BEING SAID!!
my son was taken from me and top of that they tried to force my sick mother of my home. when I refused they gonna have a hearing in January and March to terminated my rights and put my son up for adoption. he was in a loving home and never been abused by me. now he's in a foster home with someone he doesn't even know!
my son was taken from me and top of that they tried to force my sick mother of my home. when I refused they gonna have a hearing in January and March to terminated my rights and put my son up for adoption. he was in a loving home and never been abused by me. now he's in a foster home with someone he doesn't even know!
My family is a victim of cps, family court and the industry they work for. Lets stop this. Make them accountable for these children. There is no constitutional right when dealing with this warped system. No evidence, no probable cause, just the word of a poorly trained, overworked individual. I will research the voting and if my legislators do not stand up and do away with this mess, I will vote them out, and work for that goal.
You came into a loving and caring home and stole my 2 girls. Everyone but CPS says that the girls want to come home. The girls say they want to come home. There was never any abuse of any kind in our home ever. For 3 months you have not said one truth and have no proof to back up your lies & outright criminal actions towards myself and my girls.
Your entire institution needs to be investigated and fully prosecuted.
How can you lie to little girls & tell them that their father doesn't love or want them?
You are a very sick person along with the rest of your co-workers. Y'all need to be placed in state mental care for as long as the law would allow. For the mental mind f*** job and child abuse you are doing without thought or care to the innocent.
You willingly & happily do it daily to Americas children and families.
If your due justice is not served upon you soon here and now. How many more must suffer at your blood stained hands?
I know that there has got to be a special place in Hell for each one of you. May God have mercy on each one of you.
The day comes for us all to pay the piper.
I am thankful I won't be in your shoes when that day comes knocking on your door.
He doesn't need probable cause or a warrant either.
Free my children that were stolen and are being held hostage...my daughter has exposed everything on YouTube...comply!
Without checks and balances, any agency can gain too much power, this is what has happened with our local CPS. Please do something to keep families safe from corruption....

Published by my son Kevin Kulman on Dec 13, 2013

"I am keeping this video up as a documentation of a real example of corruption in Washington State, corruption in the healthcare system, and corruption in the court system. I hope my expressive voice put you in my shoes of what it's like to be a victim in these situations. Of course I'm not the only one victim to corruption and I wish others who have been impacted like me, to come forth and share their stories. I do not need an attorney as of today, or any "help". One could make the argument that I have given up on reaching out for help, but one could also make the argument that I have reached a higher state of contentment and have learned to ignore what mean people do to me. Thank you for watching this video, it pains me when I rewatch it, but the importantness of this story outweighs my pain." Kevin Kulman
May the highest good come from this petition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkKy10Z2Tuk My children and I are victims of injustice and harm brought to us by the wrongful actions of CPS by physicians after a medical error/wrong diagnosis resulting in a heart attack, open heart surgery, and a surgical procedure for what I was told, cardiac tamponaude. A court ordered parenting plan with history of domestic violence and order of supervised visitation only after DV recommendations was not followed by CPS when an ex family member with DV history was contacted and our children forced into his care.
May the highest good come from this petition and my video. My children and I are victims of injustice and harm brought to us by the wrongful actions of CPS by physicians after a medical error/wrong diagnosis resulting in a heart attack, open heart surgery, and a surgical procedure for what I was told, cardiac tamponaude. A court ordered parenting plan with history of domestic violence and order of supervised visitation only after DV recommendations was not followed by CPS when an ex family member with DV history was contacted and our children forced into his care.
When the Judge decisions are based on the reports submitted to them by DCFS and the CSW. It's a travesity in itself that she/he will not allow you to speak out against those reports if they contain false/misleading informatiin. The Judges do not allow the clients to express their conceens about those reports or properly defend themselves against the false allegations brought on by DCFS/CSW. If the Att's act as though they are properly representing us by filling an appea, motion, or anything else that would prove the client's innocence, the Judge will say that they are out of line in their courtroom, It's as thought they don't want a proper defense for us (clients). THEY WANT TO BREAK UP OUR FAMILIES AT ANY COST. These are just some of the concerns about the unjust way we are being treated. If you are poor, black/brown and have no money for a real attorney to defend you, you are hung without rope. If you can afford an Att., they are treated. like outsiders and there is no room in Children's court for them. You could say that they're out of their league, when it comes to defending a client in Children's Court. The Attorney's/Judges have no respect for outsider's coming into their Court. It's a clique that is designed to tell us how to raise our children while they destroy them. The sad thing is that quite a few of the people that are determining how we should live and raise our children have no children or families of their own. What happens to the institutionalized child at the age 18? The child has been isolated from their family to the extent that some of them have nowhere to go and no special training in preparation for their futures. Some of them are returned back to the system known as the Criminal Justice System. I hope you can solve some of the issues in this letter. We need your support and we need some answers. Your cooperation in clearing up this matter is greatly appreciated.
It's time the legal kidnapping by this government backed agency is put to a stop! I don't want my tax money paying for the cps anymore!!!!!
A family has been reported time and time by thier own relatives. A case worker showed up once with starbucks and doughnuts. Yet dirty diapers were every for the little ones to crawl and walk on. stuffed down into the furniture creases. Garbage every where. Tampoons filthy toilet paper covering the bathroom floor. Coffe table full of baby formula cans now full of weed and cocaine. Nothing wrong here. Mom seems nice enough. Boyfriend having sexual acts with boy and girl. Grandma walkes in on them yet nothing was done. Still reporting and still nothings done as the 2 children are in hs but 3 more now at home with now a so callled dad who refuses to go to work and mom still thinking everybody owes her because she has 5 kids each one from a different dad. Still trading food stamps for drugs so kids go hungry. CPS should have criminal charges brought against them and get rid of the corruption.
I was denied to adopt my two birth grandchildren, but allowed to adopt the non-blood grandchild. State of Iowa made false allegations and courts only listen to DHS, never take THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD into consideration. I do not feel adopted children should be given added support from state agencies and I feel state agencies are abusing the privilege for placing them due to them receiving bonus for each child that's adopted. This constitutes child trafficking and it is illegal. Instead of taking why not put services in place to help birth families. That is the wiser thing to do.
Fresno social workers are out of control and unregulated! They have a set of senario's they apply to cases and don't waver very far from the script they are supposed to follow, unless someone like me stands up against them.
My daughter was abused by a career criminal who made bogus allegations to cps to teach her a lesson for leaving. He ,(Herbert Paul Bethel), stated on paper in his own handwriting, that he paid Alicia Dozier, a social worker from San Luis Obispo to go and take his daughter. An act of pure revenge. The court, aware
Of this statement did not drop the case. Mr Bethel was related to this workerand has relatives in the system who all worked the system to Bethel's advantage.
My daughter has no record at all but was not allowed to defend herself from the allegations Bethel. Cps based the whole case on Paul's statement.
Never mind he nearly killed her in front of the children. Social worker Veronica Rostros worked the case the entire three yrs. The baby who was three at the time is now six and was placed in Bethel's home. A home that had been raided twice since this case began and arrest were made both times drugs weapons and stolen property confiscated, parolees arrested.
Since the baby has been with her father guns were pulled on Bethel while AnnaStasha, ( my granddaughter stood next to him.
My grandson was separated from his sister and placed in a foster home where he had to be moved due to abuse. His social security survivor benefits were rerouted to one of Bethel's relative's after she forged my daughter's name on a downloaded form and submitted it to social security. Social security refuses to deal with the issue until Joshua is back home with his mother, which we are working on now. There is almost 70,000. Dollars unaccounted for. Money, which by law and cps's own guidelines was supposed to be placed in a trust account for Josh.
There is so much information here that the cps agency was made aware of and yet they turned the other way. Just kept repeating the same things over and over again, as if they never heard us.
Funny thing both worker's who handled this case no longer work for the same entity. Alicia Dozier from San Luis Obispo Ca cps, the one Paul Bethel paid just dissapeared according to her supervisor. Veronica Rostros the worker from Fresno who lied in court withheld evidence falsified written therapy evaluations, as verified by the therapist herself. There were documents we submitted to Rostros and her supervisor Renee Rodriguez that were claimed they didn't receive three times these documents were submitted. We have signatures of receipt.
Rostros left her job in Fresno as soon as the last court proceeding was over when the said AnnaStasha would stay with Bethel.
The judge told my daughter ( you may now file for custody) whaaaat?
This was no cps case it was a custody battle Paul Bethel orchestrated by Bethel and his family. There's no way he would have won any other way! The system jumped all over thi
I have dealt with CPS twice concerning my daughter's well being while she is with her mother. My daughter has come back with numerous injuries to her body including burns, blood blisters, infected bug bites, bruises to her face,back, arms, shoulders, chest, and bum. My wife and i have taken pictures and documented everything. A child has already died in the care of my child's mother and it was considered a horrific accident. How CPS can say that they see no signs of abuse or anything,when i have given them pictures, documentation and other pieces of proof my daughter is not safe is,beyond me. All i know is something need to be done before another child dies because of the ignorance of CPS!!!!
It is my belief that a worker who has known the parent for a total of fifteen minutes should not rip that child from that parent's custody. Hearsay should also not constitute evidence in ANY case. Parents have a right to due process and legitimate hard evidence, not just the words of the accuser. The system has instilled too much fear in parents instead of giving them the reassurance that CPS is actually protecting children. More often times than not, children are better off with their parents and there are a lot of instances where issues can be resolved between the parents and family using CPS as a mediator-which sounds a lot more reasonable to responsible parents. Parents who get called on by CPS though are guilty until proven innocent and are presumed to be evil and malicious monsters to children. Its a horrible stigma and an unfortunate reality. The current system makes parents feel powerless, with the workers and state having more right to children than the actual parents, when it should be the other way around. Children should not be seen as dollar signs to the state nor should be used as pawns-by either state or parents. For the 'best interest of the child', there has to be more of a balance where a parent can defend themselves accordance to the laws, and children can be protected.

Actually the abuse and trauma that children endure due to CPS intervention is far and away more excessive than the accusations. Think of the kids, CPS intervention should be a last resort and by no means should be used as a weapon. Accusers should be held accountable for false claims as well....or at least more accountable (considering the anonymity CPS provides on their 800 lines.)
This is a MUST!
It's about time !!! This has happened to my granddaughter who has never abused her children. Now her daughter is with the bio dad & his girlfriend who shouts at the child( 2 yr. old ) " to hurry up and say goodnight " at 7pm in the evening. This little girl cries for her mommy to please take her home with her little brother. She does not know what "she did wrong " to be removed from her mommy's home. This bio dad would not see the child if her mom could not deliver her to his home. Mom had no car and a newborn but she tried to see her daughter knew her dad. CPS now pays this bio dad to care for his child. This is a man who does not work,lives with his mother and has a live in girlfriend , Why is CPS not investigateing them along with his live-in girl? As I said it's about time to stop legal kidnaping by CPS. Who knows how inept this organization is because until we demand answers we will not know. Look at the VA mess now being sorted and why does the problems only get noticed after people DIE!!! Please get some answers. The petion to BRING MALIA HOME is something you all should read.
I would be devastated if something like this would happen to me.
It is obvious changes must be made to cps. Our God given rights are being taken from us right in front of our faces.
Many children have been removed from loving homes for the wrong reasons. Investigation will show dire straights for many parents.
Changes must come to CPS!
I never got offered. Reunification with my and took my rights within 6 moths my rights is terminated I need help and gaudiness to recover my boys back. I'm takes. It to superiors. Court
There's more that needs to be added to these changes within CPS/DCFS and other agencies who assist in/with CPS/DCFS investigations. All make it much easier for famlies to prove their innocence and recoup their financial loss in having to obtain an attorney and for emotional stress that these agencies have caused upon families.
My name is Claudia, I was a victim of domestic violence while slowly became an addict and CPS removed my kids. I complied with everything and when I finally cleaned up and my children were returned, the CPS ( Child Protective Services) worker removed my children after 3 days under my care, alleging that my now husband and my mother were not approved to be around my children even though my husband was on the court order listed as my driver (since I had no Driver License then) and my mother without no criminal nor civil cases ...EVER in her life just hadn't been approved because the worker had not gotten around to do it. I was completing my internship as a Dental Asst. through Kaplan College, yet they were removed under "Family Plans" which the CPS caseworker MANIPULATED. ( I have all the court paper copies) My 6 yr. old daughter was being abused by her paternal grandmother and finally removed because of pictures and police reports I did every time I had visitations and she has been adopted. And now my 16 yr. old boy who was an A Honor Roll student and who has been "in and out" of the Juvenile Detention since CPS has had him who is also her brother is being contemplated to be placed with their dad WHO RAPED ME AT 14 yrs. old and spend 10 yrs. in prison for "SEXUAL ASSAULT TO A MINOR" . My 4 yr. old daughter- now 8 was handed over to her alleged father who disappeared in Feb.2010 and finally in June 2014 (after couple of private detectives) I have found her at some alleged family members house in Houston who have care for her for the last 3 yrs. and the father is nowhere to be found. My 10 yr. old son was handed over to my abusive ex boyfriend parents. He lives there with him even though I have a "Lifetime protective Order" against him. PLEASE!!!! help me to UNFOLD CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES CORRUPTION IN EL PASO TX!
My rights. Where terminated and I appeal it bur ita was denied I'm trying. To get help I'm trying to super courts
I am right now trying to get my children back from CPS they took them from me Cuz of past history with CPS in 2005... My baby's have never been away from me like this. CPs did not even do A proper investagation on me.
I just lost my parental rights to my child who was 6 wen she was taken and 8 now i did everything i was suppost to and because of how we look i beleive tattoes,ect.me and my family were discriminated against they found a white family to adopt my daughter and through both trials i witness ALOT OF CORRUPTION SOCIAL WORKERS LYING ON STAND ,LAWYERS THEY APPOINTED TO ME NOT DOIN ANYTHING ON PURPOSE,AND LESBIAN FAMILY COURT JUDGES MAKEING DECIONS ON KIDS AND FAMILY? ONE INCIDENT .IM MY TRIAL A DR THAT WAS FOR ME THAT DID A STUDY ON ME AND MY DAUGHTER HAS HIS OWN PRACTICE IS 60SOMETHING YEARS OLD WITH Over 40. Years of experiance and over 5degrees it took 2 hours to deem him and expert to testify for me WHERE AS THE DR .FOR THE PROSECUTION AND MY SOCIAL WORKER WHO JUST CAME OUTA SCHOOL WITH 1DEGREE GOT DEEMED AN EXPERT IN 5MIN AND WASNT ASKED HOW SHES Even qualified to giv her opinion.santa clara county family court judges layers social workers are sick people who none of them even have kids.its sooo wrong what there doing to our kids and families. Soo soo wrong i hope one day there stoped so no more innocent motheres have to go through this .
Cps has recently taken my three children claiming one has been abused. Cps has refused to let me see or speak to my son while he was in the hospital having hernia surgery.. The caseworker has lied in court, lied to me and my family, had two of my children medically examaned and interviewed without consent has picked me up from my house with no warning sayin she was takin emergancy custody of my son and i had court that day leaving me no time to seek legal representation and made me ride in the back of a cop car like a criminal to her office where i was interviewed then made to walk to court where they took emergency custody of not only my son but also my two daughters.. After court i refused to cooperate with them i was completely devastated and heart broken. The cps caseworker let me use her phone to try to get a ride. I was unable to contact anyone. And the caseworker then left saying she had to go to her office but would be right back knowing i had no way home. I waited three hours then i walked 22 miles home in the rain.... Later when a family member brought up the fact that she left me stranded the caseworker laughed about it.
This case has been handled wrong ffrom the beginning. I have done nothing wrong and cps has ripped my family apart.. These people are heartless and as crooked as can be it makes me sick and i cant believe this is allowed to go on.... My case is still open and i intend to fight till my children are home where they belobelong.
My children where taken form me. Cps is claiming abuse.out Caseworker has lied in court, had Two of my children medically examend and interviewed without consent, She also ignores my phone calls and txts and refused to letti me see or talk to my son eh i was in the hospital having hernia surgery..She has also picked me up form my house and ma de me ride in the back of a cop car like a criminal 22 miles to her office to be interviewed Then left me to walkie home in the rain knowing i had no ride.. my family has been torn apart and have been lied to nonestop by cps. Ita sickening what the se people Will do
**** THE $Y$TEM!
$erj Tankian
$y$tem of a Down
In efforts of obtaining sole custody,
Father has called Children & Youth of Monroe County PA 3 additional times. Over the course of the four investigations, Children & Youth of Monroe County acted, at best, irresponsible and unprofessional. They opened investigations for 6 months at a time, interviewing, poking, prodding, & harassing my children as well as myself. They were banging down my door with police by their side demanding to come in, urging me to sign consent for an investigation. The Children & Youth worker demanded I take parenting classes without court order (which I did for 6 months). She made me urinate in front of her, for her drug testing despite no history of drug use and no criminal history whatsoever. Said tests came back negative. I endured this out of FEAR OF HER REPEATED THREATS that I would never see my children again. My being cooperative, as I had nothing to hide, dragged these investigations of false allegations out for so long, it kept my children from me during their tender years, forcing an emotional distance; the bond of Mother & Child were broken!!!!
The CPS employees and their affiliates (lawyers, judges, etc.) need to have consequences including jail as needed. I am shocked of the tolerated incompetence in this dysfunctional system. How did it come to be that so called social workers are not in fact licensed employees? These people should be subjected to state licenses with yearly re-certification.
Can't Understand Normal Thinking I call these people [ C???'s]
Too many children are being taken from loving families when they are not truly in harms way. This needs to be changed.
And Judges should not remove children in violation of Constitutional Rights of Parents unless there is an imminent risk of harm to the children.

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