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Please save the children
All parties for this reprehensible act should be held accountable for their actions and prosecuted to the fullest extent of a true just system. They include corrupt judges, lawyers,cps workers and all other government officials involved. In this travesty.
Both my chidlren Caira and Terry Sanderson were removed without due process. Repeatedly, kept in the dark and uniformed of plan of action for either of the children. In fact, lied too is the norm as are under handed tactics. My daughter nearly died in an auto accident Oct 27th, 2013 at 1:30 am. The driver was under 18 (no curfew law in Christian County) and 'used to be' Caira's boyfriend. That is, until the week she was put on anti-depressants; therefore, impressionable. Two hours after the first court hearing, she changed 'relationship status' on her facebook page and now 'Trevor Williams' is a 'brother'. Son was placed two hours away from home and it's been a financial hardship to travel there. Recently, I learned, not by anyone in DCBS or New Pathways that Terry Sanderson can utilize the APEX Computer Software at the Alternative School in Hopkinsville, KY which would be closer to home. Let me be clear, both my children have been traumatized by Mrs Laura Morris (once principal at Pembroke Elementary School and now Chief Administrator at the Christian County Board of Education, a special needs teacher at Pembroke Elementary a teacher, Mrs. Grace at Hopkinsville, KY and this does not even begin to list the inadequate support via being informed of *options* other than what was aligned with, most recently a principal at Hopkinsville Middle School, DCBS, and New Pathways 'greedy' and 'malicious' GOALS.

Marie E. Grant

PS: Sandeson was removed from my name in 2003; so why is it on New Pathways paperwork....still? 'computer glitch'?
I am a single veteran father with 2 beautiful lively girls. 8 and 6 yrs. old. Oldest w/ Spina Bifida and req. catheterazation 4x's a day along with meds for bladder. I have been cathing for 5+ yrs. and under no facts have been hypothetically told i am not doing my job. They have removed mother whom i permitted back into their lives to give chance to some form of relationship to children. They deserve this chance. All do. So far contrary to medical exams and records, I am being threatened with removal of children on no lawful or factual basis. I speak to my and all Congress on reform of this corrupt CPS in Jamestown, N.Y. 14701 as to across the nation. I cannot support a member who has the ability to help fix and stop the situation we families must go through during CPS investigations. The Law is there for a reason and as a priviledge "We The People" have given to you as to the judges in many cases we demand your attention on this matter.
Yours Truly
a loving father
first hand have seen abuse of "power" by CPS workers. Vindictive, mean, and violating civil rights of many.
My situation didn't start with CPS. It started in school system, as early as elemetary. Several complaints were filed. Nothing was done. I had to send a child diagnosed with ADHD, ODD to Floria, with his biological father after losing three babysitters back to back as a result of his behavior so I could work to afford his sister. When he ran away, I brought him back and decided on a career change. Once again, there was zero cooperation from the school system, or mental health. His twin sister attempted suicide and her babysitter filed an erroneous petition in court. I fired my attorney that morning and represented myself, 'because I had nothing to hide' and it's been an uphill snowball fight ever since! I don't get it? With the exorbant amount of funding why can't the Federal Grants provide 'tools' and 'resources' for proactive parents. We just don't have it! I'm disgusted learning that CPS is nothing short of legalized human trafiking. Every dirty and underhanded tactic we have all suffered over the last year. In the meantime, my daughter lives the 'teenage dream' at his babysitters home with her boyfriend (now, 'brother') MEG, Oak Grove, KY
My children were taken from me, I have never hurt them. My daughter is 15 in 10th grade now. I last saw her one month after CPS invaded our lives, that was October 19th 2012. She was a cheerleader, and straight A student in a very small town. This has ruined her reputation in that town. She lives in another state now. My 8 year old son was given to his father, who beat me for years and continues too beat his current girlfriend I front of my son. They are both chronic alcoholics. He is developing codependant behavior in their sick environment. I am helpless, with an inadequate attorney that the court gave me. I fired her and was refused another one. I lost my rights to my daughter. The CPS supervisor lied about my test results, perjured herself under oath to get the original order, and violated my hippa rights when she leaked my medical information to my exhusbands attorney. She testified that I made him hit his girlfriend, even though I was in another town when he hit her and was arrested.1
Texas cps is all about money..they really dont care about the children..
John D Click

The following is for entertainment purposes only and if it does in fact resemble the actions of and real person or agency, it is purely coincidental, and sadly not intended...

CPS, Child Procurement Services is now offering services in your area... IF YOU A SWEAT SHOP OWNER, OR DEALER OF QUaLITY SEX SLAVES, than Child Procurement Services has a solution for your staffing needs... Just pick out a child you want, then call one of our toll free order numbers and make out a false claim so we can get started... next, we will go to work removing the child from its loving home, harassing the parents, and making up heartbreaking stories of abuse and neglect to get a court order giving us complete control of the childs welfare... soon youll be abusing the child in your home/workplace and getting a paycheck to do so.. molest the child, starve them, hell stun them with tasers, we don't care... Child Procurement Service will even help get the child labeled "special needs," so you can drug them... Child Procurement Services will fight all the legal battles to sever the rights of even non offending parents for you, so you can adopt your new sex slave and use them for child porn (but you have to share.) Soon you'll be abusing a whole bus full of children, or selling them to the drug cartels... What's all this cost??Nothing!!! Thanks to generous federal incentives, we actually charge you nothing.. See, we actually get paid every time we destroy a family, and better still, we get to give away millions in tax payer dollars by sending loving parents to "service providers" we went to school with so we can get them to violate their 5th amendment rights in "counseling sessions" that are really interrogations we use to make them look unfit in court, and line our friends pockets with money...
That's right!!! We actually get paid for every child we "kidnap" for you... So call Child Procurement Services Today!!!!
But wait there's more!!! We have employment opportunities available... if you like taking nude pictures of children without their parents consent, all you need is a music degree from a mail order college, and you too can be a Child Procurement Services abduction specialist.. Think about it, you can lie in court, violate the 1st, 4th, 14th, and other ammentment right rights of just about anyone for a living... Power and access to children, what better reason to work for us???? Apply today, steal children in as little as 30 days...
Grandparents should have rights to visit and get temporary custody of their grandkids. Because Grandparents know more about their family than a stranger. Sometimes parents can hide things from everyone except for their parents. Children will open up to their grandparents but will not say anything to a stranger. Grandparents deserve to have rights. More than Foster parents or Social workers. In the old days if you knew your kid was mistreating your grandkids you went over there and took the grandkids 'til the parents straighten up, or just raised them ourselves. That worked for hundreds of years!
I have witnessed (as a grandparent) the abuses itemized in this petition. I agree REFORM is absolutely necessary, ASAP. There's no transparency in juvenile court, allowing CPS to annihilate familial ties.
CPS in every state is all about getting Federal money to steal our children.
Texas cps is all about money..they really dont care about the children..
Violation of our rights on a daily basis. Breaking state and federal laws. Not having to answer to any kind higher agency. I'm all for this petition.
I completly agree this this way of Child protective services being involved in any and all abuse to a child, I am a non-offending parent to a abuser, who sexually abused my children over a period of many years, and with this abuse was forced to not diclose out of fear of the abuser and hurting or harming them or me. This is a case of extreme domestic violence unaware to the abuse directly in front of me and my way of survival which was to place the abuse on me to not let my children be harmed, not in their best interest by far but the only means i knew with lack of understanding and acknowment to how i needed to parent. Now with therepy, medication and education i clearly see i parented out of fear of my own trauma but I loved them so much, there was no intent to this or malicious this was who I was out of love I knew to show them I loved them. Now I am made out to not care or really wanting to see the truth so more maliciously they were victims and more important I knew! This is a lie I didnt know but I loose them, while the perp walks because proper investigation error. With this over haul to cps the molestation would of come out in 1998 when when cps was notified to the possibilty of a sexual molest of my 2 yr old daughter at the time, and the department failed to respond, and I failed to see what was before me. The last person you want to see the father as a abuser to your child. This would of eliminated my older son, age 15 now, my younger daughter, 13 and my youngest son, 7 from ever being molested for years and changed their perception in life, and mine too!
My 3 younger children were kidnapped when a cps worker came and talked to them at my home, then left for 20 minutes to call law enforcement to bully their way in. This was in June, they used "voluntary safety plans" to hold my other two ransom until last week when they filed adding fabricated evidence. I am getting partial reports that clearly are different from what the AAG has. I had a contested shelter care hearing (first one they didn't notify me) and, I was questioned about thing that I have not come across in the reports yet. I have had a lot of unfounded cases, they used illegal practice, violating our civil rights, denying due process, and now it is spiraling so fast I am struggling to catch up. My public defender, from the beginning didn't even help fight the first hearing of not being notified. In state law, that is grounds to have the order with drawn, Instead I was told there was no legality to it. This has to stop. We need the system fixed.children are suffering because these uneducated, untrained people are bullies. Most people are afraid from the first contact. I denied access, and they report I am combative. Not once was I shown a warrant, court order to remove... nothing. They left, and came back so clearly there was no exigent danger, or imminent risk to force entry and kidnap my children. Yet, they are suffering because of this.
My daughter was stolen from me on lies. The worker lied and said that I had "admitted" to trying to kill my daughter. The worker lied and said that I had "admitted" to sexually assaulting/sodomizing my daughter. I never said any such thing. She kept making up stories as the case went along. The only 'evidence' was this worker claiming that I had "admitted" to doing this stuff. My daughter even said I was being falsely accused. None of it ever happened. I completed the case plan. The judge said, "Yes, you completed your case plan, but that's not good enough." She then terminated all visitation and sent my daughter away forever. Because I would not admit what the case worker said was true then I was considered not reformed. I was never allowed a trial. The judge appointed a friend lawyer to represent me who immediately stipulated me to the charges without my consent. I objected, and the judge said "you can't object; you just stipulated" while smirking about it. I was never given the benefit of "innocent until proven guilty." I was never allowed a trial to defend myself. They spread around the community what I was accused of doing and ruined my reputation forever. I lost my daughter forever. I had always denied even saying such a thing. I had told the worker (after she forced her way into my home without a warrant) that I wanted to talk to a lawyer before talking to her, after denying the allegations. She went on a tirade about how she had to teach me a lesson. The judge said she didn't care if it was the truth or not and that she did not care about my constitutional rights.
cps in Montgomery county texas need to be investigated.
I had the very aweful experience with CPS in Arizona and trying to fight the State for all the corruption, law breaking moves that they put me through and I plan on suing their*****off
I know of 4 parents who have been accused of abusing their children in different states. In one case, CPS is refusing to take the child for genetic testing for Osteogenesis imperfecta, aka brittle bone disease. These genetic issue runs in the fathers side of the family and STILL CPS in Jackson County, OK refuses to do the testing. This case has been going on close to a year now. One mother I know who has a vaccine injured child was accused of Munchhausen. Another mother I know was accused of making her babies heart monitor go off when she wasn't any where near the child. They (CPS) seem to be over stepping their boundaries and only "picking on" people who don't have the money to truly defend themselves against false accusations.
this agency has been corrupt with "bonus incentives" greed for decades now, - they need to be ABOLISHED NOW -
this agency has been corrupt with "bonus incentive" greed for decades now, & they need to ba ABOLISHED NOW -
CPS is an outrage and utter disgrace.
we call CPS works in Pacific county the BABY TAKERS, they have got away with it, through the corrupted court here... time to STOP THEM
CPS took no action whatsoever after being notified of my plight to get my toddler to a forensic pediatrician in Sacramento. They had been notified by Dr. and nurses, but made no attempt to contact me. CPS only want to persue children they think are easy to take from theyre parents, and don't follow up on legitimate parents who are trying to escape domestic violence and sexual perpetrations. REFORM is greatly needed.
Kids were taken away in 2011 while in the care of their father (we had been separated for 3 weeks) father left back to California and then I was able to pick my kids up 3 months later when they realized I wasn't involved they messed up. I filed a grievance, they found in favor of themselves and I don't have the money for a lawyer. Now I have a substantiated CPS case and cannot work with children or the elderly.
My boyfriend of 3 years ex-wife called CPS on me. She is currently in a rehab and lost custody of her 15 year old daughter. She gave her to her friend who is rich and has no kids. The daughter is better off there. I have a 6 year old son and no family or friends to take him. I am scared and don't know what to do. My son is well taken care of, is not abused, neglected, I dont use drugs. She called them to get back at her ex-husband for not going to court for their daughter. This is insane and I feel so helpless. I don't know what to do. It's not fair and my baby needs to be with me. We are all we got. Please pray for us.
People use the system as a form of revenge to destroy peoples lives it's very very sad
This is a horrible trend and needs to stop. It happened to me and my family. We must stand together and fight this!!!
I have three children, no criminal record, they had NOTHING but assumptions and came and took my kids in the middle of the night on a friday when I could do nothing and made me think it was the best for my kids because I would be arrested. NO warrant was shown, NOTHING! Me and my children are victims of everything stated here and this HAS to be STOPPED!
My kids are with cps now and i am really fighting to get them back i really need help
My male caseworker falsely gave me a neglect charge after jumping through hoops to give him every bit of information, two drug tests, explaining my story several times in great detail, going through hell and back to prove my innocence and showing him I was too busy to repeal because I was getting my son medical attention from countless specialists and endless appointments! All this because my son had a seizure in the shower
Socialworkers blatently lied about wat I sed! Nothin I can do! So angry, after helping my daughter take care of her kids(4) for two yrs.(im 54)im not allowed to c them or help the other grandma w/their care because of the lies sed about me! stjoeco.in.) let alone the lies about my daughter and fiance! we r scared to aproach these poeple in charge of our lives for fear they will lie about all of our concerns! CPS is terrifying our family!
happening to me also. I am godparent to two girls who have been taken from their grandmother due to her son using drugs in her home. She lost custody of them and are placing them out of state even though we have a close bond with these girls from birth.
I fighting with cps to. They dont care the investigator lied on the report and i can prove it ,.but there is nothing l can do . But l have to comply by there rules . These are the people that are called child protected service , i really hope something can be done one day.
I fighting with cps to. They dont care the investigator lied on the report and i can prove it ,.but there is nothing l can do . But l have to comply by there rules . These are the people that are called child protected service , i really hope something can be done one day.
I've done alot of research. Researching cps is my lifes work. I am currently fighting them now. I need help. I am studying for a degree in political science and government.
I am and will go after CPS in my state and I will fight till I am heard!!! I have had my rights violated and lied to me and everyone else!!! They r playing GOD and it's time to knock them down to size!!!
they are trying to take my granddaughter newborn from my daughter in yolo county
Every word is true i am still fighting to get my children back due to false alligations levied agaisnt me.
I had breast cancer. The father want custody the cheap way and called CPS. I wanted to die at times without my children. But never gave up. CPS is cruel.
Greenville tx has taken my babies please please help. The lady that took them is on the news she has been arrested now what can I do to get my babies back

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